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Igor StravinskyStravinsky The Recorded Legacy

Label:CBS Masterworks – GM-31, CBS Masterworks – GM 31 / LXX 36940
31 x Vinyl, LP
Box Set, Compilation
Genre:Jazz, Classical
Style:Opera, Twelve-tone, Neo-Classical, Romantic, Modern, Serial


In Rehearsal = En Repetition = Bei Der Probe Belaucht · In His Own Words = Se Souvient = Erinnerungen · Songs = Melodies = Lieder
In Rehearsal = En Repetition = Bei Der Probe Belaucht · In His Own Words = Se Souvient = Erinnerungen
Igor StravinskyStravinsky In Rehearsal = Stavinsky En Repetition = Stavinsky Bei Der Probe Belaucht
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Narrator [Uncredited], Voice [Producer Voice] [Uncredited]John McClure
Level UpA1Apollo4:44
Level UpA2Sleeping Beauty2:15
Level UpA3Trois Souvenirs1:15
Level UpA4Pulcinella2:44
Level UpA5Piano Concerto5:45
Level UpA6Symphony In C7:53
Stravinsky In His Own Words = Stravinsky Se Souvient = Stravinsky Erinnerungen
BIgor StravinskyStravinsky In His Own Words / Stravinsky Se Souvient / Stravinsky Erinnerungen
IntervieweeIgor Stravinsky
Interviewer [Uncredited]John McClure
Songs = Melodies = Lieder
Mary Simmons, CBC Symphony OrchestraLe Faune Et La Bergère Op.2 = The Faun And The Shepherdess = Der Faun Und Die Schaferin
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Lyrics ByAlexander Pushkin*
Lyrics By [English Translation]Phillip Ramey
Mezzo-soprano VocalsMary Simmons
Level UpC1aLa Bergère = The Shepherdess = Die Schaferin
Level UpC1bLe Faune = The Faun = Die Faun
Level UpC1cLe Torrent = The Torrent = Der Fluß
Donald GrammDeux Poemes De Paul Verlaine = Two Poems Of Paul Verlaine = Zwei Gedichte Von Paul Verlaine
Baritone VocalsDonald Gramm
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Lyrics ByPaul Verlaine
Level UpC2aSagesse = Sleep = Ein Düsterer Schlummer
Level UpC2bLa Lune Blanche Luit Dans Le Bois = The White Moon Shines In The Woods = Der Weisse Mond Leuchter In Die Wälder
Evelyn LearDeux Poesies De K. Balmont = Two Poems By K. Balmont = Zwei Gedichte Von K. Balmont
ConductorRobert Craft
Lyrics ByK. Balmont*
Lyrics By [Deutscher Text]Berthold Feiwel
Lyrics By [English Text]Robert Craft
Lyrics By [Texte Français]M.-D. Calvocoressi*
Soprano VocalsEvelyn Lear
Level UpC3aMyosotis, D'Amour Fleurette = The Flower = Hold Vergissmeinnicht
Level UpC3bLe Pigeon = The Dove = Die Täuberich
Evelyn LearTrois Poesies De La Lyrique Japonaise = Three Japanese Lyrics = Drei Japanische Lieder
ConductorRobert Kraft
Lyrics By [Deutcher Text]Ernst Roth
Lyrics By [English Text]Robert Burness
Lyrics By [Texte Français]Maurice Delage
Soprano VocalsEvelyn Lear
Level UpC4aAkahito (À Delage)
Lyrics ByAkahito*
Level UpC4bMazatsumi (À Schmitt)
Lyrics ByMazatsumi*
Level UpC4cTsaraiuki (À Ravel)
Lyrics ByTsaraiuki*
Cathy BerberianTrois Petites Chansons (Souvenirs De Mon Enfance) = Three Little Songs (Songs Of My Childhood) = Drei Kleine Lieder (Erinnerungen An Meine Kindheit)
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Lyrics By [English Text]Robert Burness
Lyrics By [Russian Popular]Folk
Lyrics By [Traduction Française]C.-F. Ramuz*
Soprano VocalsCathy Berberian
Level UpC5aLa Petite Pie = The Magpie = Die Elster
Level UpC5bLe Corbeau = The Rook = Die Krähe
Level UpC5cTchircher-Iatcher = The Jackdaw = Die Dohle
Cathy BerberianPribaoutki "Chansons Plaisantes = Nonsense Songs) = Scherzlieder"
