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Lazonby*Sacred Cycles

Label:Brainiak Records – Braink 37
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM


ASacred Cycles
BThe Charm



Recorded at GCHQ and Hooj Studios, London
℗ © 1994 Brainiak Records Audio Sensory Stimulation Ltd.
Sacred Cycles incorporates (uncredited) elements from The Fountain of Salmacis by Genesis.

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
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Sacred Cycles / Charm (12", 33 ⅓ RPM)Trance MissionTM 066Belgium1994
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Sacred Cycles (The Remixes) (12", 33 ⅓ RPM)Container Records (3)CR 029RGermany1994
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Sacred Cycles (CD, Maxi-Single)Container Records (3), MetronomeCRMCD 029R, 853 803-2Germany1994
Recently Edited
Sacred Cycles (12")Container Records (3)CR 29Germany1994
Sacred Cycles (VHS, )Brainiak RecordsnoneUK1994


  • vinyloncd's avatar
    Does anybody know where the speech sample has been taken from?
    • the1uncle's avatar
      Healing Mix is the one...arguably one of the finest chilltronica records of all time.

      Approached the Audio Noir Remix with a certain amount of circumspection, as Lost Language are prone to milking releases to the Nth degree, hence the five thousand reworks of 'Stage One' (which was never that great to begin with).

      However, this is actually one of the BEST remixes I think I've never heard. An astounding, emotive, twelve minute epic which is exquisite beyond words, and achieves the unachievable; complementing the original classic, where so many remixes fell short.

      The sample is from that fella whose voice is also featured on the original Deep & Slow mix of 'Higher State of Consciousness'..."love is an opening, an opening to a higher state of consciousness". Can't remember his name off the top of me nut.
      •'s avatar
        Edited 4 years ago
        Charm is amazing, completely missed being the B side of Sacred Cycles
        • dj_norf_yurksha's avatar
          Loved the original, one of the best 'Trance' records ever as it is soooooooo much more than bog standard trance. Love the Medway Remix as it doesn't try to better the orig but it does take it to another place and uses techno hi-hats, classic :)
          • techsoul's avatar
            The speaker heard in the beginning of the original version of "Sacred Cycles" is not Gandhi - although this is often assumed.
            Talk about western stereotypes - "Hey, listen - there's a man babbling about tolerance with an indian accent! Must be Gandhi."

            Not quite so. In fact, it's Osho - a controversial indian guru who had many western followers in the 1970's. The bit heard in "Sacred Cycles" is an excerpt of a longer recorded talk where Osho discusses the problem of different beliefs dividing human beings from each other:

            " ... and it is good that not all are roses, that not all are lotuses.

            But something very mysterious is happening here, Darius, you can see: all kinds of people are here, from almost every country, from every religion, and nobody teaches them to be tolerant and nobody teaches them to be respectful of the other's religion. These things are simply not talked about, and still nobody is intolerant. In fact, nobody thinks in terms that the other is other. This is a totally different vision.

            My approach is that you have to drop ... "

            This is where the speech sample ends in the track, while the continuation would be:

            " ..., not to imbibe tolerance, not to imbibe a certain synthesis, manipulated, man-made -- you have to drop this whole nonsense of the American way of life and the Indian way of life and the Chinese way of life. You have to drop this whole nonsense that "I am a Hindu, Mohammedan, Parsi, Sikh." You are just a human being!"

            And "Sacred Cycles" is just a great early Trance track.
            • BDEE412's avatar
              Edited one year ago
              Although the accolades Mr. Lazonby receives for this track are rightfully deserved, the standout elements of the tune should be given proper credit as well.
              The airy arpeggio and swooping synth (which is, quite honestly, the real gem of this track) is sampled directly from a Genesis song called "The Fountain of Salmacis" released on their third LP "Nursery Cryme" from 1971.Pete Lazonby did an excellent job of making the sample[s] his own, that's for sure ... but credit where credit is due.