Label:Harmless – HURTBOX003, Trax Records – HURTBOX003
16 x CD, Compilation
Style:House, Acid House, Electro, Freestyle, Latin, Disco, Synth-pop


The 'A' Sides
1-1Le' NoizWanna Dance? (Original 12 Inch Version)6:22
1-2Jesse VelezGirls Out On The Floor (Original 12 Inch Version)6:46
1-3Le' NoizI'm Scared (Original 12 Inch Version)5:31
1-4Jack Master Funk*Jack The Bass (Original 12 Inch Version)6:37
1-5Marshall JeffersonRide The Rhythm (Remix)7:03
1-6Farley Jackmaster Funk*Jack'n The House5:17
1-7Farley Jackmaster Funk*Jack'n The Trax4:54
1-8Farley Jackmaster Funk*Clap'n The Pella2:25
1-9Vincent Lawrence*Virgo Tracks Again (Untitled A1)2:01
1-10Vincent Lawrence*Virgo Tracks Again (Untitled A2)2:00
1-11Vincent Lawrence*Virgo Tracks Again (Untitled A3)1:53
1-12Vincent Lawrence*Virgo Tracks Again (Untitled A4)2:00
1-13Jesse VelezGirls Out On The Floor (Original 12 Inch Version)4:38
1-14Jesse VelezFire 121 (Original 12 Inch Version)6:20
1-15Jesse VelezDo It To The Beat (Original 12 Inch Version)5:35
1-16Ron HardySensation (Long)6:40
2-1Ron HardySensation (Short)3:31
2-2Screamin' RachaelMy Main Man (Original 12 Inch Version)6:03
2-3Screamin' RachaelMy Main Man (My Main Vocal) 2:58
2-4Jackmaster Dick’s Revenge*Sensuous Woman Goes Disco (Original 12 Inch Version)8:10
2-5AdonisNo Way Back (Vocal)4:57
2-6Sleezy D.I've Lost Control (Space Side)9:43
2-7VirgoFree Yourself (Original 12 Inch Version)6:56
2-8VirgoUnder You (Original 12 Inch Version)9:40
2-9Fresh (2)Dum Dum Part Two 7:13
2-10Rude Boy Himself Farley Farley Farley*Give Your Self To Me (Original 12 Inch Version)4:14
2-11Marshall JeffersonThe House Music Anthem (Move Your Body)7:48
2-12Marshall JeffersonThe House Music Anthem (Dub Your Body)7:33
3-1Master C & JWhen You Hold Me (Original 12 Inch Version)6:43
3-2Sweet DThank Ya (Original 12 Inch Version)8:40
3-3AdonisWe're Rocking Down The House (Original 12 Inch Version)8:06
3-4On The House With Marshall JeffersonRide The Rhythm (Mixed By Ron Hardy)
Mixed ByRon Hardy
3-5Willie WonkaWhat Is House? (Original 12 Inch Version)7:19
3-6Radio FashionWhat You Deserve (Original 12 Inch Version)5:45
3-7Farm BoyJackin' Me Around (Farm Mix)6:52
3-8Fat AlbertBeat Me Till I Jack (Original 12 Inch Version)5:45
3-9Santos (3)Work Me Trax (Original 12 Inch Version)1:48
3-10Santos (3)Work The Box (Vocals)4:30
3-11Mr. FingersWashing Machine (Original 12 Inch Version)4:19
3-12Mr. FingersCan You Feel It (Original 12 Inch Version)5:45
3-13Sampson "Butch" MooreHouse Beat Box (Original 12 Inch Version)6:20
4-1Jungle WonzThe Jungle (Original 12 Inch Version)6:05
4-2Boris BadenoughHey Rocky! (Extended)6:49
4-3Lidell TownsellParty People Jack Your Body (House Mix)7:21
4-4Lidell TownsellParty People Jack Your Body (Dub)1:05
4-5Robert OwensBring Down The Walls (Original 12 Inch Version)5:37
4-6Terry BaldwinHousemaster (Original 12 Inch Version)6:54
4-72 House People* Featuring Cynthia MMove My Body (Original 12 Inch Version)6:10
4-8Jungle WonzTime Marches On (Vocal) 6:55
4-9On The HouseGive Me Back The Love (Club Mix)7:33
4-10On The HouseGive Me Back The Love (Radio Mix)4:35
4-11Mr. LeeI Can't Forget (Vocal) 4:40
4-12MysteryMystery Girl (Original 12 Inch Version)5:50
