Mr. Freaky - One Hour & One as reviewed by zimmermouse

October 2, 2014
edited over 3 years ago
I do not understand that so much effort went into copying the cd stamp (Text on cd) so you cannot tell any difference between the official release and the Russian counterfeit, (even the inner codes and numbers has been copied perfectly!) however the artwork (the easiest to reproduce!) has some recognisable differences.. why not copy that exactly as the original too just to finish the job..
Cd has one track and is possibly 2 seconds(!) shorter than the official cd!

Mr. Freaky - One Hour & One zimmermouse

August 25, 2016
Hi, I do not have the original release cd, but some other releases. I can only compare mine with the placed pictures here.
As far as I can see the only difference is the missing text on the front: 1988 and 1988 Champagne Music, CH-6300 Zug. Furthermore the warning text placed around the edge on the disc itself differs.Also the color seems different but I can not tell for sure if this is the case because the scan or photo can be darker.

Mr. Freaky - One Hour & One Squiff

August 24, 2016
Hello can you tell me what the recognisable differences are on the art work? Many thanks.