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Lyrics ByRussian Popular*
Lyrics By [English Translations]Sonia Toubin
Lyrics By [French Translations]C.-F. Ramuz*
Soprano VocalsCathy Berberian
Level UpD1aL'Oncle Armand = Uncle Armand = Onkel Armand
Level UpD1bLe Four = The Oven = Der Ofen
Level UpD1cLe Colonel = The Colonel = Der Oberst
Level UpD1dLe Vieux Et Le Lièvre = The Old Man And The Hare = Die Alte Msnn Und Der Hase
D2Evelyn LearTilim-Bom (De Trois Histoires Pour Enfants = From Three Stories For Children = Aus Drei Gedichte Fur Kinder)
ConductorRobert Craft
Lyrics ByRussian Children Song*
Lyrics By [English Version]Rosa Newmarch
Lyrics By [Mis En Français Par]C.-F. Ramuz*
Soprano VocalsEvelyn Lear
Cathy BerberianBerceuses Du Chat = Cat's Cradle Songs = Ketzenlieder
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Contralto VocalsCathy Berberian
Lyrics ByRussian Popular*
Lyrics By [English Texts]Sonia Toubin
Lyrics By [Textes Françaises]C.-F. Ramuz*
Level UpD3aSur Le Poêle = On The Stove = Auf Dem Herd
Level UpD3bIntérieur = At Home = Zu Hause
Level UpD3cDodo
Level UpD3dCe Qu'il A, Le Chat... = The Cat Has... = Die Katze Hat...
Adrienne AlbertQuatre Chants = Four Songs = Vier Lieder
ConductorRobert Craft
GuitarLaurindo Almeida
Lyrics ByOld Russian Poetry*
Lyrics By [English Translation]Robert Craft
Mezzo-soprano VocalsAdrienne Albert
Level UpD4aCanard = The Drake = Der Enterich - (De Quatre Chant Russe = From Four Russian Songs = Aus Vier Russische Lieder)
Level UpD4bChant Dissident = A Russian Spiritual = Ein Russisches Spiritual - (De Quatre Chant Russe = From Four Russian Songs = Aus Vier Russische Lieder)
Level UpD4cLes Canards, Les Cygnes,, Les Oies = Geese And Swans = Gnäse Und Schwäne - (De Troi Histoires Pour Efants = From Three Stories For Children = Aus Drei Geschichten Für Kinder)
Level UpD4dTilim-Bom - (De Troi Histoires Pour Enfants = From Three Stories For Children = Aus Drei Geschichten Für Kinder)
Cathy BerberianTrois Chanson De William Shekespeare = Three Songs From William Shakespeare = Drtei Shakespeare-Lieder
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Soprano VocalsCathy Berberian
Level UpD5aMusic To Hear
Lyrics By [Sonnet VIII]William Shakespeare
Level UpD5bFull Fathom Five
Lyrics By [The Tempest, Act 1, Scene 2]William Shakespeare
Level UpD5cWhen Daisies Pied
Lyrics By [Love's Labour's Lost, Act V, Scene 2]William Shakespeare
Violin & Piano = Klavier · Piano = Klavier / Solo & Duo
Violin & Piano = Klavier
E1Igor StravinskyPastorale (1907)
BassGary Karr
Liner NotesPhillip Ramey
PianoAllen Rogers
Soprano VocalsJennie Tourel
E2Igor StravinskyPastorale (1933)
Bassoon [Wind Quartet] [Uncredited]Sol Schoenbach
Clarinet [Wind Quartet] [Uncredited]Robert McGinnis
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
English Horn [Wind Quartet] [Uncredited]Bert Gassman
Liner NotesPhillip Ramey
Oboe [Wind Quartet] [Uncredited]Mitch Miller
ViolinJoseph Szigeti
Igor StravinskyDuo Concertant = Konzertantes Duo (1932)
Liner NotesIgor Stravinsky
PianoIgor Stravinsky
ViolinJoseph Szigeti
Level UpE3aCantilene2:53
Level UpE3bEclogue I
Level UpE3cEclogue II
Level UpE3dGigue4:14
Level UpE3eDithyrambe2:56
E4Igor StravinskyMavra: Russian Maiden's Song = Chanson Russe = Parachas Lied
Liner NotesPhillip Ramey
PianoIgor Stravinsky
ViolinJoseph Szigeti
Vronsky & Babian*Concerto For Two Solo Pianos = Concerto Für Zwei Klaviere Solo = Concerto Pur Deux Pianos Seuls