4-13Eric BellYour Love (Instrumental Mix) 7:24
5-1Mr Lee*Come To House (Original 12 Inch Version)5:00
5-2William S*I'll Never Let You Go (Vocal Mix)6:09
5-3PhutureAcid Tracks (Original 12 Inch Version)11:48
5-4DalisRock Steady (Original 12 Inch Version)5:48
5-5DalisRock Steady (Edit) 3:00
5-6Kevin IrvingChildren Of The Night (Original 12 Inch Version)5:42
5-7Kevin IrvingChildren Of The Night (Radio)3:56
5-8Two Of A Kind Featuring James EarlSomewhere In West Hell (Original 12 Inch Version)6:33
5-9Pleasure ZoneFuck Charley (Original 12 Inch Version)5:23
5-10Pleasure ZoneHouse Nation (Original 12 Inch Version)5:27
5-11Doctor Derilict*Dance Doctor (Inst) 6:14
5-12Dean AndersonDon’t Stop (Original 12 Inch Version)5:11
5-13Frankie KnucklesBaby Wants To Ride (Original 12 Inch Version)8:37
6-1Frankie KnucklesIt's A Cold World (Original 12 Inch Version)5:22
6-2Marshall Jefferson Presents HerculesLost In The Groove (Vocal) 8:25
6-3DancerBoom-Boom (Original 12 Inch Version)7:43
6-4EvieJust Stay The Night (Original 12 Inch Version)4:47
6-5EvieJust Stay The Night (Radio Edit)4:09
6-6Rich MartinezAre You Ready (Original 12 Inch Version)4:54
6-7Mr. LeeHouse This House (Vocal) 5:06
6-8Pierre's Pfantasy ClubG. T. B. Got The Bug (Original 12 Inch Version)7:52
6-9Lidell TownsellGet The Hole (Original 12 Inch Version)3:58
6-10Lidell TownsellAcid Hole (Original 12 Inch Version)5:41
6-11Curtis Mc Claine* And On The HouseLet's Get Busy (Original 12 Inch Version)5:49
6-12Curtis Mc Claine* And On The HouseLet's Get Busy (Radio Mix)3:07
6-13DancerNumber Nine (Original 12 Inch Version)3:32
6-14DancerNumber Nine (Bedroom Mix)3:39
6-15Pleasure ZoneFantasy (Original 12 Inch Version)4:26
7-1PhutureWe Are Phuture (Original 12 Inch Version)8:32
7-2Mr. LeePump Up Chicago (Original 12 Inch Version)3:51
7-3Mr. LeePump Up Chicago (Acid Mix)4:52
7-4Donnell RushKnockin At My Door (Original 12 Inch Version)5:29
7-5Donnell RushKnockin At My Door (Edit)3:41
7-6The House GangCool J Track (RX) 5:55
7-7Maurice Joshua With Hot Hands Hula*Gotta Big Dick (Original 12 Inch Version)6:19
7-8Maurice Joshua With Hot Hands Hula*Gotta Big Dick (Instrumental Mix) 5:21
7-9Lidell TownsellJack The House (Original 12 Inch Version)5:01
7-10Lidell TownsellAs Acid Turns (Original 12 Inch Version)5:10
7-11Lidell TownsellThe Groove (Original 12 Inch Version)5:06
7-12Mr. LeeArt Of Acid (Original 12 Inch Version)8:36
7-13Mr. LeeFeels Good (Original 12 Inch Version)5:43
8-1Farley "Jackmaster" Funk Presents Ricky DillardAs Always (Original 12 Inch Version)6:26
8-2Farley "Jackmaster" Funk Presents Ricky DillardAs Always (Acid As) 4:50
8-3K.G.B.Respect (Rap Radio Edit)2:54
8-4K.G.B.Respect (Rap Scratch Mix) 2:21
8-5K.G.B.Respect (Rap Brads Club Mix)3:49
8-6Kool Rock SteadyPower Move (Original 12 Inch Version)8:19
8-7Kool Rock SteadyPower Move (Fresh Mix)5:29
8-8Virgo FourDo You Know Who You Are? (Original 12 Inch Version)4:41
8-9Virgo FourIn A Vision (Original 12 Inch Version)4:44
8-10M. E.Ride (Original 12 Inch Version)4:25
8-11M. E.School Hall (Original 12 Inch Version)4:25
8-12Grant And Dezz*You're Too Good (Original 12 Inch Version)4:36
8-13Grant And Dezz*You're Too Good (Dezz-A-Dub)4:30
8-14ScamaraKisses Never Lie (Club Edit)5:49
