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Anthony ManningChromium Nebulae

Label:Irdial Discs – 56 ird aev 3
2 x Vinyl, LP, Album
Style:Experimental, Ambient


A1Chromium Nebulae I 8:25
A2Chromium Nebulae II 10:19
B1Chromium Nebulae VIII10:40
B2Chromium Nebulae III10:25
C1Chromium Nebulae IV10:20
C2Chromium Nebulae V13:07
D1Chromium Nebulae VI 10:27
D2Chromium Nebulae VII7:21


B1 is an exclusive vinyl only track.

Other Versions (2)View All

Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Chromium Nebulae (CD, Album)Irdial Discs56ird aev3UK1996
Chromium Nebulae (2×12", Album, White Label)Irdial Discs56 ird aev 3UK1996


Morbus_Gravis's profile picture
Absolute masterpiece.

For this series of pieces the Roland R8 drum machine was joined by a first-generation Novation Bass Station, an old Yamaha DX7, and a cheap effects unit. A borrowed Yamaha QX7 took care of sequencing requirements.

Extensive use was again made of reams and reams of graph paper, as this sequencer offers only a tiny lcd screen for editing purposes. Raw melodies were improvised real-time into the QX7, and the recorded values drawn onto graph paper scrolls, to enable better visualisation of melody flow, to aid with writing companion phrases, and to map out the structures. Several pieces feature live takes of keyboard improvisations recorded over a base structure of looped sequences.

The pieces were recorded onto a cassette-based Tascam 8-track and mastered at Irdial's studio onto an ex-BBC half inch tape deck.
fibreopticcommando's profile picture
Superb album full of interesting textures and sound design - an Irdial classic. Manning's debut album Islets in Pink Polypropylene has had a vinyl remaster and is due to be reissued on the label Mental Groove Records in the coming weeks. Let's hope this one receives a similar treatment!
Buyther's profile picture
Edited one year ago
Back in 1995 I visited a Merzbow Performance in Vienna during a trip. Before they started we sit in the cafe of this club and they played this album. I was fascinated by these sound an asked what it is. I bought my copy next day in an alternative record store.
It is not ambient, not noise, not "industrial", but it is noisy and athmospheric. It´s still fascinating me. A little bit lowfi.
errorsinspace's profile picture
Edited one year ago
I got this in 2003 and I still dont think there is any release that I have heard that is more mesmorizing than this. Its ambient and experimental and its rich in tones and meloncholly. It may be one of the most underappreciated ambient albums in all of the 90s. Almost each song morphs out a wonderful idm melody out of the experimentalism. A few are almost like a muted autechre in B1. I cant say enough good things about this album. Its a lifetime of listening
I cant say enough good things about this.
ucci's profile picture
This will be the Analogy LP from 1972 of the ambient collectors world.