Liner NotesPhillip Ramey
PianoVrosky & Babian*
Level UpF1aI5:42
Level UpF1bII5:14
Level UpF1cII4:25
Level UpF1dIV4:14
F2Vronsky & Babian*Tango
Liner NotesPhillip Ramey
PianoVronsky & Babian*
F3Igor StravinskyPiano Rag Music
Liner NotesPhillip Ramey
PianoIgor Stravinsky
Piano = Klavier / Solo & Duo
Gold & Fizdale*Three Easy Pieces = Trois Pieces Faciles = Drei Leichte Stücke
Liner NotesIgor Stravinsky
PianoGold & Fizdale*
Level UpG1aMarch (À Casella)
Level UpG1bWaltz (À Satie)
Level UpG1cPolka (À Diaghilev)
Gold & Fizdale*Five Easy Pieces = Cinq Pieces Faciles = Funf Leichte Stücke
Liner NotesIgor Stravinsky
PianoGold & Fizdale*
Level UpG2aAndante
Level UpG2bEspanola
Level UpG2cBalalaika
Level UpG2dNapolitana
Level UpG2eGalop
Gold & Fizdale*Sonata For Two Pianos = Sonate Pour Deux Pianos = Sonate Für Zwei Klaviere
Liner NotesIgor Stravinsky
PianoGold & Fizdale*
Level UpG3aModerato3:54
Level UpG3bTheme With Variations4:31
Level UpG3cAllegretto1:35
Charles RosenSonata For Piano = Sonate Pour Piano = Sonate Für Klavier
Liner NotesPhillip Ramey
PianoCharles Rosen
Level UpH1aI3:25
Level UpH1bII4:55
Level UpH1cIII2:33
Charles RosenSerenade For Piano In A = Serenade Pour Piano En La = Serenade Für Klavier A-Dur
Liner NotesCharles Rosen
PianoCharles Rosen
Level UpH2aHymne3:28
Level UpH2bRomanza2:47
Level UpH2cRondoletto3:01
Level UpH2dCadenza Finale3:25
Piano = Klavier & Orchester · Violin = Violon = Geige & Orchester
Piano = Klavier & Orchester
Philippe EntremontConcerto For Piano And Wind Orchestra = Concerto Pour Piano Te Orchestre D'Harmonie = Konzert Für Klavier Und Blasorchedter
Level UpI1aLargo, Allegro, Maestoso7:10
Level UpI1bLargo
Level UpI1cAllegro
Philippe EntremontCapriccio For Piano And Orchestra = Capriccio Pour Piano Et olrchestre = Capriccio Für Klavier Und Orchester
ConductorRobert Craft
Level UpJ1aPresto
Level UpJ1bAndante Rapsodico
Level UpJ1cAllegro Capriccioso Ma Tempo Giusto
J2Charles Rosen, Columbia Symphony OrchestraMovements For Piano And Orchestra (1958/59) = Mouvements Pour Piano Et Orchestre = Bewegungen Für Klavier Und Orchester
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
PianoCharles Rosen
Violin = Violon = Geige & Orchester
Isaac SternConcerto For Violin And Orchestra In D Major = Concerto Pour Violon Et Orchestre Re Major = Konzerte Für Violine Und Orchester D-Dur
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
ViolinIsaac Stern
Level UpK1aToccata5:35
Level UpK1bAria I4:10
Level UpK1cAria II5:09
Level UpK1dCapriccio5:56
Igor StravinskyConcerto In D For String Orchestra (Basle) = Concerto En Re Pour Orchestre A Cordes (Basle) = Konzert D-Dur Für Streichorchester (Basel)=
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Level UpL1aVivace
Level UpL1bArioso: Andantino
Level UpL1cRondò; Allegro
Igor StravinskyOde
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
OrchestraCleveland Orchestra*
Level UpL2aEulogy
Level UpL2bEclogue
Level UpL2cEpitaph
Symphonic Works = Oeuvres Symponiques = Symphonische Werke
M1Igor StravinskyScherzo Fantastique Op.3
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Columbia Symphony OrchestraSymphony In E Flat Major = En Mi Bemol Majeur = Es-Dur Op. 1
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Level UpM2Allegro Moderato11:27
Level UpNaScherzo: Allegretto6:06
Level UpNbLargo13:57
Level UpNcFinale: Allegro Molto8:26