8-15J.R. S House Co*It's About House (Original 12 Inch Version)6:00
The 'B' Sides
9-1Le' NoizCertainly (Original 12 Inch Version)6:22
9-2Jesse VelezGirls Out On The Floor (Dub)7:07
9-3Le' NoizGet Out (Original 12 Inch Version)5:08
9-4Jack Master Dick*Jack The Dick (S.M.M.F.D.)7:08
9-5Jack Master Dick*Jack The Dick (Dickapella)1:10
9-6Marshall JeffersonRide The Rhythm (Remix Instrumental) 7:25
9-7Farley Jackmaster Funk*Oh My God (Original 12 Inch Version)4:05
9-8Farley Jackmaster Funk*Farley Knows House (Original 12 Inch Version)4:22
9-9Farley Jackmaster Funk*Farley Farley (Original 12 Inch Version)4:56
9-10Vincent Lawrence*Virgo Tracks Again (Untitled B1) 2:00
9-11Vincent Lawrence*Virgo Tracks Again (Untitled B2) 2:00
9-12Vincent Lawrence*Virgo Tracks Again (Untitled B3) 1:52
9-13Vincent Lawrence*Virgo Tracks Again (Untitled B4) 2:36
9-14Jesse VelezWe Don't Need No Music (Original 12 Inch Version)3:51
9-15Jesse VelezLaugh The Night Away (Original 12 Inch Version)4:16
9-16Jesse VelezIntro (Do It To The Beat) (Original 12 Inch Version)0:48
9-17Jesse VelezRocko Laugh (Original 12 Inch Version)0:13
9-18Ron HardySensation (Dub) 9:26
10-1Screamin Rachael*My Main Man (My Main Dub) 6:35
10-2Screamin Rachael*My Main Man (My Main Beat)3:48
10-3Jackmaster Dick's Revenge*Sensuous Man Goes Disco (Original 12 Inch Version)3:32
10-4AdonisNo Way Back (Instrumental) 4:56
10-5Sleezy D.I've Lost Control (House Side)9:42
10-6VirgoMy Space (Original 12 Inch Version)4:26
10-7VirgoR U Hot Enough (Original 12 Inch Version)7:39
10-8Fresh (2)Dum Dum Part Two (Instrumental) 7:16
10-9Rude Boy Himself Farley Farley Farley*Give Your House To Me (Original 12 Inch Version)3:59
10-10Marshall JeffersonThe House Music Anthem (Drum Your Body)7:30
10-11Marshall JeffersonThe House Music Anthem (House Your Body)7:43
10-12Master C & JDub Love (Original 12 Inch Version)6:55
11-1Sweet DDo Do It (Original 12 Inch Version)6:39
11-2Sweet DTurn It (Original 12 Inch Version)6:34
11-3Sweet DDig I Da-Dig I Da (Original 12 Inch Version)2:22
11-4AdonisWe're Rocking Down The House (Down Break)6:04
11-5AdonisWe're Rocking Down The House (Instrumental)2:55
11-6On The House With Marshall JeffersonRide The Rhythm (Mixed By Frankie Knuckles)
Mixed ByFrankie Knuckles
11-7Willie WonkaIt's Now Or Never (Original 12 Inch Version)4:35
11-8Willie WonkaBlow (Original 12 Inch Version)4:05
11-9Radio FashionWhat You Deserve (Mistake Mix) 6:10
11-10Farm BoyJackin' Me Around (House Mix) 6:03
11-11Farm BoyJackin' Me Around (Dub Mix) 6:34
11-12Fat AlbertGo Go (Original 12 Inch Version)3:57
11-13Fat AlbertGo Go Again (Original 12 Inch Version)3:25
11-14Santos (3)Space The Box (Original 12 Inch Version)6:22
12-1Santos (3)Beat The Knuckles (Original 12 Inch Version)6:25
12-2Mr. FingersBeyond The Clouds (Original 12 Inch Version)7:55
12-3Sampson "Butch" MooreHouse Beat Box (Instrumental) 6:56
12-4Jungle WonzThe Jungle (Jungle Mix)5:56
12-5Boris BadenoughHey Rocky (Instrumental) 6:23
12-6Lidell TownsellParty People Jack Your Body (Club Mix)7:04
12-7Lidell TownsellParty People Jack Your Body (House Mix Radio Edit)3:25
12-8Robert OwensBring Down The Walls (Dub) 4:09
12-9Robert OwensBring Down The Walls (Inst.)2:06
12-10Terry BaldwinHouse Master (Radio Mix) 5:00
