DJ Shadow ‎– Diminishing Returns Party Pak

2 × CD, Limited Edition, Mixed

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1.1 John Peel UK Buzz #3
1.2 Gangsta Boo Can I Get Paid (Instrumental)
1.3 Cool Breeze (2) Cre A Tine (Acapella)
1.4 Lil Wayne Fuck You (Instrumental)
1.5 Tow Down / Dynamix II Country Rap Tune (Acapella) / Give It To Em
1.6 Awesome Of Course Crew Micski Is Blasting
1.7 The Underground (4) The Wrath Of Uptown
1.8 Clash T Non Stop
1.9 Cruseville Productions World War III
1.10 Robert S. Don't Dis Me
1.11 Live! Give It Here (Raw Mix)
1.12 Live! Well-Oiled Machine (Club Mix)
1.13 Citi Heet The Saga Of Beggin Billy
1.14 The Brothers (3) You Can't Win
1.15 MC.EC Back To Basics (Instrumental)
1.16 Singing MC Breeze* Yodelay Dee Hooo
1.17 Special K (2) Special K Is Good
1.18 Ruthless Rod & M.C. Dollar In The Groove
1.19 Frozen Explosion Mac Nife
1.20 M.C. Price & D.J. Trouble* The Price Is Right
1.21 Tootskee & The Czar MC / Gift Of Gab* Does A Skeezer Deserve A Chance / Freestyle
1.22 Stepin Strong Rhymes Different From The Others
1.23 BZ2 MC's* We're Troopers
1.24 Loose J And The Master Of Wax* The Hi Lo Cut
1.25 Einstein (2) The Freeze
1.26 Beans Mutescreamer
1.27 Mr. Lif Pull Out Your Cut
1.28 W-Def Champ
1.29 The RSP Crew MC School
1.30 Def-Dee & Scott Fresh* No Competition
1.31 Super Coper & Clarence Breakers This Is The Way You Do The Breakdance
1.32 Kool D. Ultimate MC'S Freestyle
1.33 Cipher Sound Get Moved On
1.34 Kool-Kev (The Lyrical Stinger)* My Experience
1.35 Eightball & MJG* feat. Outkast Throw Your Hands Up
1.36 Master P Light It Up (Acc.)
1.37 Master P Light It Up (Instrumental)
1.38 Mantronix Hardcore Hip Hop
1.39 The Underground (4) It's Our Thing
1.40 Most Wanted (3) Good Old Days
1.41 Hijack (2) Style Warriors Revenge
1.42 Unknown Artist Unknown
1.43 Unknown Artist Unknown
1.44 Powerule Gots Ta Get This
1.45 Busy Boy* Classical
1.46 991 Volts Time Will Tell
1.47 E. D. Math Behind The Bars
1.48 Raw Dope Posse Listen To My Turbo
1.49 Raw Dope Posse / Raw Corp. Listen To My Turbo (Instrumental) / Trooper On The Mic (Acc.)
1.50 Unknown Artist Buffalo Girls
1.51 Spinmasters Of Funk Martin Luther King Jr
1.52 Jiri Korn* Akrobat (I Can't Go For That (No Call Do))
1.53 Hall & Oates* I Can't Go For That
1.54 Unknown Artist Another One Bites The Dust
1.55 Katzenjammer* Cars
Diminishing Returns Party Pak 8:56
2.1a Alexis Korner Sunrise
2.1b Frank Zappa The Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet (Excerpt)
2.1c Listening Stoned Is
Diminishing Returns Party Pak 9:59
2.2a Sugar Creek (2) Memory Tree
2.2b Unknown Artist Untitled
2.2c Unknown Artist Untitled
2.2d Frank Stranges Flying Saucers Unlimited (Excerpt)
2.2e We The People (5) Who Am I
2.2f Frank Stranges Flying Saucers Unlimited (Excerpt)
2.2g Azitis From This Place
2.2h Stars And Stripes Listen
Diminishing Returns Party Pak 6:43
2.3a The Touch (6) Not So Fine
2.3b Yesterday's Obsession The Phycle
Diminishing Returns Party Pak 6:44
2.4a Tony Church* And The Crusade (3) Love Trip
2.4b Operations (2) The Ever Gentle Presence (Of Your Love)
2.4c Hickory Hollow Never Happen
2.4d Red Temple Spirits Dive In Deep
Diminishing Returns Party Pak 8:51
2.5a Unknown Artist Untitled
2.5b Unknown Artist Untitled
2.5c Unknown Artist Untitled
2.5d Smiles (7) Just A Star
2.6 DJ Shadow War Is Hell
Written-By – J. Davis*



Live 2-hour mix originally broadcast on BBC's Radio-1 March 29, 2003.

80 minute mix
w/ BBC's John Peel introduction

40 minutes mix + bonus track:
"War Is Hell" by DJ Shadow
(previously unreleased)

"War is Hell" was recorded 1999 (J. Davis, Mo'Wax Publishing, administered by MCA Music, ASCAP).

Limited to 1000 copies only + bootlegs thereafter.
Due to problems in the pressing plant there were actually only about 980 copies made.

Bag contains 2 CD's, 2 stickers and 2 coasters.
Some even came with a free "Diminishing Returns" mesh-cap included.

© 2003 Reconstruction Productions

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