CBC Symphony OrchestraSymphony In C = En Ut Majeur = C-Dur
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Level UpOaModerato Alla Breve9:14
Level UpObLarghetto Concertante
Level UpOcAllegretto
Level UpOdLargo7:19
P1Columbia Symphony OrchestraScherzo À La Russe
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Columbia Symphony OrchestraSymphony In Three Movements
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Level UpP2aOverture; Allegro9:25
Level UpP2bAndante
Level UpP2cCon Moto
L'Oiseau De Feu · Feu D'Artifice · Petrouchka · Suite 1 & 2
The Firebird = L'Oiseau De Feu = Der Feuervogel / Fireworks = Feu D'Artifice = Feuerwerk
Columbia Symphony OrchestraL'Oiseau De Feu = The Firebird = Der Feuervogel
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Level UpQBeginning = Dèbut = Anfang25:28
Level UpR1Conclusion = Fin = Schluß18:41
R2Columbia Symphony OrchestraFireworks
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Petrouchka / Suites Nos 1 & 2
Columbia Symphony OrchestraPetrouchka (1911)
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Level UpSBeginning = Dèbut = Anfang20:07
Level UpT1Conclusion = Fin = Schluß13:37
CBS Symphony OrchestraSuite No. 1 For Small Orchestra (From 5 Easy Pieces For Piano Duets 1917) = Suite No. 1 Pour Petite Orchestre (De Cinq Pièces Faciles 1917) = Suite Nr. 1 Für Kleines Orchester (Orchesterfassung Der Fünf Vierhändigen Klavierstücke Von 1917)
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Level UpT2aAndante
Level UpT2bNapolitana
Level UpT2cEspaniola
Level UpT2dBalalaika
CBS Symphony OrchestraSuite No. 2 For Small Orchestra (From 3 Easy Pieces For Piano Duets 1915 And No. 4 From 5 Easy Pieces) = Suite No. 1 Pour Petite Orchestre (De Trois Pièces Faciles 1915 Et No. 4 De Cinq Pièces Faciles) = Suite Nr. 1 Für Kleines Orchester (Orchesterfassung Der Drei Vierhändigen Klavierstücke Von 1915 Und Nr. 4 Der Fünf Vierhändigen Klavierstücke)
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Level UpT3aMarch
Level UpT3bWaltz
Level UpT3cPolka
Level UpT3dGalop
Le Sacre Du Printemps · Apollo = Apollo Musagète · Orpheus = Orphee
The Rite Of Spring = Le Sacre Du Printemps = Das Frühlingsopfer
Columbia Symphony OrchestraThe Rite Of Spring = Le Sacre Du Printemps = Das Frühlingsopfer
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Level UpUBeginning = Anfang = Dèbut 23:00
Level UpV1Conclusion = Schluß = Fin 8:39
V2Igor StravinskyCommentary On "Le Sacre" By Stravinsky = A Propos "Le Sacre" Par Stravinsky = Kommtar Über "Le Sacre" Von Stravinsky
CommentatorIgor Stravinsky
Apollo = Apollo Musagète / Orpheus = Orphee
WColumbia Symphony OrchestraApollo = Apollo Musagète
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
XChicago Symphony Orchestra*Orpheus = Orphee
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Le Baiser De La Fee · Jeu De Cartes · Scenes De Ballet
The Fairy's Kiss = Le Baiser De La Fée = Der Kuss Der Fee
Y1Columbia Symphony OrchestraBluebird - Pas De Deux = L'Oiseau Bleu - Pas De Deux
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Columbia Symphony OrchestraLe Baiser De La Fée = The Fairy's Kiss = Der Kuss Der Fee
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Level UpY2Beginning = Anfang = Dèbut 19:38
Level UpZConclusion = Schluß = Fin 26:17
Jeu De Cartes = A Card Game = Kartenspiel / Scenes De Ballet = Ballet Szenen
AACleveland Orchestra*Jeu De Cartes = A Card Game = Kartenspiel
