The Clash - London Calling as reviewed by amoeba26000

December 7, 2019
According the book “The Clash”, “London Calling” was released in the US in January of 1980.

The Clash - London Calling amoeba26000

November 5, 2019
According to Wikipedia and the Classic Album wiki, this album was released in the US in 1980 in January.

The Clash - London Calling tomeve999

November 6, 2019
edited about 1 month ago
it was! and it was released in December 1979 in the UK

The Clash - London Calling Only_Mint

September 1, 2019
I have a US E2 36328 with a hype sticker on the shrink ("The Only Band That Matters") that I believe to be the 1st US press but I can't find any info on which release(s) this was present on. Does anyone know?

The Clash - London Calling stickybunmusic

September 23, 2018
Should be in everyone’s top10 as there is not a bad track on it and sums up the evolution of the Clash from snotty punks to rock elite

The Clash - London Calling tarjaaikas94

August 13, 2018
I have this Uk version, but it doesn't include Train In Vain. Only four tracks on side D. I know few people in Finland who have also similar version. Bought from music shop in 1979/1980. So must I add new version here?

The Clash - London Calling joehasthisname

March 31, 2018
Mine is similar to other pressings, but the matrix runouts are unique. Can somebody help me find which pressing this is? I'm thinking it's the 1980 Pitman Pressing release, but there is no information anywhere about where it was pressed.

All stamped with "STERLING"
Side A: AL-36329 - 1G TEAR...
Side B: BL-36329 - 1B DOWN...
Side C AL-36330 - 1A THE...
Side D: BL-36330 - 1B WALLS!

The Clash - London Calling tarjaaikas94

August 15, 2018
Could it be this one:
I think those matrix/runouts are same. And this US version doesn't mention where it was pressed.

The Clash - London Calling w-brot

March 19, 2018
My 2xLP Album has a white and a yellow disc. It's from 1979. Does anyone knows something about it?

The Clash - London Calling AbstractWax

November 16, 2018

My 2xLP Album has a white and a yellow disc. It's from 1979. Does anyone knows something about it?

The Clash - London Calling alternapop

March 6, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
I'm having a hard time finding my release. Maybe I should create a new one?

0-7464-36328-1 (barcode on back)

1S AL-36329-1F Tear... STERLING (1S or IS)
1S BL-36329-1G A1 (main number reads upside down compared to the 3 other runouts)(does not have 'sterling' or "DOWN")
T1 AL-36330-1C THE... STERLING F8 (the F looks like backwards ˥ with a dot in the middle)
ϛ5 BL-36330-1F WALLS! STERLING + A (ϛ5 appears like a handwritten backwards S or 5, followed by an S or 5)

labels have "℗ 1979 CBS Records" (unlike "℗ 1979 CBS Inc." on some others)

The Clash - London Calling totallyvinyl

October 6, 2017
Fairly certain that 1st pressings came in generic white inners and single sheet printed inserts and that there was no price sticker-this was added slightly later to improve sales by pointing out that as a 2LP it was just as cheap as a single LP!

The Clash - London Calling ns62

April 14, 2019
edited 7 months ago
That's rubbish. Me and my best pal bought it on the day it was released (yes I'm old) and it has the inners with lyrics and it cost a fiver as boasted on the cover mounted sticker. Good old Clash. Dug it out recently, cleaned it and it sounded superb considering the crap record players it's been introduced to over time! Couldn't nor wouldn't want to get rid of the beer splashes though!!

The Clash - London Calling totallyvinyl

August 15, 2016
We understood that 1st UK pressings came with 2 x lyric inserts which were replaced by the printed inner sleeves, though occasionally you can find 1 x insert & 1 x inner !?!

The Clash - London Calling wolvie1968

May 4, 2016
I have just purchased a copy which is brown /yellow vinyl with matrix CLC 001-A on side one cant seem to find it any help.

The Clash - London Calling LPWJ

August 15, 2018

It's one of these versions, brown marbled was in there and 2 yellow versions so they just mix em up like in the vinyl bootleg days early 90s

Be well,

The Clash - London Calling as reviewed by iammattcote

January 4, 2016
I normally prefer to find the older pressings of classic records, but recently grabbed the remastered version on 180g, and holy crap does this record sound amazing. I've always had a mid-90s "Nice Price" CD and the quality is night and day. Worth the price, no doubt.

The Clash - London Calling Trifidjack

December 1, 2017
Have you heard a UK first pressing? I have the remaster and the UK first pressing beats the remaster hands down in my opinion.

The Clash - London Calling dwmarin

December 29, 2015
the Pennie Smith London Callng cover photo is listed with an incorrect date (September 21, 1979) in the credits.

The photo was, in fact, taken at The Palladium NYC on September 20th 1979. Here's my research to prove it:

The Clash - London Calling PENO1967

August 31, 2015
I picked up a U.S. epic copy of LC. Has no train in vain credit on the sleeve and has a gold CBS FOR PROMOTION ONLY stamped on the back.

It also has a bar code on the back. Did the original Us release have a bar code on the back sleeve?

The Clash - London Calling manzanita

June 23, 2015
Why does the original UK issue sound so much better than the original U.S Epic issue? It is night and day on some tracks.

The Clash - London Calling monddialle

February 26, 2018
US Epic Pittman pressing has wider groove than UK CBS and sounds stellar. Bassline is recorded second to none.

The Clash - London Calling VinylJunkiez

May 8, 2015
I just obtained a marbled yellow 2x vinyl of this. CBS CLASH 3 catalogue number with only one letter ("A," etc. each side of the LP's) etched into the deadwax. Can't find any info on it other than a comment on Steve Hoffman's site. Anyone have any info on it? Labels are white.

The Clash - London Calling cheap_suit

October 18, 2014
I have a copy of this album that appears to be a normal US press with cat no E2 36328. However, the label matrix is "CXBL 536329". There is a stamp in the runout with this number, except the "5" in the middle was missing so it has been hand-etched in. "COLUMBIA NY" is also stamped in the runout.

This version doesn't appear to be on discogs and the matrix turns up nothing on Google. Any ideas?

The Clash - London Calling countxero

August 3, 2013
I have a blue vinyl version as well; I think maybe it was just not indicated in the description.