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Black SabbathBlack Sabbath

Label:Vertigo – VO 6, Vertigo – 847 903 VTY
Vinyl, LP, Album, Philips Pressing, Gatefold
Style:Blues Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock


A1Black Sabbath
Composed ByWard*, Osborne*, Butler*, Iommi*
A2The Wizard
Composed ByWard*, Osborne*, Butler*, Iommi*
A3Behind The Wall Of Sleep
Composed ByWard*, Osborne*, Butler*, Iommi*
Composed ByWard*, Osborne*, Butler*, Iommi*
B1Evil Woman, Don't Play Your Games With Me
Composed ByWaggoner*, Wiegand*, Wiegand*
B2Sleeping Village
Composed ByWard*, Osborne*, Butler*, Iommi*
Composed ByDunbar*

Companies, etc.



Produced by Roger Bain of Tuesday Productions, for Tony Hall Enterprises.

First issue released on the ''swirl'' Vertigo label with big logo above spindle hole and the wording ''Vertigo'' below spindle hole and 'A PHILIPS RECORD PRODUCT' text.
Comes in a gatefold cover and with a ''swirl'' inner bag. The gatefold cover is slightly textured compared to later issues and has different upper-case only credits on inner gatefold.


The first issue (this release) had an erroneous copyright warning stating that “Copyright subsists in all Stereo recordings…”. Subsequent ''swirl'' Vertigo reissues corrected copyright warning to “Copyright subsists in all Vertigo recordings…”

The first (this release) and 2nd versions had band member and production credits in capital letters throughout. Subsequent ''swirl'' Vertigo reissues changed all credits into upper and lower case and also adds in composition and publishing credits.
All issues released on the ''swirl'' Vertigo misspell Ozzy Osbourne as Ossie Osborne.

The 2nd UK press
The 3rd UK press
The 4th UK press

Track B1 is a Crow cover and track B3 is a The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation cover.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Pressing Plant ID (Stamped in runouts): 420
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B (Label)): 847 903 2Y
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A, stamped, variant 1): V0 6 1Y * 1 420 12 12
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B, stamped, variant 1): V0 6 2Y * 1 420 12 4
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A, stamped, variant 2): V0 6 1Y * 1 420 19 5
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B, stamped, variant 2): V0 6 2Y * 1 420 19 5
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A, stamped, variant 3): V0 6 1Y * 1 420 12 8
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B, stamped, variant 3): V0 6 2Y * 1 420 12 3
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A, stamped, variant 4): V0 6 1Y * 1 420 12 7
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B, stamped, variant 4): V0 6 2Y * 1 420 12 7
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A, stamped, variant 5): V0 6 1Y * 1 420 12 1
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B, stamped, variant 5): V0 6 2Y * 1 420 12 2
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A, stamped, variant 6): V0 6 1Y * 1 420 1 2 1
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B, stamped, variant 6): V0 6 2Y * 1 420 1 2 2

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
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Black Sabbath (LP, Album, Gatefold)Vertigo, VertigoVO 6, 847 903 VTYGermany1970
Black Sabbath (LP, Album, Gatefold)Vertigo, Vertigo, VertigoVO 6, 847 903 VTY, 847.903 VTYFrance1970
New Submission
Black Sabbath (LP, Album)Vertigo, VertigoVO 6, 847 903 VTYItaly1970
Black Sabbath (LP, Album, Pitman Pressing)Warner Bros. Records, Warner Bros. RecordsWS 1871, 1871US1970
Recently Edited
Black Sabbath (Cassette, Album)Vertigo7138 001France1970
Psych9Records's avatar
I've got an olive label misprint variation that doesn't match anything on here. Reads "All selections written by Tony Ioomi - ...."
Runout is ST1 93419 W1 #1 0
ST2 93419 W1 #2 0

Tony "Ioomi" misprint is on both sides of label
Jo3y64's avatar
In my opinion the definitive pressings of this album are green label WB pressings from 1970. These are arguably the best sounding and even if UK vertigo sounds better, the US press has Wicker World, the infinitely superior track if you ask me. I have a 1985 German NEMS press that sounds fantastic and I got cheap, but I almost never play it cause of Evil Woman.
guilala's avatar
Edited 4 months ago
if anyone can help, please dont hesitate!
i have a US pressing of the LP on Warner Brothers that i cant find listed here.
its a pre-1980s sleeve with no barcode. the labels are the "Burbank" / palm tree version, and the B side has the correct credits for "Warning".
ok, theres many with the labels like this, but the matrix etchings do not match anything entered here. they are as follows-
side A= SIDE 1 WS1871(39728-1)#1 [hand etched] O [machine stamped]
side B= SIDE 2 WS1871(39729-1)#1 [hand etched] O [machine stamped]

