VariousThe 60 Greatest Old Time Radio Shows Of The 20th Century Selected By Walter Cronkite

Label:Radio Spirits – none
20 x Cassette, Compilation


1-A1Audio Foreword 1999
PerformerWalter Cronkite
Written-ByWalter Cronkite
1-A2The Mercury Theater On The Air 10-30-38: "War Of The Worlds"
Adapted By (Text) [For Radio]Howard Koch, John Houseman, Paul Stewart (15)
Effects [Sound Effects]Ora Nichols
Featuring [Starring As Professor Pierson]Orson Welles
MC [Announcer]Dan Seymour (2)
Music ByBernard Herrmann
Producer, Directed ByOrson Welles
Voice Actor [Announcer #3, Stranger]Carl Frank
Voice Actor [Captain Lansing, Secretary Of The Interior, Operator #1]Kenny Delmar
Voice Actor [Carl Phillips, Operator 2X2L]Frank Readick
Voice Actor [Gunner]William Alland
Voice Actor [Observer]Stefan Schnabel
Voice Actor [Officer, Operator #2, Voice Of Newark]Richard Wilson (15)
Voice Actor [Operator #3]William Herz
Voice Actor [Weather Announcer, General Smith, Announcer #4]Paul Stewart (15)
Voice Actor [Wilmuth, Harry McDonald, Rooftop Announcer]Ray Collins (2)
Written-ByH. G. Wells*
1-B1The Mercury Theater On The Air 10-30-38: "War Of The Worlds" (Con't)
Featuring [With]Orson Welles
1-B2The Abbott And Costello Show 04-17-45 "Who's On First?"
Effects [Sound Effects]Bert Cordon
EngineerJohn Pawlik
Featuring [Starring]Bud Abbott, Lou Costello
MC [Announcer]Michael Roy (3)
Producer, Directed ByNat Wolfe
Vocals [Vocalist]Marilyn Maxwell
Voice Actor [Mrs. Wetwash]Elvia Allman
Voice Actor [Sports Salesman]John Brown (6)
2-A1The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe 06-17-47 "Red Wind"
Adapted By (Text) [For Radio]Milton Geiger
Featuring [Starring As Philip MArlowe]Van Heflin
MC [Announcer]Wendall Niles
Music ByLyn Murray
Producer, Directed ByJames Fonda
Voice Actor [Bartender]Harry Bartell
Voice Actor [Drunk]William Conrad
Voice Actor [Lieutenant Ybarra]Bill Johnstone
Voice Actor [Lola Barsaly]Lurene Tuttle
Written-ByRaymond Chandler
2-A2The Chase & Sanborn Hour 10-30-38
2-B1The Chase & Sanborn Hour 10-30-38 (Con't)
Featuring [With]Charlie McCarthy (2), Edgar Bergen
3-A1The Six Shooter 12-20-53 "Britt Ponset's Christmas Carol"
Featuring [Starring As Britt Ponset]James Stewart (4)
MC [Announcer]Hal Gibney
Music ByBasil Adlam
Producer, Directed ByJack Johnstone
Voice ActorTyler McVey
Voice Actor [Aunt Millie]Eleanor Audley
Voice Actor [Ebon Scrooge]Howard McNear
Voice Actor [Jake]Will Wright (3)
Voice Actor [Johnny]Dick Beals (2)
Written-ByFrank Burt
3-A2The Baby Snooks Show 05-01-51 "Report Card Blues"
Featuring [Starring As Baby Snooks]Fanny Brice
MC [Announcer]Don WIlson (4)
ProducerArthur Stander
Voice Actor ["Daddy" Lancelot Higgins]Hanley Stafford
Voice Actor ["Mummy" Vera Higgins]Arlene Harris
Voice Actor [Cunkle]Frank Nelson
Voice Actor [Martha Weemish]Elvia Allman
Voice Actor [Miss Teasdale]Vivi Janiss
Voice Actor [Mr. Weemish]Ken Christy
Written-ByArthur Stander, Sid Dorfman
3-B1The Baby Snooks Show 05-01-51 "Report Card Blues" (Con't)
