Cyndi Lauper - The Best Remixes ddp01

July 3, 2011
edited over 7 years ago
Cyndi had a bizarre style of singing, but she was (and hopefully still is) entertaining. The 80's songs were a mixture of the typical commercial pop stuff as well as some experimental, which is where she really shined. None the less, most of them were original tracks and were very catchy.

On this particular CD; I am myself a bit of an 80's buff, since I grew up in the era and I can remember her songs like I heard them yesterday, especially the 12" single versions. They were mostly released on vinyl format only and are very rare in themselves. Therefore, to get hold the 12" versions is one thing, but in CD audio quality format without the pips and cracks of the vinyl recording is a real bonus. When I found this little gem of a CD I snapped it up in a heartbeat.

I know this may sound a little cheesy, but if you are into the original 80's 12" singles then this CD is definitely recommended!!

Cyndi Lauper - The Best Remixes Guill

September 15, 2011
edited over 6 years ago

Could not be more well put than this ddp01.12" Singles on CD in the 80's were a gem.Pity some other mixes were left out...

What's Going On (Long Version)
What's Going On(Instrumental)
Change Of Heart (Instrumental)
Change Of Heart (Heartbeats)

to name a few.Nevertheless we must say a thank you to Sony Japan to have had this great idea.