Fecal MatterBefore Nirvana... The 1985 Kurt Cobain Hometape

Label:The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label (2) – TAKRL 2013-02, Rebirth of TAKRL – TAKRL 2013-02
Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release, Brown Marbled
Style:Sludge Metal, Grunge, Punk, Noise, Lo-Fi


Demo-Tape Recorded On A 4 Tracks Recorder
Burien, Washington, 1985
A1Sound Of Dentage
A2Bambi Slaughter
A3Laminated Effect
A4Spank Thru
A5Class Of '86
A6Blathers Log
A7Boatakk (Full W/ Instrumental)
B1Anorexorcist (Clip Version)
B2Love My Family
B3Vaseline (Unknown)
B4Blather's Log (Clip Version)
B5Buffy's Pregnant
B6Buffy's Pregnant (Part 2)


Limited Edition coloured vinyl. Press 300pcs

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Illiteracy Will Prevail (Cassette, )Not On Label (Fecal Matter Self-released)noneUS1986
New Submission
Before Nirvana... The 1985 Kurt Cobain Hometape (LP, Unofficial Release)The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label (2), Rebirth of TAKRLTAKRL 2013-02Europe2013
New Submission
Illiteracy Will Prevail (CDr, Promo, Unofficial Release)Not On Label (Fecal Matter)noneUS2015
New Submission
Illiteracy Will Prevail (2×LP, Unofficial Release, Peach Marbled)Not On Label (Fecal Matter)188FMIWPEurope2017
New Submission
Illiteracy Will Prevail (2×LP, Unofficial Release, Clear Marbled)Not On Label (Fecal Matter)188FMIWPEurope2017



  • jbacus's avatar
    What are the odds that 198 of 300 copies are registered at discogs. Pretty low, I'd guess. Who else has #272
    • lalsnechella's avatar
      Why would anyone listen to this on vinyl? The quality will always be terrible because it is sourced from a crappy cassette tape that Kurt made over 30 years ago. There is no official version and you got ripped off if you paid for it.
      • preserver7777's avatar
        2 songs sound great, 2 sound ok and the rest sounds like craaap....!
        Best to wait for another version comes along. What a waste of the vinyl format.
        • klebolder's avatar
          Only 4 of the songs that are actually on the original demo tape is found here in decent audio quality. How hard can it be to reproduce all the songs? Blathers Log is incomplete and in shitty quality, as is Downer. A disappointment.
          • Xerox-Clone's avatar
            Shitty bootleg sourced from mp3s on the internet. This label can go fuck themselves as we all wait for a more proper and official release.
            • karmakumulatorr's avatar
              now this is as chaotic as possible! it starts with 3 great tracks sounding very nice, and you could think that this demo is finally found and usable. but no, after those 3 tracks, with probably correct song titles (I am not that big fan of FM that I can be 100% sure) the chaos starts. rest of the side 1 is just short clips probably featuring somebody playing Fecal Matter on their home cassette-deck but recorded with cheapest possible computer mic. I also think that somewhere I was reading about this guy recording his copy of FM demo for public this way, just to prove he has this tape. not sure. all I am sure is that any brilliance or possibility to listen to those tracks is totally ruined by this EXTREMELY lo-fi recording of song clips. A6 is better version of A5 and it geets better for a few seconds but really it is around 30 secs long. last track on side 1 (or there are two tracks, don't know) is/are same unlistenable shit again.
              side 2 starts with Anorexorcist, I am sure the tracklisting for that song is just fine, and it sounds very nice specially after ending of Side 1 which was just ear-raping procedure. also, it goes to fade out so it's impossible to be sure if this is complete version or just another clip-off. next 2 clips are also just unbearable lo-fi bullshit, and it reminds me of worst parts of Side 1. track 4 is authentic version of Spank Thru (I wonder why it's not on side 1 like written on the cover artwork?) and it is the same version as it is presented on youtube. rest of the stuff is just unlistenable shit (yes, B7 is slow, early, not complete version of Downer, but other things are just unbearable again and again. I am sad that legacy of great band/artist is being raped like this. I don't mind people doing bootlegs in general, but this could be cheaper and way more interesting 7" featuring 4 1/2 songs that are in fact mostly saved and enjoyable. other 13 (A7+B10) "songs" are there just this god-awful-vinyl can fake LP but really isn't worth anyone's time, effort and money. this review is here so nobody ever do the same mistake as I did.
              I will be probably selling this LP same money I got it for so I can, at least partially, forget this senseless "effort" of Cobain, Nirvana and vinyl haters in general.


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