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
OrchestraCleveland Orchestra*
AB1Robert NagelFanfare For A New Theatre = Fanfare Pour Un Neouveau Théatre = Fanfare Für Ein Neues Theater0:33
AB2CBS Symphony OrchestraScenes De Ballet = Ballet Szenen
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
AB3CBS Symphony OrchestraCircus Polka / Zirkuspolka
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
L'Histoire Du Soldat (Suite) · Chant Du Rossignol · Danses Concertantes · Agon
Agon · Danses Concertantes
AC1Robert Craft, Columbia Chamber OrchestraDanses Concertantes = Konzertante Tanze (Pour Orchestre De Chambre = For Chamber Orchestra = Für Kammerorchester)
ConductorRobert Craft
Orchestra [Chamber]Columbia Chamber Orchestra
CBC Symphony OrchestraFour Norwegian Moods = Quatre Pieces À La Norvegienne = Vier Norwegische Stimmungsbilder
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Level UpAC2aIntrada
Level UpAC2bSong
Level UpAC2cWedding Dance
Level UpAC2dCortege
ADLos Angeles Festival Symphony OrchestraAgon23:44
Suite: L'Histoire Du Soldat / Chant Du Rossignol = Das Lied Der Nachtigall
Columbia Chamber EnsembleL'Histoire Du Soldat: Suite = The Soldier's Tale: Suite = Die Geschichte Vom Soldaten: Suite
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Level UpAE1aI - The Soldier's March
Level UpAE1bII - Soldier At The Brook
Level UpAE1cIII - Pastoral
Level UpAE2aIV - Royal March
Level UpAE2bV - The Little Concert
Level UpAE3VI - Three Dances: Tango, Waltz, Ragtime5:50
Level UpAE4aVII - The Devil's Dance
Level UpAE4bVIII - Chorale
Level UpAE4cIX - The Devil's Triumphal March
AF1Robert Craft, Columbia Symphony OrchestraSong Of The Nightingale - Symphonic Poem
AF2CBC Symphony OrchestraFour Studies For Orchestra
Le Rossignol/ Pulcinella Renard
AGChorus And Orchestra Of The Opera Society Of Washington D.C.*Le Rossignol (Beginning)
AHChorus And Orchestra Of The Opera Society Of Washington D.C.*Le Rossignol (Conclusion)
AIColumbia Symphony OrchestraPulcinella (Beginning)
Bass VocalsDonald Gramm
Soprano VocalsIrene Jordan
Tenor VocalsGeorge Shirley
AJ1Columbia Symphony OrchestraPulcinella (Conclusion)
Bass VocalsDonald Gramm
Soprano VocalsIrene Jordan
Tenor VocalsGeorge Shirley
AJ2Columbia Chamber EnsembleThe Fox
Baritone VocalsWilliam Murphy (2)
Bass VocalsDonald Gramm
CimbalomToni Koves
Tenor VocalsGeorge Shirley, Loren Driscoll
Mavra · Les Noces · Oedipus Rex
Mavra / Les Noces = The Wedding = Die Hochzeit
AKCBC Symphony OrchestraMavra
ConductorIgor Stravinsky
Contralto Vocals [The Neighbor]Patricia Rideout
Mezzo-soprano Vocals [The Mother]Mary Simmons
Soprano Vocals [Parasha]Susan Belinck
Tenor Vocals [The Hussar]Stanley Kolk
ALColumbia Percussion Ensemble, The American Concert ChoirThe Wedding
Oedipus Rex
AMChorus & Orchestra Of The Opera Society Of Washington D.C.*Oedipus Rex (Beginning)
NarratorJohn Westbrook
ANChorus & Orchestra Of The Opera Society Of Washington D.C.*Oedipus Rex (Conclusion)
NarratorJohn Westbrook
Persephone / The Flood / Dumbarton Oaks Concerto
AOVera Zorina, Michele Molese, Ithaca College Concert Choir, Texas Boys Choir Of Fort Worth*, Gregg Smith Singers, Columbia Symphony OrchestraPersephone (Beginning)
APVera Zorina, Michele Molese, Ithaca College Concert Choir, Texas Boys Choir Of Fort Worth*, Gregg Smith Singers, Columbia Symphony OrchestraPersephone (Conclusion)
AQColumbia Symphony OrchestraThe Flood
