Cabaret Voltaire#8385 Collected Works (1983-1985)

Label:Mute – CABS21, The Grey Area – CABS21
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered
Vinyl, LP, Reissue, Remastered
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered
CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
CD, Reissue, Remastered
CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
CD, Compilation, Remastered
DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, Reissue
Style:Industrial, Electro, Experimental


The Crackdown
LP1-A2In The Shadows
LP1-A3Talking Time
LP1-B1Over And Over
LP1-B2Just Fascination
LP1-B3Why Kill Time When You Can Kill Yourself
LP2-C1Do Right
LP2-C2The Operative
LP2-C3Digital Rasta
LP2-C4Spies In The Wires
LP2-C5Theme From Earthshaker
LP2-D1James Brown
LP2-D3Blue Heat
Drinking Gasoline
LP3-F1Big Funk
LP3-F2Ghost Talk
The Covenant, The Sword And The Arm Of The Lord
LP4-G2I Want You
LP4-G3Hells Home
LP4-G5The Arm Of The Lord
LP4-H2Golden Halos
LP4-H3Motion Rotation
LP4-H4Whip Blow
LP4-H5The Web
The Crackdown
CD1-2In The Shadows
CD1-3Talking Time
CD1-5Over And Over
CD1-6Just Fascination
CD1-7Why Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself)
CD1-11Double Vision
CD1-12Badge Of Evil
CD2-1Do Right
CD2-2The Operative
CD2-3Digital Rasta
CD2-4Spies In The Wires
CD2-5Theme From Earthshaker
CD2-6James Brown
CD2-8Blue Heat
Drinking Gasoline
CD3-3Big Funk
The Covenant, The Sword And The Arm Of The Lord
CD4-2I Want You
CD4-3Hells Home
CD4-5The Arm Of The Lord
CD4-7Golden Halos
CD4-8Motion Rotation
CD4-9Whip Blow
CD4-10The Web
83-85 12" As & Bs
CD5-1Just Fascination (12" Version)
CD5-2Crackdown (12" Version)
CD5-3The Dream Ticket (12" Version)
CD5-4Sensoria (12" Version)
CD5-5James Brown (12" Version)
CD5-6I Want You (12" Version)
CD5-7Safety Zone (12" Version)
CD5-8Cut The Damn Camera (12" Version)
CD5-9Bad Self Pt.1 (12" Version)
CD5-10Drink Your Poison (12" Version)
CD5-11C.O.M.A. (12" Version)
Earthshaker (The Lost Soundtrack)
CD6-1Earthshaker 5
CD6-2Earthshaker 1
CD6-3Theme From Earthshaker (Sheffield Mix)
CD6-4Digital Rasta (Dub Version)
CD6-5Earthshaker 3
CD6-6Whip Blow (Instrumental Dub)
CD6-7James Brown (Instrumental)
CD6-8Golden Halos (Instrumental Dub)
CD6-9Earthshaker 2
CD6-10Cut The Damn Camera (Sheffield Mix)
CD6-11Do Right (Cut-Up Mix)
CD6-12Earthshaker 4
Gasoline In Your Eye
DVD1-1-5Slow Boat To Thassos
DVD1-1-8Big Funk
DVD Extras
DVD1-2-1Just Fascination (7” Mix)
DVD1-2-2Sensoria (7” Mix)
DVD1-2-3I Want You (7” Mix)
DVD1-2-4I Want You (12” Mix)
Archive (Live Video Transfer)
Live At Bedford Boys Club 18.08.84
DVD2-1-4Just Fascination
DVD2-1-5Safety Zone
DVD2-1-6Ghost Talk
DVD2-1-7Digital Rasta
DVD2-1-9Do Right
Live At Hammersmith Palais 02.12.84
DVD2-2-1Mao Intro
DVD2-2-3Big Funk
DVD2-2-5Digital Rasta
DVD2-2-7Ghost Talk
DVD2-2-10Do Right


Limited to 700 copies, including a machine numbered certificate, individually signed by Richard H. Kirk with a gold ink pen.

