RadioheadOK Computer

Label:Parlophone – 7243 8 55229 1 8, Parlophone – NODATA 02
2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold
Genre:Electronic, Rock
Style:Alternative Rock


A2Paranoid Android
A3Subterranean Homesick Alien
B4Exit Music (For A Film)
B5Let Down
B6Karma Police
C7Fitter Happier
C9Climbing Up The Walls
C10No Surprises
D12The Tourist

Companies, etc.



Released in a gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves, with scooped thin cutouts along the top edge of one side, each.
Copies exported to the USA and other countries have a 'MADE IN ENGLAND' sticker on the back.

Direct Metal Mastered: indicated by 'D' stamp in runouts.

Back sleeve reads:
Parlophone (P)1997 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by EMI Records Ltd. ©1997 EMI Records Ltd.
Barcode: 7243 8 55229 1 8 (Top) and 7 24385 52291 8 (bottom)
Printed in UK
Place of manufacture as stated on label
Manufactured and Distributed by EMI

Text on inside sleeve reads:
audio levels balanced nigel godrich.
audio recordings made using the canned applause? mobile.
music by thom yorke, jonny greenwood, phil selway, ed O’Brien, colin greenwood.
pictures done by stanley donwood and the white chocolate farm.
patiently managed by courtyard, chris hufford, bryce edge & brian message.
office run by julie calland.
video realisation with dilly gent.
Artistic freedom in the market place maintained by keith wozencroft and tony wadsworth with perry watts-russell.
media handling by caffy st luce.
international ambassador carol baxter.
performing monkey bookings taken by charlie myatt at itb.
committed to tape by nigel godrich with radiohead.
guitars by rickenbacker and plank, drums by premier, cymbals by zildjan, all other instruments at retail price.

mastered by chris’king fader’blair at abbey road.
tour manager tim greaves.
lighting, stage design, smoke and production by andi watson.
performance sound enhancement for the audience balanced by jim warren.
instrument modifications, stage managing and equipment shifting into difficult places by plank.
sound reference and deck chairs by duncan swift.
additional guitar stuff by adam cummings.
cash dealings and other assistance by big al.
audio fixing and dubbing done at mayfair, abbey road, air lyndhurst, courtyard and the church using the wonders of a digital and and analogue age.
strings arranged by radiohead, conducted by nick ingman.
grub by grub of cat and mouse.
additional complicated artwork skills supplied by matt bale @ hubdesign and mr. barry @ the whole hog.

web site maintained(?) by stanley donwood.
studio assistants gerard navarro, jon bailey and chris scard.
all songs are published by warner chappell ltd. lyrics used by kind permission even though we wrote them.
we have received much appreciated help and support from these people:
melanie, chris york, jonathan glazer, bev, jane, mango, jane beese, roger trinder, paul longman, john bennett, lawrence canty, josh, michael, bill, peter, mike, drugstore, john statham, john whittaker and suzi wilson at o.j.kilkennys, hilton sound.
those at parlophone including mandy plumb, kevin mccabe, steve hayes, malcolm hill, roger smith. those at capitol including phil costello, clark staub, gary gersh, daralyn adams, brian macdonald, rob gordon.
sample from flight of the condor used with permission. all rights reserved.
please write to us at w.a.s.t.e. correspondence 322, oxford, ox4 1ey uk.
ansaphone +44 01235 848261. or this is our web site which we maintain as and when we feel like it.
we hope you are ok. thank you for listening.

Tracks are listed sequentially.

Runouts are stamped from "NODATA" up to the singular "D", the subsequent text portions are etched.
Variant 1: "1̶2" is a X'ed out "1" followed by a "2"
Variant 2: "1/2" is a "1" superimposed with a "2"
There are pressings of this same release where plates of both variants have been used.