Chorus MasterRobert Craft
AR1Columbia Symphony OrchestraMomentum Pro Gesualdo Di Venosa
AR2Columbia Symphony OrchestraConcerto In E Flat "Dumbarton Oaks" For Chamber Orchestra
The Rake's Progress
ASRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra*, Igor StravinskyAct 1, Scene 1
AT1Royal Philharmonic Orchestra*, Igor StravinskyAct 1, Scene 2
AT2Royal Philharmonic Orchestra*, Igor StravinskyAct 1, Scene 3
AU1Royal Philharmonic Orchestra*, Igor StravinskyAct 2, Scene 1
AU2Royal Philharmonic Orchestra*, Igor StravinskyAct 2, Scene 2
AV1Royal Philharmonic Orchestra*, Igor StravinskyAct 2, Scene 3
AV2Royal Philharmonic Orchestra*, Igor StravinskyAct 3, Scene 1
AWRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra*, Igor StravinskyAct 3, Scene 2
AXRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra*, Igor StravinskyAct 3, Scene 3
Chamber Music / Short Pieces
AY1Columbia Jazz Group*, Columbia Chamber EnsemblePreludium (For Jazz Band)
ConductorRobert Craft
AY2Columbia Jazz Group*, Columbia Chamber EnsembleRagtime (For 11 Instruments)
AY3Columbia Jazz Group*, Columbia Chamber EnsembleTango
AY4Columbia Jazz Group*, Columbia Chamber EnsembleEbony Concerto
ClarinetBenny Goodman
AZ1Columbia Chamber EnsembleConcertino For 12 Instruments
AZ2Columbia Chamber EnsembleOctet For Wind Instruments
BA1Columbia Symphony OrchestraGreeting Prelude
BA2Columbia Symphony Winds & Brass*Double Canon "Raoul Duffy In Memorium"
BA3Columbia Symphony Winds & Brass*Epitaphium
BA4Columbia Symphony Winds & Brass*Symphonies Of Wind Instruments
BA5Columbia Chamber EnsembleSeptet
BB1Festival Singers Of Toronto, CBC Symphony OrchestraThe Star Spangled Banner
BB2CBC Symphony OrchestraElegy For J.F.K.
BB3CBC Symphony OrchestraFour Russian Peasant Songs
BB4CBC Symphony OrchestraThe Owl And The Pussycats
BB5CBC Symphony OrchestraEight Instrumental Miniatures
BB6Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Robert CraftOrchestra Variations
Choral Works I & II
BC1Festival Singers Of Toronto, CBC Symphony OrchestraAve Maria
BC2Gregg Smith Singers, CBC Symphony OrchestraCredo
BC3Festival Singers Of Toronto, CBC Symphony OrchestraPater Noster
BC4Festival Singers Of Toronto, CBC Symphony OrchestraSymphony Of Psalms
BD1CBC Symphony OrchestraZvezdoliki (The King Of The Stars)
BD2CBC Symphony Orchestra, Festival Singers Of TorontoBabel
BD3Gregg Smith Singers, Columbia Symphony Winds & Brass*Mass
BE1Los Angeles Festival Symphony Orchestra & Chorus*Canticum Sacrum
BE2Columbia Symphony Orchestra, The Schola Cantorium*Threni (Beginning)
BFColumbia Symphony Orchestra, The Schola Cantorium*Threni (Conclusion)
Choral Works III & IV
BG1Festival Singers Of TorontoAnthem
BG2CBS Symphony OrchestraA Sermon, A Narrative, A Prayer
Mezzo-soprano VocalsShirley Verret*
NarratorJohn Horton (4)
Tenor VocalsLoren Driscoll
BG3Gregg Smith Singers, Columbia Chamber EnsembleIntroitus "T.S. Eliot In Memorium"
BH1Festival Singers Of Toronto, CBC Symphony OrchestraChorale Variations On The German Christmas Carol
BH2Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Robert CraftAbraham Und Isaac
Baritone VocalsRichard Frisch
BIGregg Smith Singers, Columbia Chamber EnsembleCantata
BJ1Alexander Young, Columbia Chamber EnsembleDirge Canyons And Song "In Memorium Dylan Thomas"
BJ2Ithaca College Concert Choir, Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Robert CraftRequiem Canticles

Companies, etc.



