Reese - Inside-Out rotation29

August 27, 2020
My copys green vinyl with network emblem in middle ,brilliant stuff kev

Reese - Inside-Out nicocho

June 30, 2020
don't have it on me atm but is this a ron murphy joint? all the weird and cool vinyl manipulations I first knew of were from him.
Also track titles are great, I'm reminded of asian products in the grocery that legally have to describe what's in there and they're accurate: bassline and funky funk funk both main ingredients

Reese - Inside-Out 8892sales

October 20, 2019
Contrary to the review below. None of the tracks on here are deep house. Subjectivity doesn't even come into it. If deep house sounded like this, you'd get many more harder Techno heads into that style. This is signature Kevin Saunderson style, quirky, slamming Detroit Techno Funk filth, especially Funky Funk Funk. Even Dutch Techno legends like Orlando Voorn (and several other European Techno producers) were being influenced by Techno music like this made by these Detroit guys and from the sounds of things vice versa as well, actually. Especially during this specific period. Most of the underground UK techno / hardcore DJs, from Colin Faver, Doc scott to Grooverider and beyond were all over these tracks.

Reese - Inside-Out will.jh.robinson

May 2, 2020
edited 6 months ago
Absolutely right. Classic Sanderson Detroit techno business. Still sounds fresh and absolutely bangs to this day.

Reese - Inside-Out irdial

December 31, 2019
You're absolutely correct. People throw around terms and get their descriptions wrong because the history of this music is essentially undocumented. In the future, someone is going to do degree level analysis of the styles of this "Drum Machine Music" from its very beginnings through Kraftwerk, via Man Parrish and on to Beltram and the dozens of offshoots, variations, new styles and derivatives. One thing the researcher will find is that the Detroit people had a very distinctive style that was new, and incredibly exiting, with a common, hard to define thread running across it that you know when you hear it. An amazing cluster of people who did something many artists fail to ever achieve; creating something unique, distinctive and new.

Reese - Inside-Out as reviewed by Hiphopper71

April 30, 2018
Nice bit of deep house with an acid overtone. Tune!