Gil Scott-Heron And Brian Jackson* - Secrets Taeke

January 20, 2020
edited 9 months ago
Any comments on the quality of this?
...need more words...

Gil Scott-Heron And Brian Jackson* - Secrets pungisotu

July 27, 2020
edited 3 months ago
I don't think TVT ever did a pressing of this. I tried to order a few times and I asked every seller before hand to be sure it says TVT on it and it did not. I have an Arista repress. I'm planning on listening to it tonight for the first time probably since I got it. I listened to my Bridges repress, which I assume this Secrets repress was done around the same time, last night and don't think it sounds that great.

Update: while I didn’t like my Bridges, I’m happy to say Secrets was very good. Minimal surface noise, good bass response, crisp and clear vocals. Mine is pressed by Rainbo Records, who also pressed Bridges. They have a reputation of being pretty hit and miss. I can atleast recommend Secrets. I wish I still had my original to compare it to. I’ll be rebuying. By the way the cat number of mine is the same as this one, again affirming my suspicion that this TVT listing is an error. It needs to be removed or verified.