what has me confused is that the machine stamped "O" would indicate a Winchester pressing and the pressing rings match any other record i have from the Capitol Records plant in Winchester,, but nowhere is there any evidence of the —◁ etching in the dead-wax/matrix area that is on every other Winchester pressing i have ever seen or owned. and i cant find any other US pressing entered that has any notes of hand-written matrix etchings with "SIDE 1" or "SIDE 2" included. the labels match many of the other mid-70s US pressings listed here though. and if it matters, i bought this used in the mid-1980s at a shop in my home area of Cleveland Ohio.

anyone who might be able to identify this pressing; or possibly have a similar copy, please let me know. Thank You!!
carchidirick's avatar
I have a copy with one side of the album is Black Sabbath but the other side of the album is from Paranoid. Haven’t seen or heard of any others like it. Has anyone seen this before ?
southpawgrammar's avatar
Edited one year ago
Black Sabbath's self-titled debut broke new ground and heralded the inception of heavy metal; adopting a sonic composite of blues, acid and progressive rock genres, the band were the antipode of the flower power generation in that they innovated rather than followed suit. In the 1960s, the hippie culture saw Birmingham become a vessel of musical activity, but it wasn't until Black Sabbath formed in 1968 that the city's overt bleakness motivated the birth of a thick and aggressive sound that reflected the reverberating cacophony of factories and steelworks. By absorbing every aspect of their stark environment and perhaps a horror story and film of the same name, Black Sabbath adopted a sinister, ominous image replete with occult themes and nightmarish lyrics; with Ozzy Osbourne at the helm and Tommy Iommi's signature slackened down-tuned guitars they would reinvent hard rock. Even now, the band remain synonymous with heavy metal even though their dense, cold sound is far removed from the genre in its current state; their debut is groundbreaking and iconic despite lacking the focus of later albums. Ostensibly, the album is heavy metal, but listening to it contemporaneously leaves no room for doubt that it would now be viewed as a doom metal record, perhaps the greatest.

"Black Sabbath" evokes the darker direction that the band had taken with their music; the titular song utilizes the "Devil's Interval" to achieve a stark, pervading sense of foreboding, conjuring macabre imagery from the outset, with only "N.I.B." being equally as unnerving with its raucous Cream-esque riff and theological lyrical emphasis. Such an association with Satanism would result in the album being termed "evil", "menacing" and "gloomy", but although the album's mood is generally unsettling and nihilistic, its reputation as a "demonic-sounding" record would be surpassed much later by Emperor's utterly malevolent black metal classic "In the Nightside Eclipse", which is an entirely more disquieting experience consisting of amplified guitars, fantastical lyrics and unintelligible growls assaulting your ears for an hour. "Black Sabbath" is angst-ridden rather than aggressive, and in retrospect, far less disturbing than its pseudo-occult lyrics suggest, but it does succeed in building tension and trippy weirdness.

I would recommend "Paranoid", which is arguably the most well-known in Black Sabbath's catalogue, as the best place to start for anyone unfamiliar with their music; this self-titled first outing is more suited to fans of the high wailing vocal tones, slow tempos, and extended guitar solos employed by Witchfinder General and Candlemass.

Rating: 4.5/5
giannismand's avatar
does anyone has seen this version with this numbers: nel 6002, 16L0142, dep. legal: B-16093-1981
made in spain
Easily the best black sabbath album ever. Dont @ me.
StevieD2014's avatar
I have a copy of the NEMS reissue NEL 6002 and when you open out the gatefold sleeve everything is upside down. So the crucifix is on the left hand side, not inverted, with all the credits etc upside down. Has anyone else ever seen a copy like this?
LuciferSam10029's avatar
Hello, I just got a US copy that I can't seem to identify on here. It has the moss green labels.
Matrix info:
Side 1: T I WS-1871 39728-1 [artisan logo]
Side 2: T I WS-1871 39729-3 [artisan logo]
I saw this info with the palm trees label or as it was noted, "burbank" labels. But, my copy just has plain moss green labels. Could it be like a really early press right before they switched to the palm trees label because that's my best guess.
markimarkftm's avatar
I have a copy which has a thin white sticker with red text which states "SAMPLE RECORD NOT for SALE Warning :He who offers this record for sale infringes copyright"