Michael JacksonBad

Label:Epic – E 40600, Epic – OE 40600
Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo, Carrollton Pressing, Gatefold
Genre:Rock, Funk / Soul, Pop
Style:Pop Rock, Funk, Soul


Written-ByMichael Jackson
A2The Way You Make Me Feel
Written-ByMichael Jackson
A3Speed Demon
Written-ByMichael Jackson
A4Liberian Girl
Vocals [Swahili Chant]Letta Mbulu
Written-ByMichael Jackson
A5Just Good Friends
VocalsStevie Wonder
Written-ByGraham Lyle, Terry Britten
B1Another Part Of Me
Written-ByMichael Jackson
B2Man In The Mirror
VocalsSiedah Garrett
B3I Just Can't Stop Loving You
VocalsSiedah Garrett
Written-ByMichael Jackson
B4Dirty Diana
Written-ByMichael Jackson
B5Smooth Criminal
Written-ByMichael Jackson

Companies, etc.



Columbia Records, Carrolton pressing, per "G1" or "G2" or "G3" etching in runouts.

Gatefold with printed lyric sleeve.

Some copies come with gold promo stamp on back of sleeve.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Rights Society: ASCAP
  • Rights Society: PRS
  • Rights Society: BMI
  • Barcode (Printed): 0 7464-40600-1
  • Barcode (Scanned): 074644060010
  • Pressing Plant ID: G1
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A Label): AL 40600
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B Label): BL 40600
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 1) Side A, Etched): PAL-40600-1E G1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 1) Side B, Etched ): PBL-40600-1A G1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 2) Side A, Etched ): PAL-40600-1M G1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 2) Side B, Etched ): PBL-40600-1D G1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 3) Side A, Etched ): PAL-40600-1J G1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 3) Side B, Etched ): PBL-40600-1C G1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 4) Side A, Etched): PAL-40600-1K G1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 4) Side B, Etched ): PBL-40600-3B G1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 5) Side A, Etched): PAL-40600-1M G1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 5) Side B, Etched ): PBL-40600-2B G1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 6) Side A, Etched ): PAL-40600-1E G2 A2
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 6) Side B, Etched ): PBL-40600-1A G1 H 12
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 7) Side A, Etched ): PAL-40600-1F G1 B21
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 7) Side B, Etched ): PBL-40600-1B D G1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 8) Side A, Etched (C Stamped) ): PAL-40600-1E G2 C E4-
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 8) Side B, Etched (D Stamped)): PBL-40600-1B D G2 A2
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 9) Side A, Etched (2nd M Stamped)): PAL-40600-1M M G1 F3
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 9) Side B, Etched (D Stamped)): PBL-40600-2B D G1 A16
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 10) Side A, Etched ): PAL-40600-1M G1 C21
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 10) Side B, Etched (D Stamped)): PBL-40600-1A D G2 A30
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 11) Side A, Etched (E Stamped) ): PAL-40600-1F G1 E B19
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 11) Side B, Etched (M Stamped) ): PBL-40600-1A M G2 C8
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 12) Side A, Etched ): PAL-40600-1E G3
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 12) Side B, Etched ): PBL-40600-1C G1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 13) Side A, Etched (E Stamped)): PAL-40600-1F G1 E B21
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 13) Side B, Etched (M Stamped)): PBL-40600-1A M G2 F1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 14) Side A, Etched (E Stamped)): PAL-40600-1AB G1 E A4
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 14) Side B, Etched (E Stamped) ): PBL-40600-1B G1 E F2
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 15) Side A, Etched): PAL-40600-1M G1 C8
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 15) Side B, Etched): PBL-40600-1A G2 F2C
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 16) Side A, Etched (E Stamped)): PAL-40600-1C G1 E Al2
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 16) Side B, Etched (M Stamped)): PBL-40600-1F M G1 C7
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 17) Side A, Etched): PAL-40600-1F G1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 17) Side B, Etched): PBL-40600-1A G1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 18) Side A, Etched (E Stamped)): PAL-40600-1E G2 E E2
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 18) Side B, Etched (D Stamped)): PBL-40600-1D D G1 D1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 19) Side A, Etched (E Stamped)): PAL-40600-1M E G1 C37
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 19) Side B, Etched (D Stamped)): PBL-40600-1A D G2 A39
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 20) Side A, Etched (E Stamped)): PAL-40600-1E E G1 A44
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 20) Side B, Etched (D Stamped)): PBL-40600-1A D G2 A33
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 21) Side A, Etched): PAL-40600-1M G1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 21) Side B, Etched): PBL - 40600-3C G1
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 22) Side A, Etched, E Stamped): PAL-40600-1E E G1 A19
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 22) Side B, Etched, E Stamped): PBL-40600-1C G1 E A16
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 23) Side A, Etched): PAL - 40600 - 1J G1 C3
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 23) Side B, Etched): PAL - 40600 - 1D G1 E14
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 24) Side A, Etched): PAL-40600-1M G1 A8
  • Matrix / Runout ((Variation 24) Side B, Etched): PBL-40600-1D G1 A28

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Bad (LP, Album, Stereo, Gatefold)EpicEPC 450290 1Europe1987
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Bad (LP, Album, Picture Disc)EpicEPC 450290 0Europe1987
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Bad (Cassette, Album, Club Edition, CrO2)EpicOET 40600Canada1987
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Bad (Cassette, Album)Epic450290 4UK1987
Bad (CD, Album, Stereo)EpicEK 40600US1987