Release dates -
Japan: May 21, 1997
UK: June 16, 1997
US: July 1, 1997

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 7 24385 52291 8
  • Barcode (Scanned): 724385522918
  • Label Code: lc 0299
  • Rights Society: bel BIEM
  • Price Code: PM 262
  • Other (Catalog number LP1): 7243 8 57331 1 6
  • Other (Catalog number LP2): 7243 8 57332 1 5
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 1): NODATA 01̶2A-1-1- I LIKE YOU, YOU ARE A WONDERFUL PERSON D VINYL BLAIR D
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 1): NODATA 01̶2B-1-1- I'M FULL OF ENTHUSIASM I'M GOING PLACES D
  • Matrix / Runout (Side C runout, variant 1): NODATA 01̶2C-1-1- D I'LL BE HAPPY TO HELP YOU
  • Matrix / Runout (Side D runout, variant 1): NODATA 01̶2D-1-1- I'M AN IMPORTANT PERSON, WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME HOME WITH ME? D
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 2): NODATA 0 1/2A-1-1- I LIKE YOU, YOU ARE A WONDERFUL PERSON D VINYL BLAIR D
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 2): NODATA 0 1/2B-1-1- I'M FULL OF ENTHUSIASM I'M GOING PLACES D
  • Matrix / Runout (Side C runout variant 2): NODATA 0 1/2C-1-1- I'LL BE HAPPY TO HELP YOU D
  • Matrix / Runout (Side D runout, variant 2): NODATA 0 1/2D-1-1- I'M AN IMPORTANT PERSON, WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME HOME WITH ME? D

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
OK Computer (CD, Album, Stereo)Parlophone, Parlophone7243 8 55229 2 5, CDNODATA 02Europe1997
OK Computer (CD, Album)Capitol RecordsCDP 7243 8 55229 2 5US1997
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OK Computer (CD, Album)Parlophone7243 8 55229 2 5Canada1997
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OK Computer (Minidisc, Album)Parlophone7243 8 55229 8 7UK1997
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OK Computer (CD, Advance, Album, Numbered, Promo)ParlophoneCDPP 005UK1997



  • Lycaste08's avatar
    Best sounding copy of this brilliant album. The 2017 Oknotok doesn’t even come close. Soundstage on this one is insane. Low noice and great press 🫶🏻
    • renegadeviking's avatar
      The blog Tiny Mix Tapes nailed it:
      In an interstellar burst, Radiohead slaps the music world on the face with one of the most respected and acclaimed albums in rock & roll history. OK Computer came seemingly out of nowhere and kicked our asses until there was nothing left to kick. This landmark masterpiece set a new standard for rock musicians that has yet to be challenged. It's beautiful, mysterious, scary, and thought-provoking; a record that will indefinitely be a future classic.

      The lyrics vary from songs about running away from home ("Exit Music") to homicidal insanity ("Climbing Up the Walls"). The overall theme of OK Computer seems to be more or less a satire on modern life; mocking our choice of living -- a far departure from the less complex lyrics of their sophomore effort The Bends. Yorke sings in "Let Down", "Transport, motorways and tramlines / Starting and then stopping / Taking off and landing / The emptiest of feelings."

      One of the greatest elements found on this album is the use of dynamics. Each song is a climactic hellride, and although some of the songs have a minor tone, they somehow emit an uplifting feeling. Take "Exit Music (for a film)" for example: dark, mysterious music with somber lyrics. The song begins with a reverb coated Mr. Yorke singing over an acoustic guitar, which is later sprinkled with minimal keyboard sounds and a tape loop. After a few cymbal hits toward the heart of the song, it kicks into full gear with fuzz bass and multiple guitars. Thom then sings an ascending vocal melody that raises the intensity meter to 11, but the music soon trips over itself; falling back on the acoustic guitar and tape loop. Breathtaking.

      Another noticeable trait on OK Computer is the incredible amount of variety, yet the album still flows perfectly despite the varying styles. A bulk of the songs seamlessly morph into the next, resulting in smooth transitions and easy listening.

      Even the production is undeniably perfect for this album. Some of their newer efforts (Kid A and Amnesiac) seem to be over-baked or the instruments seem too distant from each other, but with help from producer Nigel Godrich, Radiohead have created a multi-layered soundscape that flawlessly combines a live band atmosphere with a studio environment.

      Did I mention the last chorus of "Let Down"? The guitar solos in "The Tourist"? The unearthly noises in "Subterranean Homesick Alien?" The bridge section in "Paranoid Android"? The second verse in "Lucky"? From the chaotic, distorted guitar in "Airbag" to the simple bell hit in "The Tourist", OK Computer drags you through an array of emotions, leaving your body in a state of euphoria.