12-11Terry BaldwinHouse Master (Club Mix) 6:40
12-122 House People* Featuring Cynthia MHouse My Body (Original 12 Inch Version)6:44
12-132 House People* Featuring Cynthia MTrax My Body (Original 12 Inch Version)7:06
13-1Jungle WonzTime Marches On (Club Mix) 8:13
13-2On The HouseGive Me Back The Love (Dub Mix) 8:23
13-3Mr. LeeI Can't Forget (Club) 5:39
13-4MysteryMystery Girl (Dub)5:08
13-5MysteryMystery Girl (Club)4:28
13-6Eric BellYour Love (Vocal Mix) 5:53
13-7Mr. LeeCome To House (Club) 5:04
13-8William S*I'll Never Let You Go (Instrumental Mix) 6:18
13-9PhuturePhuture Jacks (Original 12 Inch Version)7:43
13-10PhutureYour Only Friend (Original 12 Inch Version)4:53
13-11DalisRock Steady (Inst) 7:11
13-12Kevin IrvingChildren Of The Night (Dub) 6:52
14-1Two Of A Kind Featuring James EarlSomewhere In West Hell (Inst.) 5:52
14-2Pleasure ZoneJana (Original 12 Inch Version)4:59
14-3Pleasure ZoneHold These Nuts (Original 12 Inch Version)5:06
14-4Doctor Derilict*Dance Doctor (Original 12 Inch Version)6:23
14-5Dean AndersonDon't Dub (Original 12 Inch Version)4:11
14-6Frankie KnucklesYour Love (Original 12 Inch Version)6:43
14-7Frankie KnucklesBad Boy (Original 12 Inch Version)6:18
14-8Marshall Jefferson Presents HerculesLost In The Groove (Lost In House Mix) 6:37
14-9Marshall Jefferson Presents HerculesLost In House (Groove Apella) 6:36
14-10DancerAm A Dog (Original 12 Inch Version)5:08
14-11EvieJust Stay The Night (Dub) 4:31
14-12Rich MartinezAre You Ready (Dub) 4:54
14-13Rich MartinezAre You Ready (Rub A Dub) 4:54
14-14Mr. LeeHouse This House (Dub) 4:59
15-1Pierre's Pfantasy ClubGot The Bug (Dub) 4:56
15-2Pierre's Pfantasy ClubGot The Bug (Instrumental) 6:57
15-3Lidell TownsellUnder Control (Original 12 Inch Version)6:35
15-4Lidell TownsellDub Control (Original 12 Inch Version)6:23
15-5Curtis Mc Claine* And On The HouseLets Get Busy (Dub Mix) 6:37
15-6DancerStars On Number Nine (Original 12 Inch Version)7:32
15-7DancerNumber Nine (S&F Mix) 2:29
15-8Pleasure ZoneI Can't Understand (Original 12 Inch Version)5:26
15-9PhutureSlam! (Original 12 Inch Version)5:40
15-10PhutureSpank-Spank (Original 12 Inch Version)5:01
15-11Mr. LeePump Up London (Original 12 Inch Version)7:02
15-12Mr. LeePump Up New York (Original 12 Inch Version)4:47
15-13Donnell RushKnockin At My Door (Dub) 8:56
16-1Donnell RushKnockin At My Door (Wall Of Sound Mix)4:00
16-2The House GangHangover Trax (Original 12 Inch Version)3:35
16-3The House GangBango Acid (Original 12 Inch Version)4:24
16-4Maurice Joshua With Hot Hands Hula*This Is Acid (Original 12 Inch Version)4:51
16-5Maurice Joshua With Hot Hands Hula*Feel The Mood (Original 12 Inch Version)4:08
16-6Lidell TownsellJack N' Tall (Instrumental) 5:18
16-7Lidell TownsellJack N' Tall (Vocal) 5:25
16-8Mr. LeeAcid Pump Up London (Original 12 Inch Version)7:53
16-9Farley "Jackmaster Funk"* Presents Ricky DillardAs Always (Lovin' House Mix) 14:08
16-10K.G.B.Respect Rap (Extended Version) 5:43
16-11K.G.B.Respect Rap (Instrumental) 3:31
16-12Kool Rock SteadyI'll Make You Dance (Original 12 Inch Version)4:35
16-13Virgo FourGoing Thru Life (Original 12 Inch Version)4:36
16-14Virgo FourTake Me Higher (Original 12 Inch Version)4:37



