Charly Lownoise Mental Theo* - Wonderfull Days Wickedmarkonwax

August 23, 2018
Mastervibe Dance Planet anthem , wicked ! All those magics All those Eeeeez ;-)

Charly Lownoise Mental Theo* - Wonderfull Days as reviewed by GoodNF

January 24, 2011
This was clearly inspired by a new German sound that was introduced in the Summer of 1994. It had the tempo of hardcore gabber (say 160-170 BPM), but also more melody and a more positive feel than previously available hardcore. Artists like Westbam, Marusha, Perplexer, Mark'Oh, Scooter and U96 added various new elements like bagpipes, musical samples and smurf-style vocals (the latter by sampling 33rpm LPs at a speed of 45rpm).

"Wonderfull Days" was created around the same principle. In this case, a sped up sample of a forgotten Dutch top 10 hit, "Help (Get Me Some Help)" by Tony Ronald, was used. However, as the record hit the big time and the source of the sample was discovered, they had to replace the sample by resung vocals. It charted in the first week of 1995, remained in the charts for 13 weeks and reached #2 in the Dutch Top 40, only held off from the top spot by a smurf cover of 2 Unlimited's "No limit".