  • deezycolon's avatar
    One of the best music in the world but physically album cover has it’s little writings
    • dbasile's avatar

      Not Only Does It Have All The Superior Original Album Mixes Of The Songs But The Sound Quality Is Utterly Immaculate. The Detail Is All Their In The Highest Quality One Could Ever Want. The Bass Is Deep And The Drums And Synths Really Pop, It Just Has To Be One Of The Greatest Sounding Pop Record In History.
      • dawrite's avatar
        Edited 12 months ago
        My pressing has side A Etched PAL - 40600 - 1M Etched G1
        side B Etched PBL - 40600 - 3C Etched G1
        • echauhan1's avatar
          Just compared this original 1987/Promo to the MOV 2009 (that has Leave Me Alone). The original wins again. There is an overall smoother presentation in the highs and mids, with better defined bass in the original. Vocals have more presence here too. I've had the MOV for a couple of years now and very glad I searched out a nice original copy. It's worth having for sure!
          • Jizo30's avatar
            Some interesting commentary about the sound quality of this LP When Quincy Jones Sued the Estate of Michael Jackson
            • isaacmusicman's avatar
              Edited one month ago
              Album Revolution # 3:

              By the time "Bad" was released, "Michael Jackson" have taken over the Music world...There was no where you could go and not see or hear some kind of "Michael Jackson" influence (that also went for "Prince" and "Madonna" as well).....

              The first single " I Just Can't Stop Loving You" (featuring "Siedah Garrett") was a very unlikely first single with it being a ballad....But it was a WHOPPING #1 HIT, and remember, he did the same kind of thing for "Thriller"....

              The "Title Track" and second single became a WORLDWIDE PHENOMENON with it's long video co-starring "Wesley Snipes", trying to make "Mike" into a thug....

              The third single "The Way You Make Me Feel", also became a WORLDWIDE PHENOMENON, and an all time "Michael Jackson" favorite....It also was accompanied by a long video with "Mike" Rappin' to a beautiful lady....It also started the famous "Michael Jackson" YELL....

              The next single was "Man In The Mirror"....Now don't get me wrong, I love the Song, but I hate the Video!!!!! The subject matter is FANTASTIC, but the Video doesn't really reflect it well...The world is still in such a mess, and, well I won't get into the politics, I just feel like a Video with "Mike" in it would have been much better!!!!!

              "Another Part Of Me" is another standout single, I only wish it had a little more "Funk" to it.....

              I can't prove it, but I think "Dirty Diana" is what "Mike" was trying to accomplish in having his pure "Rock" anthem.....

              Then "Smooth Criminal" continues "Mike's" #1 MEGA HIT ways, with it's "Electronic Funk" jam....

              I know "Mike" had a video for "Liberian Girl", I don't know if it's a single, but it is a very nice smooth Slow Jam....

              The last two songs to mention are pure filler to me...

              "Speed Demon" is just straight up terrible!!!! I don't know what he was trying to do with that one, but yuck!!!!!

              And even though "Stevie Wonder" helped on "Just Good Friends", to me it is a very weak Song...

              The one thing that BURNS MY BACON is that the FANTASTIC "Leave me Alone" song is not on here!!!!...In my opinion, "Mike" could have kicked off either "Just Good Friends" or that terrible "Speed Demon" to make room for it!!!!!!!

              Through it all, even with it's minor flaws, and even though it doesn't come close to "Off The Wall" and "Thriller", it is a very classic album by the man who took over the Music world.....

              PS: This is the last album "Mike" worked with Super Producer "Quincy Jones"....I don't think they split on bad terms, I just think "Mike" was ready to move on, that's all.....
              • kyle12ellis's avatar
                Sounds absolutely stunning! I picked this up because I’ve heard great things about the first issue. The bass on this it absolutely thrilling! I honestly couldn’t believe it! I know there were a lot of copies of those pressed but at some point in the future this will be a very sought after album. Years from now all the master tables will be rotten and disintegrated. And people will realize that digital music is throwaway crap. And for CDs… well nobody cares about a CD right lol
                • AnalogRx's avatar
                  Good grief this sounds phenomenal. Tight punchy bass that you will feel along with the crisp clean highs and sweet midrange. Love the early version of “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” with Michael speaking at the beginning before he decided to edit it out. Pick this pressing up!
                  • mikeSF_'s avatar
                    This is an excellent MJ release, only second to "Thriller" in its epicness. Loaded with hit singles and super high production quality, this was the pinnacle of Jackson's studio craft.

                    I'm super impressed with this Columbia Carrollton (GA) pressing. It sounds incredible. Huge and dynamic with great definition. All the bottom without being boomy. Nothing lacking here at all. Recommended.
                    • brandosoul's avatar
                      Edited 2 years ago
                      Maybe people bought defective copies or it's all in the equipment some are using, but I don't understand the lukewarm comments regarding fidelity. My minty first press US vinyl copy sounds very 3D with impeccable bass and dynamics. Some of the best engineering I've ever heard on a pop album. Granted it was recorded and mixed digitally and also has clinical production values (Yamaha DX-7, Roland D50, and Synclavier heavy), it's still an engineering marvel.

                      My copy of this Columbia Carrollton (GA) pressing also features original mixes of certain songs before Michael altered them and used remixes on later pressings. I also have an original 1987 CD with the original mixes.


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