Comes with a download card to download 6 additional tracks not included on the boxset:

M. E. - Never (Want To Lose You)
M. E. - All The Time
Grant & Dezz - You're Too Good (Raz Mix)
Grant & Dezz - You're Too Good (Tone Def Mix)
Scamara - Kisses Never Lie (Dub Mix)
J.R.'s House Co. - It's About House (Off Beat Acid Mix)

Corrections have been made in the tracklist here for the following errors on the release:
1-6 is listed as Jack The House.
The titles of 6-3 ('Boom-Boom') and 14-10 ('Am a Dog') are swapped.
Tracks 7-2, 7-3 and 16-8 are miscredited to Acid Fantaslee Mr. Lee. This wrongly amalgamates the artist name with the original release title.
7-6, 16-2 and 16-3 are miscredited to Hit Trax III The House Gang. This wrongly amalgamates the artist name (The House Gang) with the original release title ('Hit Trax III').
The mix titles of 10-5 and 2-6 ('House Side' and 'Space Side') are swapped.
13-7 is misprinted as 'Come Get House (Club)'.

The liner notes for 6-1 are accidentally repeated as the notes for 5-13 in the accompanying book. The book reproduces the A and B labels for each release, but in the cases of 1-1 and 1-2, the A label is erroneously illustrated twice and the B label is not shown at all.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 5 014797 139909

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  • Tommyvespa's avatar
    Edited 5 months ago
    Nice box, shame about the booklet that goes a long way explaining the house scene in the UK (as if british journalists for the past 30 years hadnt already bored us to death with the story before). Incidentally, the italo disco influence gets the usual derogatory description, and there is just a brief mention of the Ibiza scene, a brief mention of New Beat and no mention at all of the italian house scene. 🤦🏻‍♂️ the usual narrow minded british journalism!
    • Matsuwa's avatar
      I believe this is the only place where you can find the digital version of Jungle Wonz - Time Marches On (Club Mix) 8+ Club Mix! Most version on various compilation either edit it to the 6 minute version or uses the Justin Strauss mix. #HouseMusicAllNightLong
      • midnite's avatar
        This is a piece of musical history, a real musical snapshot of a period in time that changed everything! If you see this for sale grab it whilst you can!
        • Booj1Boy's avatar
          The content that’s here is great, no doubt, but these tracks were probably “remastered” in Audacity. I can recognize that noise reduction setting from a mile away.
          • steamybrown2003's avatar
            Edited 3 years ago
            Mr. Fingers "Can You Feel It" (the “Original 12 Inch Version”) has it's opening tone fully intact—very difficult to find on CD, not even the parent album "Amnesia" features it.
            • mjb's avatar
              What's the story with Master C&J's "When You Hold Me" on here? This version is different than what I've heard before. The one I'm familiar with starts with handclaps and sounds very much like the "Dub Love" version. But the version on here, supposedly the "original 12-inch version", starts with just a bass line and has a very different sound throughout. It does not use an 808.
              • mjb's avatar
                Edited 8 years ago
                Back when they were made, these tracks were all mixed to tape originally (usually reel-to-reel, maybe some cassette), and then were remastered as part of the process of preparing the 12" vinyl releases. When the master tapes sounded bad, the DJ-friendly remaster that was put onto vinyl was surely an improvement. But when the master tapes sounded good, the sound quality was inevitably degraded when the vinyl was pressed with Trax's notoriously low standards.

