Grooverider - Mysteries Of Funk as reviewed by Moonbass1

November 27, 2018
Dark bitches brew jungle jazz from the future. The opening track ‘Cybernetic jazz’ says it all. A huge intro with star trek samples and horns leads into a heavy drop, but its not over - there’s more twists and turns into outer space. The Grooverider/Optical combo is just sonically perfect. Track after impressive track, this album still amazes me.

Grooverider - Mysteries Of Funk joegarlick

November 20, 2013
I have accidentally picked up two copies of this secondhand and I was just inspecting them to see which I would sell. I discovered that one of them seems to be pressed on 'superheavyweight' 180g (or maybe even 200g - it's pretty thick!) and the other seems like a lighter pressing more akin to 150g (or 180 is the first is 200). Does anyone know of the varied pressing weights for this? Is one a repress? There is absolutely no difference in serial numbers, runout grooves, the sleeves, barcodes, labels or anything else - just the pressing weight. I am guessing that it was repressed maybe to meet demand when it was released and the repress was sneakily pressed on a lighter weight but still marketed as the same 'superheavyweight'?

Grooverider - Mysteries Of Funk as reviewed by LIFELINE

February 17, 2006
edited over 13 years ago

On The Double -
My particular favourite track on this LP is ‘On The Double'; the magnum opus of Grooverider and a giddy high point for Drum & Bass music showcasing the Seventies Afrofunk sound that Groove was so heavily influenced by. As the title suggests, a live double bass is plucked throughout in perfect percussive harmony with the warm muted drums, unhurried in tempo and providing a perfect lazy bed for the subdued brass and wind instruments interspersing throughout. The midway cadence, laced with subtle drum rolls, is deftly superseded by a new permutation of the double bass rhythm which rolls all the way to the end.

Credit too must go to Optical who seems to have really picked up on Grooverider’s vibe. Using his expertise in such masterful compression of the drums, the listener, on a good system, could almost be in the same room as the drummer and double bass player.

Grooverider - Mysteries Of Funk subvert47

July 20, 2012

"On The Double" is pretty much an Isaac Hayes remix — that is of "Walk From Regio's" from the 1971 Shaft soundtrack :)