Various - Retro:Active3 (Rare & Remixed) Steven_PSN-14

September 26, 2015
Seems there was little to no quality control on this release.
The very first track, the coliseum mix of The Promise, is lossy sourced.

Various - Retro:Active3 (Rare & Remixed) DJRicoMixshow

October 23, 2015
edited over 3 years ago
I agree with you. First track is compressed from a 256kps MP3.

Various - Retro:Active3 (Rare & Remixed) postpunkmonk

May 13, 2011
edited over 6 years ago

I purchased this to get Associates "Take Me To The Girl" 12" mix on CD - to save myself the time needed to remaster it from my vinyl. This series is reputed to originate with master tapes, but the resulting disc is so brickwalled, it's painful to listen to with headphones on! It was back to my vinyl for a far more satisfying sound that wasn't harsh and unlistenable! Sigh. One more thing… the Alphaville track sounds like it has so much NR slathered on it I would doubt that the master was anything but a beat up copy of the vinyl 12"! Either that or they let Jon Astley remaster it!!!

Various - Retro:Active3 (Rare & Remixed) obs

March 5, 2019
These aren't sourced from master tapes. According to what I've read from the guy who assembled these compilations (Alex Hush), they get sent a digital file from the original label. And according to the guy who does the Simple Minds fansite, Dreamgiver, Virgin sent the album version of "Someone Somewhere" (same mix-up as on the original Themes boxset) to Alex, so he contact Dreamgiver to get the extended version. I wish I can find the post at Dreamgiver that states this.