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    VariousNature's Best New Zealand's Top 100 Songs Of All-Time The Complete Nature's Best Collection

    Various - Nature's Best New Zealand's Top 100 Songs Of All-Time The Complete Nature's Best Collection album cover

    Label:Epic – 5178093000
    Series:Nature's Best
    6 x CD, Compilation, Special Edition 6 x CD + DVD Set
    DVD, Compilation
    Country:New Zealand
    Genre:Hip Hop, Rock, Reggae, Blues, Pop
    Style:Alternative Rock, Blues Rock, Folk Rock, Pop Rock, New Wave


    Disc 1
    2Crowded HouseDon't Dream It's Over
    3Dave DobbynLoyal
    4The SwingersCounting The Beat
    5Split EnzSix Months In A Leaky Boat
    6Bic RungaSway
    7Dave Dobbyn With HerbsSlice Of Heaven
    8Dance ExponentsVictoria
    9Straitjacket FitsShe Speeds
    10Dragon (5)April Sun In Cuba
    11Split EnzI Got You
    12DD SmashWhaling
    13Chris KnoxNot Given Lightly
    14The ChillsPink Frost
    15Darcy ClayJesus I Was Evil
    Disc 2
    16Crowded HouseWeather With You
    17Pixie Williams & The Ruru Karaitiana Quartet*Blue Smoke
    18BlertaDance All Around The World
    19Fur PatrolLydia
    20Hello SailorBlue Lady
    21Bic RungaDrive
    22DLT Featuring Che FuChains
    23The Mutton BirdsDominion Road
    24Shona Laing(Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy
    25Split EnzI Hope I Never
    26The CrocodilesTears
    27Th'DudesBe Mine Tonight
    28Split EnzI See Red
    29Dave DobbynBeside You
    30ShihadHome Again
    Disc 3
    31DD SmashOutlook For Thursday
    32Straitjacket FitsDown In Splendour
    33Crowded HouseBetter Be Home Soon
    34OMCHow Bizarre
    35Dave DobbynLanguage
    36Split EnzMessage To My Girl
    37Patea Maori ClubPoi E
    38Split EnzStuff And Nonsense
    39The FeelersVenus
    40Emma PakiSystem Virtue
    41Tim FinnFraction Too Much Fiction
    42HerbsFrench Letter
    43Sharon O'NeillMaxine
    44Space WaltzOut In The Streets
    45Max Merritt And The MeteorsSlippin' Away
    47The Exponents*Why Does Love Do This To Me
    48Shona Laing1905
    Disc 4
    49The Mutton BirdsAnchor Me
    51The Netherworld Dancing ToysFor Today
    52King KapisiScreems From The Old Plantation
    53John RowlesCheryl Moana Marie
    54Mi-SexBlue Day
    55Zed (2)Glorafilia
    56HeadbandGood Morning Mr. Rock'n'Roll
    57Split EnzHistory Never Repeats
    58Sisters UndergroundIn The Neighbourhood
    59Citizen BandJuila
    61Larry's RebelsLet's Think Of Something
    62Bic RungaBursting Through
    63Greg JohnsonLiberty
    64StrawpeopleSweet Disorder
    65Sharon O'NeillAsian Paradise
    Disc 5
    66Blam Blam BlamDon't Fight It Marsha, It's Bigger Than Both Of Us
    67Hello SailorGutter Black
    68HerbsLong Ago
    69Blam Blam BlamThere Is No Depression In New Zealand
    70Dave DobbynYou Oughta Be In Love
    71Fur PatrolAndrew
    72Graham BrazierBilly Bold
    73Crowded HouseDistant Sun
    74Bic RungaSuddenly Strange
    75The MockersForever Tuesday Morning
    76Headless ChickensCruise Control
    77The FeelersPressure Man
    78Crowded HousePrivate Universe
    79Peking ManRoom That Echoes
    80HerbsSensitive To A Smile
    81Prince Tui TekaE Ipo
    82The Front LawnAndy
    Disc 6
    84Crowded HouseFour Seasons In One Day
    85The ChillsHeavenly Pop Hit
    86Sneaky FeelingsHusband House
    87Pop MechanixJumping Out A Window
    88Straitjacket FitsIf I Were You
    89Dance ExponentsI'll Say Goodbye (Even Tho I'm Blue)
    90Sharon O'NeillMaybe
    91Eye TVOne Day Ahead
    92Zed (2)Renegade Fighter
    93Stellar*Part Of Me
    94Coconut RoughSierra Leone
    95Sharon O'NeillWords
    96Split EnzSpellbound
    97Citizen BandRust In My Car
    98Shona LaingMercy Of Love
    99SupergrooveCan't Get Enough
    100Dave DobbynNaked Flame
    Bonus DVD
    1Dave DobbynLoyal
    2The SwingersCounting The Beat
    3Bic RungaSway
    4Dave Dobbyn With HerbsSlice Of Heaven
    5Dance ExponentsVictoria
    6Dragon (5)April Sun In Cuba
    7Split EnzI Got You
    8DD SmashWhaling
    9Chris KnoxNot Given Lightly
    10The ChillsPink Frost
    11Crowded HouseWeather With You
    12Fur PatrolLydia
    13Hello SailorBlue Lady
    14Bic RungaDrive
    FeaturingChe Fu
    16Shona Laing(Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy
    18Th'DudesBe Mine Tonight
    19Split EnzI See Red
    20ShihadHome Again
    21DD SmashOutlook For Thursday
    22OMCHow Bizaare
    23Dave DobbynLanguage
    24Split EnzMessage To My Girl
    25The FeelersVenus
    26Tim FinnFraction Too Much Friction
    27HerbsFrench Letter
    28Sharon O'NeillMaxine
    30The Exponents*Why Does Love Do This To Me
    31Shona Laing1905
    33Netherworld Dancing Toys*For Today
    34King KapisiScreems From Tha Old Plantation
    35Mi-SexBlue Day
    36Zed (2)Glorifilia
    37Split EnzHistory Never Repeats
    38Sisters UndergroundIn The Neighbourhood
    40Bic RungaBursting Through
    41Greg JohnsonLiberty
    42StrawpeopleSweet Disorder
    43Hello SailorGutter Black
    44HerbsLong Ago
    45Dave DobbynYou Oughta Be In Love
    46Fur PatrolAndrew
    47Bic RungaSuddenly Strange
    48The MockersForever Tuesday Morning
    49Headless ChickensCruise Control
    50Peking ManRoom That Echoes
    51HerbsSensitive To A Smile
    52Dance ExponentsI'll Say Goodbye (Even Tho I'm Blue)
    53Sharon O'NeillMaybe
    54Eye TVOne Day Ahead
    55Zed (2)Renegade Fighter
    56Stellar*Part Of Me
    57Coconut RoughSierra Leone
    58Sharon O'NeillWords
    59Shona LaingMercy Of Love
    60SupergrooveCan't Get Enough


    • Artwork, Design, PhotographyAndrew B. White
    • PhotographyBecky Nunes


    Selection of top 100 New Zealand popular songs as voted for by APRA (Australasian Performing Rights Association) members and an invited Academy.