Igor Stravinsky: The Recorded Legacy is CBS Masterworks' massive box of 31 LPs, released in 1981 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Stravinsky's birth year 1882. The vast majority of Stravinsky's recordings were made for CBS Masterworks starting in 1957 -- when he was 75 years old -- and extending to 1967, when he made his last public appearances.

Igor Stravinsky: The Recorded Legacy includes, in one way or another, some 90 percent of the music Stravinsky is known to have composed. Save the inclusion of both The Firebird Ballet and its corresponding suite, alternate incarnations of works are not found here nor are several of Stravinsky's other piano pieces or the Three Pieces for String Quartet.

Apart from that, Igor Stravinsky: The Recorded Legacy runs the ‘Stravinskian’ gamut, from the opera The Rake's Progress in its entirety to Epitaphium, a late career tidbit lasting all of 70 seconds.

Specific Details: Commemorative presentation, cloth bound boxset (14, 2 LP individual gatefolds and 1 x 3LP boxset - 31 LP's in all)
With 44 page, illustrated, presentation booklet on fine art paper.
Individual gatefolds contain full libretto where necessary

Reissues of (1st editions):
LP1: Part of the box Igor Stravinsky - Nine Masterpieces Conducted By The Composer Igor Stravinsky
LP2: Igor Stravinsky - Songs : 1906-1953
LP3: E1 Jennie Tourel / Alexander Borodin, Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Modest Mussorgsky, Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff, Igor Stravinsky Stravinsky Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky / Allen Rogers, Gary Karr - Jennie Tourel Sings Russian Songs. E2, E4 Igor Stravinsky, Joseph Szigeti - Pastorale For Violin And Wind Quartet / Russian Maiden's Song. E3 Igor Stravinsky ‧ Ernest Bloch / Joseph Szigeti - Duo Concertant ‧ Baal Shem ‧ Pastorale. F1, F2 Igor Stravinsky - Vronsky And Babin - Russian Music For Two Pianos. F3 ?
LP4: G1a to G3c Igor Stravinsky, Arthur Gold & Robert Fizdale - Works For Two Pianos And Four Hands (side B). H1, H2 Charles Rosen - Igor Stravinsky / Arnold Schoenberg - Serenade In A ・ Sonata / Suite, Op. 25 ・ Two Piano Pieces, Op. 33a And b
LP5: I1, J1 Igor Stravinsky, Philippe Entremont - Piano Concertos. J2 Daniel T. Politoske - Music (Second Edition).
