Joe Lewis - The Return Of Joe Lewis detroitlover

August 4, 2016
Its interesting to find some differences. The Track "Sex" on this LP must be the complete track. On the Target TR-1 its shorter and faded out. Also "Rain (Pt. 1)" & "Snoopy Dancin" are slightly longer here.

Joe Lewis - The Return Of Joe Lewis piskavac

August 23, 2010
edited over 8 years ago
It is sad when you see that a house legend like Joe Lewis can go so low and steel other people's music, and release it as his own. When you compare the production on tracks B1 and B2 with the way the rest of the tracks were produced, you can clearly see that Joe Lewis has no capacity of programming drums the way Jamie Read does. Compare this album to Read's "The End of the Beginning" and you'll see what I'm talking about. Still, this is a great album, but it is (at least the bigger portion of it) Jamie Read's album, and he should get credit for it. Shame on you Joe Lewis!

Joe Lewis - The Return Of Joe Lewis WALTHAMSTOW007

October 20, 2011
Totally agree with you piskavac......

Joe Lewis - The Return Of Joe Lewis as reviewed by efunker

October 23, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
find the notes section to this release confusing - implication that this material is 'stolen'? The source of the info could do with being more evident, or some more clarification! Filled with sadness at the prospect of this album being a result of artistic theft :(

However - great album, full of stripped down simplicity - impressive drum patterns, emotion and atmosfear - 'sex' is a fantastic, deep, deep track. Well done to who ever did put this material down initially.

Joe Lewis - The Return Of Joe Lewis m_ek

December 1, 2009
See Jamie Read's myspace page:

Jamie has talked about this often:
At eighteen I met Joe Lewis at a friends house and gave away two dats on the promise of a release, WHAT A FOOL, He proceded to release my music under his name on relief records and his own target records(recently re-released on peacefrog records).In the past few years i have been making lots of different styles of music icluding collaborating with felix under the LHASinc name, and using a local studio for some live stuff,while also trying to bring up 4 kids. Discography: who's listening (the wookey) tenth planet 1994 back to the beginning (joe lewis!!!!) relief records 1995 vibe nations ugly records 1996 the beginning and the ending 4 tracks (joe lewis!!!) target records 1996 LHAS pt 1 push2shove records 1996 Lhas pt 2 push2shove records 1997 Netherlands ep (joe louis!!!) basement 282 1997 the end of the beginning fragmented 1997 creepy crawley ep ugly cutz 1998 reasons/ports (lhas inc me and felix dickinson) wax records 2003 4d (lhas inc me and felix) eskimo records 2004 real (lhas inc me and felix) cynism 2004 hes back(to rip me off again, joe lewis ) peacefrog 2005 The return of joe lewis(dedicated to his dead brother how low can u go!) peacefrog 2005