Breaker 1 2Breakin'

Label:Forbidden Planet – FP002
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM
Style:Techno, House



Companies, etc.



Side A: 45 RPM
Side B: 33 ⅓ RPM

Track durations & BPM are not provided on the record.
A1: 127
B1: 123 | B2: 126

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Breakin' (12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM, White Label)Forbidden PlanetFP002Canada2013



  • BumpyCircles's avatar
    A1 is special. Perhaps one of those tracks where you have to be wired in certain way to enjoy it. But for those of us that do…
    • CWH1980's avatar
      Edited 11 months ago
      Highly regarded 12 and for good reason. An absolute beauty of a release. Those that can’t recognise it’s majesty obviously have a bad case of the jobbies for brains…go suck on the latest dross Drumcode squeezes out of its sphincter ya Fannie’s.
      • CHoCi's avatar
        Edited one year ago
        My oh my, some User has to bashin' this Record that makes it cringe. I tell you what: I don't care if it was hyped in the Past or not. I just recognised a lot of DJs played it and may they still do, and people likes it (past, present and future). And of course i like it a lot, even why its so simple. First of all, i would say if so many likes it, they could be wrong. If i where the Producer, however how simply i made it, i would be happy and probably proud of it. And now, some guys meant to leave a tiny shitstorm here how simple it was made, and theres no producing (wizzarding) know how what ever. Sounds strange to me, because it says you had no background and you understand nothing about electronic dance music. In History, mid of 80s or a bit early a part of the past tiny electronic music was just made by simple Amiga 500 PC, or just even the smaller Commodore C64. What ever limited Equipment production options they had, the final produced Tracks had a soul, where emotional, danceable, functional. And thats the secret behind, and it was not the general question how simple they made it. Thats all about !
        • jjcc11's avatar
          Had completely forget about this until ROD played it as his last tune when he closed Berghain, what a beauty has aged soo well
          • ricofish's avatar
            A1 is just beauts! A1 is just beauts! A1 is just beauts! A1 is just beauts!
            • yasminking's avatar
              I adore this record, it makes me feel. It just roll's and sometimes you need an in-between track that still takes you on a journey. Breaker 1 2 - 2 does, just that.
              • kraftberk's avatar
                DMT is the perfect balloon track, if you know, you know.
                • FourthWorld's avatar
                  I've been DJ'ing for 15 years and producing for 8 years. I feel I know my way around the underground electronic scene, so when learning that this single is a HIT since a few I seriously get sad. Really??? This??? There is nothing here - no groove, no musicality, generic production value, no joy, no soul. Careful with those happy pills kids, they tend to erase your critical thinking.
                  • Seefeel154's avatar
                    A1 sounds like a mix of a Jeff Mills track with something off SAW II, mesmerising.
                    • Kisti.Ruk's avatar
                      Edited 5 years ago
                      To Fellow under this review:

                      Fellow don't be a HATER, you are probably older then 30 and cranky everyday ))) Every record has its on audience, may be some of the other Beato's productions won't be so boring for your brilliant mind. First check all of Greg Beato releases and then talk sh1t. Its easier to hate then to admit that someone is way ahead of you.


                      When you are trying to calculate and to figure out why its so popular, you are losing the main point that art is about feelings and magic not mathematics, even do math is important part in anything around you. You wont be able to produce something genuine if you are striping it down to a simple components without giving the space for magic that listener can feel and get related too.

                      P.S. PART 2

                      I hate haters because there are too many of haters and not enough space for me!




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