This box set include:
- 4xLPs;
- 6xCDs;
- 2xDVDs, NTSC, All Regions;
- a 12"x12" box with at the bottom cut out recesses in foam to accommodate the CDs;
- a 12"x12" 40-page booklet with new liner notes;
- a certificate;
- 4x 12"x12" outer sleeves and 4x 12"x12" inner sleeves;
- 7x gatefold cardboard wallets;
- a credit card sized coupon with an unique code to access the download of 4x additional period tracks.

The access code coupon states:
"Cabaret Voltaire #8385 Completism
Thank you for buying the box, please accept a
download of 4 tracks that we felt were missing, but didn't fit aesthetically on to a physical format.
Empty Walls, Safety Zone, Bad Self Pt.1, Drink Your Poison"

Notes given about the tracks from CD6:
CD6-1 "Earthshaker 5": later became "L21ST" on Covenant album, unreleased.
CD6-2 "Earthshaker 1": unreleased.
CD6-3 "Theme From Earthshaker (Sheffield Mix)": Micro-Phonies, unreleased.
CD6-4 "Digital Rasta (Dub Version)": Micro-Phonies, unreleased.
CD6-5 "Earthshaker 3: later "Badself Pt.1", B-side James Brown 12", unreleased.
CD6-6 "Whip Blow (Instrumental Dub)": Covenant, unreleased.
CD6-7 "James Brown (Instrumental)": Micro-Phonies, early instrumental, unreleased.
CD6-8 "Golden Halos (Instrumental Dub)": Covenant, unreleased.
CD6-9 "Earthshaker 2": unreleased.
CD6-10 "Cut The Damn Camera (Sheffield Mix)": Sensoria B-side, unreleased
CD6-11 "Do Right (Cut-Up Mix)": Micro-Phonies, unreleased
CD6-12 "Earthshaker 4": unreleased

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Box Stickered Text): 5099999322724
  • Rights Society: MCPS
  • Label Code: LC27959
  • Other (Individual Catalogue Number - LP1 'The Crackdown'): CABS22
  • Other (Individual Catalogue Number - LP2 'Micro-Phonies'): CABS23
  • Other (Individual Catalogue Number - LP3 'Drinking Gasoline'): CABS24
  • Other (Individual Catalogue Number - LP4 'The Covenant, The Sword And The Arm Of The Lord'): CABS25
  • Other (Individual Catalogue Number - CD1 'The Crackdown'): CABS22CD
  • Other (Individual Catalogue Number - CD2 'Micro-Phonies'): CABS23CD
  • Other (Individual Catalogue Number - CD3 'Drinking Gasoline'): CABS24CD
  • Other (Individual Catalogue Number - CD4 'The Covenant, The Sword And The Arm Of The Lord'): CABS25CD
  • Other (Individual Catalogue Number - CD5 '83-85 12" As & Bs'): CABS21CD_DISC1
  • Other (Individual Catalogue Number - CD6 'Earthshaker'): CABS21CD_DISC2
  • Other (Individual Catalogue Number - DVD1 'Gasoline In Your Eye'): CABS24DVD
  • Other (Individual Catalogue Number - DVD2 'Archive'): CABS21DVD

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#8385 Collected Works (1983-1985) (Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered, CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered, CD, Reissue, Remastered, CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered, CD, Compilation, Remastered, CD, , DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, Reissue, DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC)Mute, The Grey AreaCABS21 CDUK2013



  • supersonicwaves's avatar
    When they say remaster here they mean compressed to crap so that it's as loud as it can be. No texture at all in these tracks.

    Their twelve inch mixes were what we listened to in the 80s and to that end; The Original Sound Of Sheffield '83 / '87. Best Of; which was released in 2001 and includes all of their important 12 inch mixes sounds far better than this release.

    This should be re-released as a remastered remaster getting rid of the compression and opening up the soundstage. I'd buy it.
    • Gothpunk19's avatar
      Just got my copy, from the recent "office clear out".

      My copy is not numbered, which I'm ok with.

      I assume x amount were produced, unnumbered, to give away, as promo, and gifts to staff, etc....

      And it's a beautiful box ...from a legendary act
      • cnoaro's avatar
        I'd like to have seen Earthshaker and Gasoline In Your Eye on vinyl.
        • Crijevo's avatar
          Edited 4 years ago
          It cuts both ways - these remasters were way overdue and many are deservedly happy with what's on offer. It reportedly sounds great and on a first glimpse, the whole box set gives this particular selection a truly striking shine.

          However, there's a huge BUT as well, a considerable part of this much-anticipated box-set not quite being what it seems. For years "Earthshaker" was a complete mystery. Earlier theme included on "Micro-phonies" hinted at a soundtrack (the very word suggested some obscure disaster film). But now that we finally got a chance to hear Earthshaker's "lost soundtrack", suddenly it feels like a cheap trick pulled - some parts are impeccable though - the very "Sheffield Mix" is even more effective than the cut used on the original studio album - however, most of it is a rather tedious (if not entirely boring) excuse of a "soundtrack", featuring mostly leftover versions of tracks that appeared more proper on regular albums of the 1984-85 era. Then again the omission of "Empty Walls" on any of these CDs - it's such a gem of a track that Richard Kirk (supposedly) chose to put as a digital bonus... whatever for?! Then a larger part of this set is also no big surprise - 2001's "Conform To Deform" box set already explored and exploited it, maybe even to greater effect.

          The biggest disappointment of all is the sleeve (re)designs. While it may be considered interesting, the approach to re-shape each of these cult albums' record sleeves, the total absence of Neville Brody and Paul White's original graphics feels as if the very music is being amputated a limb. The rumour has it, Brody in particular vetoed his designs to be reused as he was not payed for any previous reproduction of his work in the Mute/Grey Area/Virgin catalogue (which actually makes it clear why part of the Virgin CD editions of CV's albums from the 80s look so goddamn awful, cheaply cropped and improvised). Therefore, everyone involved thought they might stand up to the problem by reducing the whole graphic situation drastically - sadly leaving these redesigned masterpieces look equally faceless. "The Crackdown" and "The Covenant" re-releases do keep some of the minimalist decency though, but "Micro-phonies" without Brody's typo/graphic interventions looks just plain dead flat.
          • klanggalerie's avatar
            I expected a lot more from the remasters. There is absolutely no bonuses on these discs, in fact they have even been taken off. The Earthshaker disc is interesting, but is basically a CD of early versions of later album tracks. The 12" As& Bs is totally unnecessary as all this stuff has been released (more than once) before. The missing tracks as download are a joke, why didn't they put them onto the CDs (they are all around 40 mins long, so space enough). Bit of a wasted opportunity, there could have been so much more, especially for the very stiff price.
            • djopm's avatar
              I already have all the albums and CDs but honestly I'm a completest. I love the extra CDs and DVDs of demos remixes etc. This was the CV's best contribution in their career. Don't get me wrong, they can't get there from here, ie the earlier works are precious and golden. All in all, this is the ultimate multi media set every CV collector should have. Thank you, Richard H. Kirk and Mute Records/Grey Area for pushing the envelope of one of the most important bands in the industrial/electro-funk/techno era. Cheers :)
              • Cthulberg's avatar
                Short note on the remastering efforts on Drinking Gasoline: Slight disappointment in that, to me at least, the sound is still slightly tinny. Granted it sounds better and more transparent than previous efforts, but it's not a good thing when I prefer my old vinyl over this. If equal care had gone into the quality of the audio comparing with the lavish packaging it might have gone somewhere really great. The rest of the box-set sounds like a million $. I am aware that this is highly subjective, but I would really prefer some more bass and less plastic.


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