LP6: K1 Igor Stravinsky, Isaac Stern, Columbia Symphony Orchestra - Stravinsky Conducts Stravinsky: Violin Concerto In D (1931) / Symphony In Three Movements (1945). L1 ?. L2 Igor Stravinsky - Stravinsky Conducts Four Norwegian Moods / Ode / Danses Concertantes / Concerto In D For String Orchestra

C1: Recorded 1964, composed 1906
C2: Recorded 1964, 1966, composed 1910, final version for baritone and orchestra 1951
C3: Recorded 1967, composed 1911, chamber-orchestra version 1954
C4: Recorded 1968, composed 1912-13
C5: Recorded 1964, composed 1929-30
D1: Recorded 1964, composed 1914
D2: Recorded 1968, composed 1917
D3: Recorded 1964, composed 1914-16
D4: Recorded 1965, D4a and D4b composed 1918-19, D4c and D4d composed 1917. Arranged for flute, guitar, voice, harp 1953-54
D5: Recorded 1964, composed 1953
E1: Recorded 1965, composed 1907
E2: Recorded 1946, composed 1933. Credits from Igor Stravinsky ‧ Ernest Bloch / Joseph Szigeti - Duo Concertant ‧ Baal Shem ‧ Pastorale
E3: Recorded 1945, composed 1932. Duration E3b + E3c = 5:01
E4: Recorded 1946, composed 1922
F1: Recorded 1945, composed 1935
F2: Recorded 1934 (from cover) obviously wrong, probably 1944, composed 1940
F3: Recorded 1934, composed 1919
G1: Recorded 1961, composed 1915
G2: Recorded 1961, composed 1915
G3: Recorded 1961, composed 1943
H1: Recorded 1960, composed 1924
H2: Recorded 1925 (from cover) obviously wrong 1960 or 1961, composed 1925
I1: Recorded 1964, composed 1923-1924. I1b + I1c duration = 12:06
J1: Recorded 1966, composed 1929.
J2: Recorded 1961, composed 1958-1959.
K1: Recorded 1961, composed 1931.
L1: Recorded 1963, composed 1946.
L2: Recorded 1964, composed 1943.

Printed in Holland
Made in Germany

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Label Code: LC 0149
  • Rights Society: GEMA
  • Matrix / Runout (Sides A to D on labels): Interpac I (79 239)
  • Matrix / Runout (Sides E to H on labels): Interpac II (79 240)
  • Matrix / Runout (Sides I to L on labels): Interpack III (79241)
  • Matrix / Runout (Sides M to P on labels): Interpack IV (79242)
  • Matrix / Runout (Sides Q to T on labels): Interpack V (79243)
  • Matrix / Runout (Sides U to X on labels): Interpack VI (79244)
  • Matrix / Runout (Sides Y to AB on labels): Interpack VII (79245)
  • Matrix / Runout (Sides AC to AF on labels): Interpack VIII (79246)
  • Matrix / Runout (Sides AG to AJ on labels): Interpack IX (79247)
  • Matrix / Runout (Sides AK to AN on labels): Interpack X (79248)
  • Matrix / Runout (Sides AO to AR on labels): Interpack XI (79249)
  • Matrix / Runout (Sides AS to AX on labels): Interpack XII (79250)
  • Matrix / Runout (Sides AY to BB on labels): Interpack XIII (79251)
  • Matrix / Runout (Sides BC to BF on labels): Interpack XIV (79252)
  • Matrix / Runout (Sides BG to AJ on labels): Interpack XV (79253)
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A on label): 74 048 A / 37 500 A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B on label): 74 048 B / 37 500 B
  • Matrix / Runout (Side C on label): 74 049 A / 37 501 A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side D on label): 74 049 B / 37 501 B
  • Matrix / Runout (Side E on label): 74 050 A / 37502 A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side F on label): 74 050 B / 37502 B
  • Matrix / Runout (Side G on label): 74 051 A / 37503 A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side H on label): 74 052 B / 37503 B
  • Other (LP 1 on cover): 79239 74048
  • Other (LP 2 on cover and leaflet): 79239 74049
  • Other (LP 3 on cover): 79240 74050
  • Other (LP 4 on cover): 79240 74051
  • Other (LP 5 on cover): 79241 74052
  • Other (LP 6 on cover): 79041 74053
  • Other (LP 7 on cover): 79042 74054
  • Other (LP 8 on cover): 79042 74055
  • Other (LP 9 on cover): 79043 74056
  • Other (LP 10 on cover): 79043 74057
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37500-A D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37500-B D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side C runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37501-A2 D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side D runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37501-B3 D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side E runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37502-A D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side F runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37502-B D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side G runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37503-A2 D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side H runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37503-B2 D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side I runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37504-A D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side J runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37504-B D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side K runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37505-A D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side L runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37505-B2 D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side M runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37506-A D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side N runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37506-B D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side O runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37507-A D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side P runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37507-B D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side Q runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37508-A D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side R runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37508-B D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side S runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37509-A D SST
  • Matrix / Runout (Side T runout stamped, [SST] etched): CBS 37509-B D SST