Various - Musiques Pour Les Plantes Vertes as reviewed by ivangeld

September 10, 2013
Just bought this disc in Toronto - Neurotic Records - Queen Street West - for one dollar!
Whoah! Masterpiece that I paid a buck...
There is just 'one' word for it - 'I want to remember this moment always'
* * *

Various - Musiques Pour Les Plantes Vertes as reviewed by grantc

July 22, 2009

Very diverse yet cohesively laid back collection, still sounding good more than a decade since release. Confounds your expectations by beginning with DJ Cam's trip hop before an extended run of dreamy ambient, some spiky electronica, treated piano and a creepy coda: "I want to remember this moment always"... The middle stretch of the album is possibly the most sustained medley of delicate ambient FCom has ever released. Housed in a regular cd jewel case with an outer cardboard slipcase, very 90s cool, clean white and green design featuring delectably nude models.

Various - Musiques Pour Les Plantes Vertes as reviewed by dietbruboy

March 3, 2003

Ever seen this in the shops? Me neither. This eclectic collection of French mood music predates the irregular 'Megasoft Office' series and is just as essential a purchase.

Released in 1996 this could well be the best cd of non-chill chill-out released on FCom. Seldom do compilations have the vibe and cohesiveness of a single artist 'album' (although mags will tell you they do), but this one is true to form - track after track. Ok, I listened to it constantly whilst going through a difficult separation from my fiancee - but bias aside, it's most noteworthy for the quality Dj Cam track 'Life' (as good as anything on Substances), Juantrip's 'Switch Out The Sun' (stick that up yer arse Beloved!) and Scan X's 'Turmoil' which outdoes even Namlook for reverb packed drone-tastic'ness.

Seek out a copy.