                So, remastering these tracks from vinyl just for the street cred was really not a good idea, in my opinion. The resulting sound is really good on most tracks, but a handful are indisputably sub-par—like Jungle Wonz's "The Jungle" and Mr. Lee's "Pump Up New York", which sounds like they were played from worn-out vinyl with a dirty needle. I have some of these songs on other compilation CDs from the late '80s, and although lacking slightly in the bass, they sound so much better there, sourced from the master tapes.

                Also, as you would expect, everything has been remastered unnecessarily loud, "brickwalled" as they say, with 5 to 6 dB less dynamic range than the original (DR meter reports 8 or 9, usually). Everything has also been subjected to stereo expansion, which makes the non-dead-center sounds be panned closer to the extreme left and right. This is what people are used to hearing in modern music, and it's not a big deal in loudspeakers, but in headphones it makes for "fatiguing" listening, at least for me.

                I feel that between the expansion, compression, and EQ, the songs have been stripped of some of the authentic, dreamy '80s sound that depends on some instruments and vocals sounding more "distant" than others.

                That said, I have heard remasters in recent years done with a much heavier hand, so the ones here are really are not worse, just different. The EQ is reasonable, especially for my aging ears. More importantly, you get many lesser-known tracks and're sure to like at least some of the ones you haven't heard before.
                • Yemsky's avatar
                  I could rave about the quality packaging, the amount of work spent on putting this together, the excellent remastering, the historic relevance of the music, the 100+ page book(let) and the business balls required to bring a 16-discs box set with the 1985-1989 A- and B-Side oeuvre of one record label to market in 2014 but instead I decided to tell you just my personal opinion on the Trax: This music didn't age well.
                  • steady-j's avatar
                    As already observed, this is not merely a compilation, but a complete archive of the first segment of Trax' illustrious history. It seems incredible that music of my lifeltime has to be subjected to almost archaelogical levels of research, exploration and restoration, but so it is due to the ramshackle and primitive way in which these seminal recordings were created.

                    Yes its true there are many weaker tracks, but they are nonetheless informative, and in many cases have a certain charm, and can bring back memories; for instance I have a 12" of Radio Fashion "What You Deserve" that I picked up in a £1 bin in Virgin Records, Oxford. When I got it home I soon found out why it was in the bargain section vs the other trax releases, but it isn't all bad, and hearing it again in the context of other releases really brought all that time back to me. (The fact that I have the entire contents of the London/Trax "House Sound of Chicago Vol II" compilation imprinted in my brain still also assisted in my reverie!)

                    Any downside is outweighed by the volume of good tracks, and of course there are all the alternative mixes and dubs that are never found on compilations. But if that were not enough, there is the 100 page book with an extensive history of the development of the scene in both Chicago and the UK, and comprehensive information about practically all of the 12" releases (just one or two notes disappoint but most are very enlightening)

                    I agree somewhat with Dubvulture's opinioon of the artwork, it seems odd that the original simple canted logotype does not appear anywhere on the outside of this package, and the style of the new artwork just doesn't seem to quite fit with the era and the sound.

                    But all in all an exceptional achievement and a set I am both proud to own and would recommend to anyone with an interest. Let's hope it's successful and a second volume can follow. As for the rest of the Chicago House scene, Jerome Derradji has already done a similar exercise on the smaller catalogues of Sunset and AKA Records, but we really do need DJ International to be subjected to this sort of rigour as well.
                    • stesio54's avatar
                      Edited 10 years ago
                      There's a download code for tx176/177/178/179 for additional 6 track, all file are .WAV


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