D.J.P.C.* - 100% as reviewed by Jarren

November 28, 2010
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100% Hardcore Techno Rave guaranteed, on a solid album from the producers of Signal Aout 42, Pleasure Game etc.

We start off with Andy B's "Concrete mix" of the eternal Inssomniak, perhaps the quintessential mix of the track (although I personally prefer his "Crazy mix"). Combining the original's most important elements but adding a certain "ardkore u know the score" feeling this remix actually improves upon the original Bassline Trax mix.

Next is "Return Of Tarzan', that hits all the proper spots but still manages to skim over every essential ingredient. Have you ever eaten a burger that tasted ok but lacked slightly in every department? Almost there but not quite? Well, that is Return To Tarzan.

Forget it. Next is Go To The Moon. The mix featured here is NOT the Execution Trax remix by Andy B. It's the original, and damn it still rocks! Yeah it's slower, but all the essential ingredients are intact. It does have a more UK Rave vibe, of course still retaining the straight 4/4 kick. But yeah, you're gonna still prefer the Andy B "Execution Trax" remix.

Track 4, Di Da Da, Di Da Di Da Da (try saying that any which way but sober), is a mess of a song anyway. It tries to go somewhere, but ends up going up the back end of D-Shake's Techno Trance without asking first. It gets rejected, although it does boast some heavy sub-bass.

Spirit (Are You There) is basically a precusor to track 5, which is...

...James, Je Ne Trouve Pas Les Mots, which most certainly livens the album up a level. Featuring a cheeky sample (or two), it rocks along with an attitude that bridges Belgian Techno with more contemporary Eurodance. It even manages to sneak a sample of Depeche Mode's "Just Can't Get Enough", which nods at the New Beat stylings of the producer's influences.

To Be Cruising continues the vibe, arpeggiatted Mentasm riffs over some choral stabs. All very good, not particularly innovative but lively all the same.

Control Expansion has never appealed to me so I'll skip it, but each to their own.

Track 9, Techno Inferno, could not be more different.

It is a massive track. Pounding Belgian Techno of the highest order! If you can imagine an harsh, metallic riff over pounding industrial beats on a rooftop illegal Antwerp rave circa 1991 you will get the idea. Or maybe it's just me. Either way, Techno Inferno is MASSIVE!

"Even More Red" comes next, and it hits in without compromise! A similar vibe to Dutch acts such as Prudens Futuri and Qube 45 ensure a tough vibe, and sure enough the vibe is unrelenting. A tough track, a cool track.

As a bonus you get the Lagao Extreme remix of Inssomniak, which is pretty cool but just combines the original Bassline Trax mix with the Concrete mix.

As an album, DJPC made a worthwhile contribution here. Definitely worth buying.

D.J.P.C.* - 100% pablo.75

January 17, 2019
To Be Cruising is built up around the 'Why'-sample from 'Crucified - Army Of Lovers - 1991' ... Cheers!