Zeppo / Varlin ‎– Entre Colère Et Douleur

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May 19, 2014
Between anger and pain – raw emotions captured in ten tracks on ten inches of vinyl from two francophone groups from Switzerland and Basque Country (France).

As expected with this kind of release there is a strong message being delivered, and the booklet containing the lyrics is not only welcomed but quite necessary.
Unfortunately if you don't speak French you won't be able to understand much.
While most DIY records are more internationally-oriented, this and other similar releases seem to target a more specific/localized “scene”.

On the “Eco Anarcore” side, we have six tracks of Punk/Metal from Zeppo, recorded live in the studio in 2011.
Kudos to them for putting their original fingerprint on the Kortatu song, making it an unique interpretation, and not just another “cover”.
The other tracks are also pretty solid, with personal favorite being “Une mine irradieuse” (a very poetic song about the “nuclear nightmare”).

On the “Punk Erroriste” side, Varlin deliver four tracks of dual vocal Punk Rock that makes for a very interesting sound. There are no simple repetitive verses and sing-along choruses here, the songs are straight to the point, yet still manage to sound catchy and almost melodic.

There is no information on Varlin besides the lyrics (perhaps because Zeppo took over more than half of the booklet?) but if the drum-machine doesn't give it away, a little research brings out connections to veterans Pekatralatak.

Most of the time when it comes to split records, I feel like holding two different halves of records; each band has it's own front cover, insert, artwork and so on.
I guess that's actually the whole idea of a split record.
However in this case there is a strong feeling of collaboration, it really feels like one release!

The packaging is high quality and provides some very interesting drawings.
There is also a CD included, which can be very helpful if you don't have a decent record player. Otherwise no worries! It blends so well in the package that you almost forget it's there!