Klaus Schulze - The Dresden Performance Swarth09

September 12, 2012

Someone should edit the notes on The Dresden Performance, it falsely says "police restrictions forced Klaus to shorten his performance to only two pieces (Dresden 1 and 2)."
The truth is that Klaus went onstage as the final act and it was getting late, it was an outdoor concert, people needed to catch the last bus or train and the august air was getting pretty damp, so Klaus played two pieces, Dresden 1 and 2 and then said good night. As klaus and his manager has confirmed there were no restrictions or police seen at all.

Klaus Schulze - The Dresden Performance HerrMaulwurf

July 29, 2017
This release: https://www.discogs.com/release/10633077 has the full original back sleeve liner notes. It is stated there: "Police restrictions limited the time allowed for the performance. As a result only the two far longer compositions Dresden 1+2 were played live to an audience."