Featuring [With]Fanny Brice
3-B2Escape 01-14-48 "Leinengen Vs. The Ants"
Adapted By (Text) [For Radio]Robert Ryf
Directed ByNorman Macdonnell
Featuring [Starring As Leinengen, Voice Of Escape]William Conrad
Music ByCy Feuer
ProducerWilliam N. Robson
Voice Actor [Aide, Worker]Don Diamond
Voice Actor [Commissioner]Lou Merrill
Voice Actor [Foreman]Lou Krugman
Written-ByCarl Stephenson (2)
4-A1Fibber McGee And Molly 12-09-41 "I Can Get It For You Wholesale"
Featuring [Starring]Jim And Marian Jordan*
MC [Announcer]Harlow Wilcox (2)
Vocals [Vocalist]Martha Tilton
Vocals [Vocalists]The Kingsmen (6)
Voice Actor [Mayor La Trivia]Gale Gordon
Voice Actor [Wallace Wimple]Bill Thompson (4)
Written-ByDon Quinn
4-A2On A Note Of Triumph 05-13-45
4-B1On A Note Of Triumph 05-13-45 (Con't)
Featuring [With]Martin Gabel, Norman Corwin
5-A1The CBS Radio Workshop 01-27-56 "Brave New World" Pt. 1
Adapted By (Text), Producer, Directed ByWilliam Froug
Leader [Musical Director]Bernard Herrmann
MC [Announcer]Hugh Douglas, William Conrad
NarratorAldous Huxley
Voice Actor [Bernard Marx]Jack Kruschen
Voice Actor [Director Of Hatcheries]Joseph Kearns
Voice Actor [Fanny]Charlotte Lawrence
Voice Actor [Helmholtz Watson]William Conrad
Voice Actor [Henry Foster]Byron Kane (2)
Voice Actor [John The Savage]Vic Perrin
Voice Actor [Lanina]Gloria Henry
Voice Actor [Linda]Lurene Tuttle
Voice Actor [Nurse]Doris Singleton
Voice Actor [Resident Controller]Herb Butterfield
Voice Actor [Soma Distributor]Parley Baer
Voice Actor [Student #1]Bill Idleson
Voice Actor [Student #2]Sam Edwards (2)
Written-ByAldous Huxley
5-B1The CBS Radio Workshop 01-27-56 "Brave New World" Pt. 2
5-B2The Burns & Allen Show 01-08-48
Effects [Sound Effects]Virgil Reimer
Featuring [Starring]George Burns & Gracie Allen*
GuestJack Benny
MC [Announcer]Bill Goodwin (2), Toby Reed
Voice Actor [Mr. Judson]Gale Gordon
Voice Actor [Professor LeBlanc, Reporter]Mel Blanc
6-A1The Jack Benny Program 03-02-52
Featuring [Starring]Jack Benny, Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris
Leader [Musical Director]Mahlon Merrick
MC [Announcer]Don Wilson (4)
ProducerHilliard Marks
Vocals [Vocalist]Dennis Day
Voice Actor [Indian]Benny Rubin
Voice Actor [Mr. Kitzel]Artie Auerbach
Voice Actor [Phone Stranger]Mel Blanc
Voice Actor [Rochester]Eddie Anderson*
6-A2The Lux Radio Theatre 06-02-47 "The Jazz Singer"
Directed ByFred MacKaye
Featuring [Starring As Jack Robin, Jake Rabinowitz]Al Jolson
Hosted ByWilliam Keighley
MC [Announcer]John Milton Kennedy
Music ByLouis Silver*
Voice Actor [Cantor Rabinowitz]Ludwig Donath
Voice Actor [Commercials]June Whitley
Voice Actor [Doctor]Charles Seale
Voice Actor [Jimmy]Eddie Marr
Voice Actor [Mary]Gail Patrick
Voice Actor [Mr. Stephens]Carlton Kadell
Voice Actor [Mrs. Robbinowitz]Tamara Shayne
Voice Actor [Sammy]Bobby Ellis
Voice Actor [Yudelson]Bill Johnstone
Written-BySamson Raphaelson
6-B1The Lux Radio Theatre 06-02-47 "The Jazz Singer" (Cont.)