      Years after its release, OK Computer can still recapture every emotion and feeling I have ever had toward the album -- a true sign of a brilliant piece of work. Words cannot stress how amazing this album truly is. OK Computer is a necessity for every music fan, or human being at that. If this album doesn't move you, you have no soul.
      • recordoc's avatar
        Food for thought...the discog values are not accurate due to sellers either mistakenly or knowingly selling different versions which are not this release but advertised as this release.

        Once the sale is final then its recorded into the discog system, despite what happens between seller/buyer thereafter.

        For this version, I recommend asking for pictures of the runout before buying AND take note that the one difference between this release and the 1998 release is that the 1998 release also has "8552291" etched in the runouts. The 1997 version, this version, does NOT have this!
        • unyiuu's avatar
          pressing quality is really good, though not as good as my cd copy, pressing is a solid 8/10
          • Chinito398's avatar
            Has anyone heard this one and the 2nd pressing. Wanna know if its worth busting the extra cash for the 1st press. I have the 2nd press, but am so tempted to buy one just to see if it at all sound better than the 2nd.
            • Barling45s's avatar
              I have a pressing that has no extra info in the matrix like the original. Mine are 180g pressings. But on the second disc it states 7243 8 57332 1 5 as the label caption. I'm sure I bought this in 1997. The picture for this original release also has this label caption on the second disc. Is 7243 8 57331 1 5 a typo?
              • Bukayo-ESR's avatar
                By coincidence, I found a glorious NM copy of this for $500 in a store on the 25th anniversary of this record yesterday. Never spent $500 so quickly in my life.

                I started with a 2008 Capitol pressing back in the day as my first copy, and picked up OKNOTOK in 2017. Both of those copies satisfied me over time, but I have been craving the original UK Parlophone pressing for a long time to get as close as possible to the original master. And… holy fuck is it special.

                This copy is pretty much spotless. The dynamics, soundstage, instrument separation, and pressing quality are top notch. Listening to this copy hits different than my later presses. Honestly it’s just a treat. I know it costs silly money to experience this copy, but seeing as it has been #1 on my list for a long time… I couldn’t pass up the investment on the coincidental 25th anniversary of the record.

                As far as my ranking of pressings go:

                1. 1997 Parlophone
                2. 2017 OKNOTOK XL
                3. 2008 Capitol

                Can’t speak to the 2016 XL reissues, but I’ve heard that those are very solid.

                • Andrewslattery's avatar
                  These prices are pure comedy. Almost every other press of this uses the same plates as this. And the newest press sounds unbelievable and is on silent vinyl. Don't pay stupid prices
                  • lhead09's avatar
                    Edited 6 months ago
                    I worked in a record store in Minneapolis from 2013-2014. The place was/is stocked with real music fiends and people who have been grading records since the 70's. I remember overhearing a conversation about Radiohead and decided to join. My homie had thought he just purchased a first press only to realize he got the wrong one but it was still a DMM copy. This interested me and I've been looking ever since. I have purchased the 1997 180G Repress, The 1997 120G Repress (1st repress), and the 2013 DMM. There are slight differences between all of them (surface noise, sibilance, etc) but it's super minor. Recently I purchased the 2013 because honestly there is such minor differences between that and an original that I said f**k this and am totally satisfied. If it's done with the EMI plates then it's almost all the same. My best friend always tells me to stop looking cause it'll never happen. While that's not necessarily true, I once found myself so mad after receiving the wrong copy that I was ready to verbally assault the seller. I'm sure it was an honest mistake but I was infuriated because I needed to hear a first. My homie finally copped a first press and it sounds great, it truly does sound amazing. However, it sounds almost the same as the 2013. It was then that I had a moment of clarity. I realized as humans we have an insatiable desire to torture ourselves. Especially people that collect records. We literally love a piece of wax that you destroy/degrade every time you play it. Even if you have a great stylus and take care of it, it still loses value every time you play it due to the nature of what you’re doing. So while I'm not trying to fully discourage you from getting the sound you want, just realize that the used 1st press you buy is not the peak of it's listening experience and never will be because it's been played. Make sure to buy one from the UK with DMM using the EMI plates and you're going to be happy regardless. Hope this clarifies -Andy
                    • specbebop93's avatar
                      Edited 2 years ago
                      i can’t believe there isn’t a single reasonable listing for any LP pressing of this on here yet the record store i work at has at least 20 copies (per store). don’t buy any of this bullshit. if you live in chicago come pick one up at reckless records (we have the 2016 US repress) or visit probably any other record store anywhere.


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