E-Dancer - Heavenly area43

May 24, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
What's the length of 'The Human Bond'? On the 'Heavenly' CD, it's around 5:50. On the 2017 re-release 12" (KMSRR 0021), it says 6:18. Are they two different versions?

E-Dancer - Heavenly Namax

July 10, 2017
Those are "revisited" releases so they are remakes / rearrangements - so technically completely new tunes. Not bad in general, but different experience from original, so be beware.

E-Dancer - Heavenly as reviewed by usermanuel

August 13, 2012
whats the lenght of Heavenly track?

E-Dancer - Heavenly linnley

October 3, 2011
I just got this in the post, well excited about playing it, played it, and it wasn't the amazing version that you can hear in this video. the copy i got was this specific version as it said 'Taken from the forthcoming E-Dancer album entitled Heavenly.'

which version is the one in the video because i want it desperately?

E-Dancer - Heavenly boutwood13

January 16, 2017
the 9 minute vers. in the video is on heavenly pt.2 KMS154-2

E-Dancer - Heavenly riven2001

September 19, 2016
the 2 video's that are now on the release page are correct

E-Dancer - Heavenly Orbtastic

August 12, 2014
Atkins remix just got a repress...get it while it's hot.

E-Dancer - Heavenly wriggerlillie

January 19, 2014
Might be old news, but the version in the video is a Juan Atkins mix. Not sure if there was a 12" release, but available on vinyl on a Slam mix album: DISNLP65

E-Dancer - Heavenly eiffelhaut

December 21, 2011
Hi there,
the version you are looking for is the Juan Atkins remix, appearing on the album 'Heavenly' on Play It Again Sam Records (1998) which is a KS masterpiece (catalog# KMSPIAS 001, 3 x LP - track F1).
You should also find the track on the Slam compilation 'Past lessons, future theories' on Distinct'ive Breaks Records (2000), catalog# DISNLP65, 3 x LP - track F2, but I'm not that sure it's the full version.
Kind regards. FLO