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    DJ Presha - Secret Thirteen Mix 079 album cover

    Geoff Presha*Secret Thirteen Mix 079

    Label:Secret Thirteen Journal – STJ 079
    File, MP3, Mixed, 320 kbps
    Style:Abstract, Experimental, Drum n Bass, Ambient


    1.1Patti Smith GroupBabelogue
    1.2David LongRapt Baby
    1.3Demdike StareKommunion (Alternate Version)
    1.4Unknown ArtistUntitled
    1.6Rainforest Spiritual EnslavementIn Honduras Death Caused By Being Chased By Spirits
    1.7Unknown ArtistUntitled
    1.8Miles WhittakerIrreligious
    1.9FIS (2)Blue Violet
    1.10Unknown ArtistUntitled
    1.11FIS (2)Celiac Tingle
    1.12Population OneApproaching
    1.13Varg (6)Norrländska Vemodet
    1.14Demdike StareMephisto’s Lament
    1.15SS* / S*Siglo 1
    1.16Ena (2)Dipteran
    1.17Unknown ArtistUntitled
    1.18Unknown ArtistUntitled
    1.19Unknown ArtistUntitled
    1.20Unknown ArtistUntitled
    1.21J MajikOrganized Crime
    1.22Unknown ArtistUntitled
    1.23Unknown ArtistUntitled
    1.24Abdulla RashimSemien Terara 3
    1.25Unknown ArtistUntitled
    1.26Source DirectWanton Conduct
    1.27GenotypeLife Support
    1.29GenotypePurple Lies
    1.30Tr nchChallenger Deep
    FeaturingJacques Picard



    Length: 1:26:36


    S13's avatar
    Edited 8 years ago

    The author of the mix is Geoff Wright, also known as DJ Presha, a prolific New Zealander DJ and record label owner who now lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Active since the middle 1990s, Presha went through many creative activities: events promotion, radio shows, distribution and trade of electronic music. Also he was a speed metal vocalist and old-school skateboarding aficionado always obsessed with Japanese art. Presha is mostly notable for owning and managing an authoritative Samurai (Samurai Music / Red Seal / Horo) group of labels focusing on vinyl releases of subtle dance floor music. He is one of the important figures in nowadays drum and bass music scene constantly pushing the genre forward and regularly presenting new talents such as Tokyo Prose and FIS amongst others. This man is always playing the freshest music in a precise mixing manner and complete passion. Presha has been performing as a DJ extensively across New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Japan and America alongside the top international drum and bass artists such as Klute, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Doc Scott and many others. Now Presha is here to uncover more deeper and experimental side of his music collection that he is listening at home and that influenced him since he moved to Berlin.

    “Secret Thirteen Mix 079” is a deliberate and plastic studio mix that is gradually shifting thus creating a well-balanced sustained and rich wholeness. The mix includes 30 high-quality and precisely produced records that were mostly released in the last two decades. However, the fundamental part of the mix is based on recently created music pieces by extremely experienced artists such as Genotype, FIS, Demdike Stare, Emptyset and Dominick Fernow’s Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement. There is also a bunch of untitled and unreleased records, two of them by FIS and Ena are from the upcoming compilation on Presha’s Horo label. This fact strengthens mix with mystery and unexpectedness even more. It is also possible to hear some early drum and bass works flavoured with crafty amen breaks, hoover type samples and sci-fi vocal cuts by the legendary producers such as J Majik, Source Direct and Instra:mental. Mix contains a piece by David Long written for Presha’s brother Douglas Wright’s modern dance performance “RAPT”. The basis of this mix stands on extensive obscure ambiance, arithmetically deforming rhythms, mathematical hardware generated textures and drowned intense low vibrations. The micro background layer is enriched with frequently moving and expanding inventive effects modulation, cinematic melody arrangement and auxiliary slightly expanded cathedral soundscapes. Presha’s mixing is carefully measured, exemplary accurate and smooth thus the listener can fully merge into the professionally developed psychological and strangely emotional sound solidity.

    “Secret Thirteen Mix 079” is like an arcane and dimensional Max Ernst’s ingeniously arranged abstract painting “Configuration No. 16” where potent and cosmic shapes create modern ages “Iliad” of the mind. Presha’s progressive selection ideally mirrors Ernst’s metaphysical painting. By analyzing invention amplitude of these two specific creation’s arrangement, encoded narrative significance to the observer and listener, research on these two works, it is clear that Presha’s mix is worth to be compared with the one of the greatest surreal painter’s masterwork. Presha’s expressed and implemented intention, contemplation on the mix structure and its micro connections or particles perfectly reveal his profound personality, dexterity and skills. It also presents him as a versatile records selector who has accumulated a vast music library. This mix is just for those who aim to be hypnotised by the supreme synthesis of smooth, refined dance floor convulsions of Presha’s unforgettable audio voyage to the abyss of sounds.