Sinestesia ‎– Worlds Lights

Oceana ‎– Ш10
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1 Tree of life 4:58
2 Desteny seed 5:59
3 The Last Day 7:08
4 The Curtain 4:51
5 Overwater Dance 5:04
6 15 Seconds 6:36
7 Come with Me 6:03
8 Hunab Ku 6:50
9 Dhyana 3:17
10 On any Territory 5:39
11 Inner Self 5:51
12 Cosmic Union 6:37


Beautiful and delicate creature from the masters of psychedelic music, the "Sinesthesia" band.

Members of the band call their music style - "Synthetic Ethno Doom",
In reality, it is a harmonious mixture of ethno-electronic music with esoteric elements.

The sound of shamanic drum interchanged with electro bass, beautiful keyboard navigation , didjeridoo, guitars ..

The band is famous mostly in the countries of the three color flag.
They participated in sacred festivals of Russian Psy Movement -
Empty Hills, Trimurty, Sisto Palty, ProSpaces covering the audience with a warm wave of psychophysical Paradise.

On the album "Lights of the Worlds" 2013:
You will find the remix on Morphem project, poems by Daniel Andreev, post apocalyptic punk songs by L.Gambaryan.
This album pacifies people's minds and inspires for a happy work! So go for it!