Featuring [With]Al Jolson
7-A1Suspense 08-21-43 "Sorry, Wrong Number"
Composed By [Composer]Lucien Moraweck
ConductorLud Gluskin*
Directed ByTed Bliss
Effects [Sound Effects]Berne Surrey
Featuring [Starring As Mrs. Elbert Stevenson]Agnes Moorehead
ProducerWilliam Spier
Voice Actor [George]Hans Conried
Voice Actor [Man In Black]Jim Bannon
Voice Actor [Operator]Cathy Lewis
Written-ByLucille Fletcher
7-A2Grand Central Station 12-24-49 "Miracle For Christmas"
Directed ByIra Ashley
Featuring [Starring As Mac]Mason Adams
MC [Announcer]Gaylen Drake*
Music ByBurly Mills, Lou White
NarratorKen Roberts (7)
ProducerMartin Horrell
Voice Actor [Baby]Madeleine Pearce
Voice Actor [Dr. Garrett]Walter Greaza
Voice Actor [Dr. Mason]Ralph Platten
Voice Actor [Young Father]Gilbert Mack
Written-ByJay Bennett (4)
7-B1Grand Central Station 12-24-49 "Miracle For Christmas" (Con't)
Featuring [With]Mason Adams
7-B2Philco Radio Time 01-29-47 "The Road To Hollywood"
Hosted ByBing Crosby
MC [Announcer]Ken Carpenter (2)
Vocals [Vocalists]The Charioteers
8-A1The Saint 08-06-50 "The Corpse Said Ouch"
Directed ByHelen Mack (2)
Featuring [Starring As SImon Templar]Vincent Price (2)
MC [Announcer]Don Stanley
Music ByVaughn Dexter
ProducerJames L. Saphier
Voice Actor [Barker]Tony Barrett
Voice Actor [Frances Blake]Shirley Mitchell
Voice Actor [Jake, Undertaker]Jack Moyle
Voice Actor [Louie]Larry Dobkin*
Voice Actor [Maxon]Lou Merrill
Voice Actor [Olga]Veola Vonn
Written-ByLouis Vittes
8-A2Have Gun, Will Travel 11-27-60 "From Here To Boston"
Concept By [Created By]Herb Meadow, Sam Rolfe
Effects [Sound Effects]Ray Kemper, Tom Hanley (3)
Featuring [Starring As Paladin]John Dehner
MC [Announcer]Hugh Douglas
Music ByBernard Herrmann
Voice Actor [Driver]John James (16)
Voice Actor [Hetboy]Ben Wright (6)
Voice Actor [Lavinia Todhunter]Lynn Allen (3)
Voice Actor [Miles Todhunter]Vic Perrin
Voice Actor [Waiter]Bartlett Robinson
Written-By, Producer, Directed ByFrank Paris
8-B1Have Gun, Will Travel 11-27-60 "From Here To Boston" (Con't)
Featuring [With]John Dehner
8-B2Vic And Sade 09-06-44 "Muted Silver Moonbeam Chimes"
Directed ByCaldwell Cline
Featuring [Starring As Sade]Bernadine Flynn
Featuring [Starring As Victor Gook]Art Van Harvey
Organ [Organist]Lou Webb
Written-ByPaul Rhymer
8-B3The Lum And Abner Show 12-19-48 "Traditional Christmas Show"
Featuring [Starring As Abner Peabody, Doc Miller]Norris Goff
Featuring [Starring As Lum Edwards, Grandpappy Spears]Chester Lauck
MC [Announcer]Wendell Niles
Vocals [Vocalists]Mitchell Boy Choir*
Voice Actor [Ben Withers]Clarence Hartzel
9-A1We Hold These Truths 12-15-41
Conductor [National Anthem]Leopold Stokowski
Featuring [Starring As Citizen]Corporal James Stewart*
Featuring [With]Norman Corwin
Leader [Musical Director]Bernard Herrmann
NarratorOrson Welles
Orchestra [National Anthem]The New York Philharmonic Orchestra
Voice Actor [Farmer]Bob Burns (20)
Voice Actor [Friend]Walter Brennan
Voice Actor [Orator, Bricklayer]Edward Arnold*
Voice Actor [Prisoner]Edward G. Robinson
Voice Actor [Sam]Dane Clark (3)
Voice Actor [Singer]Rudy Vallee
Voice Actor [Smith]Walter Huston
Voice Actor [Widow]Marjorie Main
Written-By, Producer, Directed ByNorman Corwin
9-B1We Hold These Truths 12-15-41 (Cont.)
Featuring [With]James Stewart (4), Norman Corwin
9-B2The Arthur Godfrey Show 10-21-53
Featuring [Starring], Hosted ByArthur Godfrey
MC [Announcer]Tony Marvin
Vocals [Vocalists]The McGuire Sisters*
9-B3Walter Winchell Show 03-27-49
EngineerHenry Zeitlinger
MC [Announcer]Cy Harrice
NarratorWalter Winchell
Producer, Directed ByTheo Gannon
10-A1X-Minus One 12-07-55 "Nightfall"
Adapted By (Text) [For Radio]Ernest Kinoy
Directed ByDaniel Sutter
Featuring [Starring As Dr. Aton]Wendell Holmes (4)
MC [Announcer]Fred Collins (2)
NarratorFloyd Mack (2)
ProducerWilliam Welch
Voice Actor [Dr. Sharon]Mercer McLeod
Voice Actor [High Priest Tzor]Santos Ortega
Voice Actor [Latimer]Alan Collins (2)
Voice Actor [Old Man]Roy Fant
Voice Actor [Pallock]Bob Hastings
Voice Actor [Theramin]John Larkin (2)
Written-ByIsaac Asimov
10-A2The Adventures Of Superman 09-25-45 "The Meteor From Krypton"
Effects [Sound Effects]Bill Hoffman (5)
EngineerMac Benoit
Executive ProducerRobert AndJessica Maxwell
Featuring [Starring As Clark Kent]Clayton Collyer
MC [Announcer]Dan McCullough
NarratorJackson Beck
Producer, Directed ByAllen "Duke" Ducovny
Voice Actor [Lois Lane, Lara]Joan Alexander
Voice Actor [Perry White]Julian Noa
Voice Actor [Rozan]Ed Jerome
10-A3The Mercury Summer Theater 06-21-46 "The Hitchhiker"
Featuring [Starring As Ronald Adams]Orson Welles
MC [Announcer]Ken Roberts (7)
Music ByBernard Herrmann
Producer, Directed ByOrson Welles
Voice Actor [Female Hitchhiker, Mrs. Adams]Alice Frost
Written-ByLucille Fletcher
10-B1The Mercury Summer Theater 06-21-46 "The Hitchhiker" (Con't)
Featuring [With]Orson Welles
10-B2Big Town "Death Rides The Highway" 1940
Directed ByWilliam N. Robson
Featuring [Starring As Steve Wilson]Edward G. Robinson
MC [Announcer]John Conte (4)
Music ByLeith Stevens
Voice Actor [Judge Dudley Martin]Ted Osborne (2)
Voice Actor [Lorelei Kilbourne]Ona Munson
Voice Actor [Mrs. Martin]Paula Winslowe
Voice Actor [Policeman, Doorman]Howard Duff
Written-ByJerry McGill (2)
11-A1Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Todd Matter" Pts. 1-3 1956
Featuring [Starring As Johnny Dollar]Bob Bailey (4)
MC [Announcer]Roy Rowan
Music ByAmerigo Marino
Producer, Directed ByJack Johnstone
Voice Actor [Ethyl Stromburg]Vivi Janniss*
Voice Actor [Gloria Tierney]Barbara Fuller
Voice Actor [Melba Charles, Phone Operator]Shirley Mitchell
Voice Actor [Orin Vance, Don Fried, Dr. Kane, Bill Powers]Lawrence Dobkin
Voice Actor [Sergeant Dan Maapes, Father Dearling]Frank Gerstle
Voice Actor [William Charles, Waiter]Marvin Miller
Written-ByJohn Dawson (9)
11-B1Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar "The Todd Matter" Pts. 4 & 5 1956
Featuring [With]Bob Bailey (4)
12-A1Columbia Presents Corwin 07-17-45 "The Undecided Molecule"
Composed By [Composer]Carmen Dragon
ConductorLud Gluskin*
Featuring [Starring As Judge]Groucho Marx
Producer, Directed ByNorman Corwin
Voice ActorElliott Lewis
Voice Actor [Council For The Defense, Spokesman For Vegetable And Mineral Kingdoms]Keenan Wynn
Voice Actor [Interpreter For The Molecule]Robert Benchley
Voice Actor [Officail Clerk]Norman Lloyd
Voice Actor [Prosecutor]Vincent Price (2)
Voice Actor [Spokesman For Animal Kingdom]Sylvia Sidney
Written-ByNorman Corwin
12-A2Dimension X 08-18-50 "The Martian Chronicles"
Adapted By (Text) [For Radio]Ernest Kinoy, George Lefferts
Directed ByJack Kuney
EngineerBill Chambers
Featuring [With]Roger DeKoven*
Hosted ByNorman Rose
MC [Announcer]Robert Warren*
Music ByAlbert Berman
ProducerVan Woodward
Voice Actor [Father]Donald Buka
Voice Actor [Major, Voice Of Automated House]Roger DeKoven*
Voice Actor [Mother]Inga Adams
Voice Actor [Sam Peters]Ian Martin (6)
Voice Actor [Ylla]Jan Miner
Written-ByRay Bradbury
12-B1Dimension X 08-18-50 "The Martian Chronicles" (Con't)
Featuring [With]Roger DeKoven*
Written-ByRay Bradbury
12-B2The Eddie Cantor Show 06-09-46
Featuring [With]Eddie Cantor
Guest [The Mad Russian]Bert Gordon
MC [Announcer]Harry Von Zell
Performer [Vocal Group]The Ambassadors
Vocals [Vocalist]Dinah Shore
13-A1Escape 03-17-50 "Three Skeleton Key"
Adapted By (Text) [For Radio]James Poe
Effects [Sound Effects]Cliff Thorsness, Gus Bayz, Jack Sixsmith
EngineerHarry Essman
Featuring [Starring As Jean]Vincent Price (2)
Music ByDel Castillo (2)
Producer, Directed ByWilliam N. Robson
Voice Actor [Auguste]Harry Bartell
Voice Actor [Louis]Jeff Corey (2)
Voice Actor [Voice Of Escape]Paul Frees
Written-ByGeorge G. Toudouze
13-A2The Chase And Sanborn Hour 12-12-37 "The Garden Of Eden"
Featuring [Starring]Charlie McCarthy (2), Edgar Bergen
Guest [Special Guest As Eve]Mae West
MC [Announcer]Wendell Niles
Vocals [Vocalist]Dorothy Lamour
Voice Actor [Host, Adam]Don Ameche
Voice Actor [Serpent]Ted Osborne (2)
Written-ByArch Oboler
13-B1The Chase And Sanborn Hour 12-12-37 "The Garden Of Eden" (Con't)
Featuring [With]Charlie McCarthy (2), Edgar Bergen
Guest [Special Guest]Mae West
14-A1The Cavalcade Of America 09-22-41 "Native Land" Pt. 1
Adapted ByCarl Sandburg
Composed By [Composer]Ardan Cornwall
ConductorDon Voorhees*
Featuring [Starring, Narrator]Burgess Meredith
Featuring [Starring]Carl Sandburg
MC [Announcer]Clayton Collyer
Voice Actor [Father Sandburg, Gas Station Attendant]Carl Swenson*
Voice Actor [Housewife, Martha]Jeanette Nolan
Voice Actor [Mr. Gould, Shortage Man]Everett Sloane
Voice Actor [Mr. Jenkins, Lieutenant Wade]Bill Johnstone
Voice Actor [Oldtimer]John McIntire (2)
Voice Actor [Young Carl]Arthur Kennedy (2)
14-B1The Cavalcade Of America 09-29-41 "Native Land-The Women" Pt. 2
Composed By [Composer]Ardan Cornwall
ConductorDon Voorhees*
Featuring [Starring, Narrator]Burgess Meredith
MC [Announcer]Clayton Collyer
Voice ActorEd Jerome
Voice Actor [Arthur]Kenny Delmar
Voice Actor [Moira, Ezra's Wife]Judith Anderson
Voice Actor [Mr. Simmons, Patrick]John McIntire (2)
Voice Actor [Mrs. Brady, Eastport Mother]Jeanette Nolan
Voice Actor [Singer, Gary, Indiana Woman, Arthur's Wife]Agnes Moorehead
14-B2The Fred Allen Show 05-26-46 W/ Guest, Jack Benny
Directed ByHoward Riley (2)
EngineerJoe Silva (4)
Featuring [Starring]Fred Allen (2), Portland Hoffa
Guest [Special Guest]Jack Benny
ProducerJoe Bigelow
Vocals [Vocalists]The Demarco Sisters*
Voice Actor [Alex Cassidy]Peter Donald (2)
Voice Actor [Mrs. Nussbaum]Minerva Pious
Voice Actor [Myron Proudfoot]Jack Benny
Voice Actor [Senator Claghorn, Announcer]Kenny Delmar
Voice Actor [Titus Moody, Abner Flogg]Parker Fennelly
Voice Actor [Tour Guide]Alan Reed
15-A1Lights Out 04-06-38 "Cat Wife"
Featuring [Starring As Mr. Taylor]Boris Karloff
Producer, Directed By, Hosted ByArch Oboler
Written-ByArch Oboler
15-A2The Jack Benny Program 03-28-48 "Money Or Your Life"
Leader [Musical Director]Mahlon Merrick
MC [Announcer]Don Wilson (4)
Performer [Quartet]The Sportsmen
ProducerHilliard Marks
Vocals [Vocalist]Dennis Day
Voice Actor [Burlar]Eddie Marr
Voice Actor [Lucky Strike Announcer]Basil Ryesdale*
15-B1The Jack Benny Program 03-28-48 "Money Or Your Life" (Con't)
Featuring [Starring]Jack Benny
15-B2The Jack Benny Program 04-04-48 After "Money Or Your Life"
GuestBing Crosby
Leader [Musical Director]Mahlon Merrick
MC [Announcer]Don Wilson (4)
Performer [Quartet]The Ink Spots
ProducerHilliard Marks
Vocals [Vocalist]Dennis Day
Voice Actor [Burlar]Eddie Marr, Mel Blanc
16-A1Command Performance 02-15-45 "Dick Tracy in B-Flat"
Directed ByGlenn Wheaton
Featuring [As Flat Top]Bob Hope
Featuring [As Shaky]Frank Sinatra
Featuring [As The Mole]Jimmy Durante
Featuring [Starring As Dick Tracy]Bing Crosby
ProducerVick Knight
Voice Actor [April]Patty Andrews
Voice Actor [Chief Of Police]Jerry Colonna
Voice Actor [Gravel Gertie]Cass Daley
Voice Actor [June]LaVerne Andrews
Voice Actor [May]Maxene Andrews
Voice Actor [Old Judge Hooper, Announcer]Harry Von Zell
Voice Actor [Snowflake]Judy Garland
Voice Actor [Tess Trueheart]Dinah Shore
Voice Actor [Vitamin Flintheart]Frank Morgan (2)
16-B1Command Performance 02-15-45 "Dick Tracy in B-Flat" (Con't)
16-B2Columbia Presents Corwin 08-14-45 "Fourteen August"
Featuring [Starring]Orson Welles
Written-By, Producer, Directed ByNorman Corwin
16-B3Dragnet 12-22-49 ".22 Rifle For Christmas"
Directed ByBill Rousseau (2)
Effects [Sound Effects]Bud Tollefson, Wayne Kenworthy
Featuring [Starring As Sergeant Joe Friday]Jack Webb
MC [Announcer]Hal Gibney
Music ByWalter Schumann
Voice Actor [Lieutenant Lee Jones]Herb Butterfield
Voice Actor [Mr. Morheim]Bill Johnstone
Voice Actor [Mrs. Morheim, Operator]Peggy Webber
Voice Actor [Sergeant Ben Romero]Barton Yarborough
17-A1The Shadow "White God" 5/1938
Featuring [Starring As Lamont Cranston, The Shadow]Orson Welles
MC [Announcer]Ken Roberts (7)
Organ [Organist]Rosa Rio
Producer, Directed ByBourne Ruthrauff
Voice Actor [Admiral Champion, Lloyd Carlon]Alan Devitt
Voice Actor [Margot Lane]Margot Stevenson
Voice Actor [Rudolph Hoyt, Shipowner #3]Arthur Vinton
Voice Actor [Shipowner #1, Pilot, Closing Announcer]Bill Johnstone
Voice Actor [Shipowner #2]Dwight Weist
Written-By [Opeing And Closing Signatures]Frank Readick
17-A2The Adventures Of Sam Spade, Detective 06-20-48 "The Death Bed Caper"
Effects [Sound Effects]Berne Surrey
Featuring [Starring As Sam Spade]Howard Duff
MC [Announcer]Dick Joy
Music ByLud Gluskin*
Producer, Directed ByWilliam Spier
Voice Actor [Dan Starbuck]Elliott Lewis
