Joey Beltram - Beltram Volume 2 Collector_Cave_Guy

February 28, 2018

Such a great pressing too, the sound is very loud and dynamic. Sublime future music from way back when

Joey Beltram - Beltram Volume 2 as reviewed by mikael.bystrom

January 14, 2015
edited over 4 years ago
1 star. Mediocre. Considering the flood of great tracks during this era and also considering Beltrams previously released "Energy Flash" in 1990 as well as his 91 remixes of Shamens "Move any mountain / