Yoshino AokiBreath Of Fire IV: Original Soundtrack

Label:SulePuter – CPCA-1043~4
2 x CD
Genre:Classical, Stage & Screen
Style:Video Game Music, Contemporary


CD1-01Taro IwashiroBreath Of Fire IV (Opening Animation)1:37
CD1-02Yoshino AokiEndings & Beginnings (Main Theme)0:44
CD1-03Yoshino AokiRun Straight1:36
CD1-04Yoshino AokiThe World Beneath Your Feet2:29
CD1-05Yoshino AokiIt's An Easy Win2:02
CD1-06Yoshino Aoki2000 Treasure If You Win0:42
CD1-07Yoshino AokiRelessed (Relaxed & Stressed)1:07
CD1-08Yoshino AokiEndings & Beginnings2:19
CD1-09Yoshino AokiNo! No! No!0:46
CD1-10Yoshino AokiAirily2:25
CD1-11Yoshino AokiFirst Emperor2:35
CD1-12Yoshino AokiMen Of War1:47
CD1-13Yoshino AokiTake The Winnings & Run0:39
CD1-14Yoshino AokiA Warring God2:24
CD1-15Yoshino AokiTiny Village In The Desert2:29
CD1-16Yoshino AokiGotta Turn It Around, Gotta Turn Around1:24
CD1-17Yoshino AokiUnder Pressure0:51
CD1-18Yoshino AokiBastard Sword2:26
CD1-19Yoshino AokiWorking Today, Too2:19
CD1-20Yoshino AokiOut Of His Mind1:24
CD1-21Yoshino AokiUnbearable Atmosphere2:39
CD1-22Yoshino AokiTruth & Dreams2:33
CD1-23Yoshino AokiWatch Your Step!2:55
CD1-24Yoshino AokiDarkness2:46
CD1-25Yoshino Aoki...Yet The Merchants Will Go2:45
CD1-26Yoshino Aoki(A Man)2:59
CD1-27Yoshino AokiSound Of A Little Zenny1:20
CD1-28Yoshino AokiBrave Heart2:44
CD1-29Yoshino AokiDying Wish2:56
CD1-30Yoshino AokiMaybe I'll Even Buy A Sheep2:28
CD1-31Yoshino AokiFreefall2:31
CD1-32Yoshino AokiHow Long Will The Rain Last?2:44
CD1-33Yoshino AokiWhirlpools Inside (The Frog's Song)0:24
CD1-34Yoshino AokiFlutter (Butterfly)0:23
CD1-35Yoshino AokiShima-Shima At Your Back (Buzz Buzz Buzz)0:22
CD1-36Yoshino AokiUnfading Ones0:30
CD2-01Yoshino AokiSong Of The Plains2:08
CD2-02Yoshino AokiEcho1:59
CD2-03Yoshino AokiThousand Wings2:54
CD2-04Yoshino AokiThe Sacred Ground Far Away3:35
CD2-05Yoshino AokiTototon Toton To2:41
CD2-06Yoshino AokiWhat The Samba?0:40
CD2-07Yoshino AokiGet The Fish!0:04
CD2-08Yoshino AokiI Caught A Big One!0:07
CD2-09Yoshino AokiLandscape3:06
CD2-10Yoshino AokiLike The Sun, Like The Moon1:48
CD2-11Yoshino AokiI'm A Faerie!1:51
CD2-12Yoshino AokiGame Over0:16
CD2-13Yoshino AokiPrayer2:06
CD2-14Yoshino AokiEven Towards Death, Valiantly2:54
CD2-15Yoshino AokiCurse1:17
CD2-16Yoshino AokiTurismo1:45
CD2-17Yoshino AokiReplay0:56
CD2-18Yoshino AokiSeagull Flies2:16
CD2-19Yoshino AokiGo By Ship!2:00
CD2-20Yoshino AokiPabu-Pabu Puka-Puka2:33
CD2-21Yoshino AokiPavane For A Dead Princess2:29
CD2-22Yoshino AokiDestruction3:09
CD2-23Yoshino AokiA God's Beast2:31
CD2-24Yoshino AokiA Raging Emperor's Banquet4:16
CD2-25Yoshino AokiDragon's Blood4:31
CD2-26Yoshino AokiI. A Wing From The Sky1:00
CD2-27Yoshino AokiII. Relessed1:12
CD2-28Yoshino AokiIII. Endings & Beginnings2:33
CD2-29Yoshino AokiA Raging Emperor's Banquet (Remix)3:47
CD2-30Yoshino AokiPabu-Pabu Puka-Puka Song1:58
CD2-31Yoshino AokiA Little After The Dream
VocalsYoshino Aoki



Track 1 on CD1 is by Taro Iwashiro
Track 21 on CD2 is an arrangement of ""Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte" by Maurice Ravel.
Track 31 on CD2 is also known as "Yume no Sukoshi Ato (ゆめのすこしあと)".

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Breath Of Fire IV: Original Soundtrack (2×CD, Album, Unofficial Release)Ever Anime International RecordsGM-331/332TaiwanUnknown



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