Voice Actor [Del Casino, Doctor]William Conrad
Voice Actor [Effie Perrine]Lurene Tuttle
Voice Actor [Gordon Starbuck, Bartender]Wally Maher
Voice Actor [Maggie Starbuck]Cathy Lewis
Written-ByBob Tallman, Gil Doud
17-B1The Adventures Of Sam Spade, Detective 06-20-48 "The Death Bed Caper" (Con't)
Featuring [With]Howard Duff
17-B2The Bickersons 03-16-47
Featuring [Starring As Blanche Bickerson]Frances Langford
Featuring [Starring As John BickersonWith]Don Ameche
Featuring [Starring]Danny Thomas (4)
ProducerCarlton Allsop
Written-ByPhil Rapp*
18-A1Inner Sanctum Mysteries 10-02-45 "The Shadow Of Death"
Effects [Sound Effects]John Amahrine
Featuring [Starring As Howard]Richard Widmark
Hosted ByPaul McGrath (6)
Producer, Directed ByHiman Brown
Voice Actor [Doctor Girard, Gas Station Attendant]Santos Ortega
Voice Actor [Dr. Fresbey, Sgt. Dunn]Luis Van Rooten
Voice Actor [Lipton Tea Spokeswoman]Mary Bennett (2)
Written-ByRobert Sloane
18-A2The Great Gildersleeve 12-21-41 "McGee's Christmas Gifts"
Featuring [Starring As P. Gildersleeve]Hal Peary
Voice Actor [Birdie Lee Coggins]Lillian Randolph
Voice Actor [Judge Horace Hooker]Earle Ross
Voice Actor [Leroy Forrester]Walter Tetley
Voice Actor [Llewellyn]Arthur Q. Bryan
Voice Actor [Marjorie Forrester]Lurene Tuttle
Written-ByLeonard L. Levinson
18-B1The Great Gildersleeve 12-21-41 "McGee's Christmas Gifts" (Con't)
Featuring [With]Hal Peary
18-B2I Love Lucy 02-26-52
Featuring [Starring As Lucy Ricardo]Lucille Ball
Featuring [Starring As Ricky Ricardo]Desi Arnaz
Leader [Musical Direction]Wilbur Hatch
MC [Announcer]Bob Lemond
Producer, Directed ByBob Carroll, Jr., Madelyn Pugh
Voice Actor [Ethyl Mertz]Vivian Vance (2)
Voice Actor [Fred Mertz]William Frawley
Written-ByJess Oppenheimer
19-A1Arch Oboler's Plays 03-09-40 "Johnny Got His Gun"
Featuring [Starring As Joe Bonham]James Cagney
Music ByGordon Jenkins
Producer, Directed ByArch Oboler
Voice Actor [Mother Bonham]Verna Felton
Written-ByDalton Trumbo
19-A2Suspense 02-03-49 "Backseat Driver"
Composed ByLucien Moraweck
ConductorLud Gluskin*
Featuring [With]Jim And Marian Jordan*
MC [Announcer]Harlow Wilcox (2)
Producer, Directed ByAnton M. Leader
Voice Actor [Ellie]Marian Jordan
Voice Actor [Hap, Bill]Bill Johnstone
Voice Actor [Joe]Jim Jordan (2)
Voice Actor [Mattrick]Glenn Anders
Voice Actor [Voice Of Suspense]Paul Frees
Written-BySally Thorson
19-B1Suspense 02-03-49 "Backseat Driver" (Con't)
Featuring [With]Jim And Marian Jordan*
19-B2The Lone Ranger 06-30-48 "The Origin The Lone Ranger"
Directed ByCharles D. Livingston
Featuring [Starring; The Lone Ranger, Reid]Brace Beemer
MC [Announcer]Harry Golder
ProducerGeorge Trundle
Voice Actor [Butch Cavendish]Paul Sutton (3)
Voice Actor [Captain Dan Reid]Jack McCarthy (3)
Voice Actor [Collins]Jack Petruzzi
Voice Actor [Jim]Paul Hughes (7)
Voice Actor [Tonto]John Todd (2)
Written-ByFran Striker
20-A1Gunsmoke 05-06-56 "The Photographer"
Effects [Sound Patterns]Bill James (6), Ray Kemper
Featuring [Starring; Matt Dillon]William Conrad
MC [Announcer]George Fenneman, George Walsh
Music ByRex Koury
Producer, Directed ByJohn Meston
Voice Actor [Chester Proudfoot]Parley Baer
Voice Actor [Doc Adams]Howard McNear
Voice Actor [Kitty Russell]Georgia Ellis
Voice Actor [Man In Street]Harry Bartell
Voice Actor [Old Toad, Grub]James Nusser
Voice Actor [Professor Jacoby]Larry Dobkin*
Written-ByJohn Dunkel
20-A2Let's Pretend 08-23-47 "Mell-A-Lot"
Adapted By [For Radio], Producer, Directed ByNila Mack
Featuring [Starring]Gwen Davies
MC [Announcer]Ted Jewitt
Music ByMaurice Brown (4)
Voice Actor [Madame Hatrod]Miriam Wolfe
Voice Actor [Mell-A-Lot]Marilyn Erskine
Voice Actor [Scrudge]Jack Grimes
Voice Actor [Splash]Albert Alley
Voice Actor [Uncle Bill]Bill Adams (5)
Voice Actor [Wart]Kingsley Colton
20-B1Bold Venture "Deadly Merchandise" 1950's
Directed ByHenry Hayward
Music ByDavid Rose
Voice Actor [Etienne]Tony Barrett
Voice Actor [King Moses]Jester Hairston
Voice Actor [Mario Pavana]Jay Novello
Voice Actor [Sailor Duval]Lauren Bacall
Voice Actor [Slate Shannon]Humphrey Bogart
Written-ByDavid Friedkin, Morton Fine
20-B2Quiet, Please 08-09-48 "The Thing On The Fourble Board"
Effects [Sound Effects]Albert April
Music ByAlbert Berman
Voice Actor [Billy Gruenwald]Dan Sutter (2)
Voice Actor [Mike]Cecil Roy
Voice Actor [Porky, Announcer]Ernest Chappell
Voice Actor [Ted]Pat O'Malley*
Written-By, Producer, Directed ByWyllis Cooper

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  • Design [Graphic Designer]Christine Birkett
  • Engineer [Audio Restoration]Chris Lembesis
  • Engineer [Audio Restoration], Mastered By [Mastering Engineer]Roger Wolski
  • Executive-ProducerCarl Amari
  • Graphics [Graphic Production And Photo Enhancement]Adrienne Roy
  • Liner NotesAnthony Tollin
  • Other [Cast Identification]Anthony Tollin, Dick Beals, John Gassman, William Nadel
  • Other [Editorial Consultant]William Nadel
  • Other [Licensing Director]Dennis Levin
  • Other [Project Manager]Christina Vrba
  • Other [Proofreader]Carl Gaffford
  • Other [Technical Support/Equipment Maintenance]Jerry Burling
  • Producer [Assistant]Vince Amari


60 programs - 30 hours
Includes a 64-page booklet and an audio & written foreword by Walter Cronkite.

Track 1-B2 list a typo for Skinnay Ellis And His Orchestra, which should be Ennis.
Track 2-A2 credits Judy Zeke; Annie Canova, but research indicates it should have been Judy , Zeke and Annie Canova who performed together.
Track 4-A1 lists the vocalist as Martha Tilden instead of Tilton, which is correct.
Track 9-B2, is listed as "Arthur Godfrey Time" on the cassette and box.
Track 10-A2, listed as "Origin Retold" on the box and cassette and was based on characters created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.
Track 14-A1, was adapted from "The People, Yes."
Track 14-B1 incorporates "Riders To The Sea" by John Millington Synge.
Track 16-A1/B1, Command Performance 02-15-45 "Dick Tracy in B-Flat" was also titled "For Goodness Sake, Isn't He Ever Going To Marry Tess Trueheart?"

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 7 48754 44114 3
  • Barcode: 55998
  • Barcode: 9 781570 192432
  • Other (ISBN): 1-57019-243-X

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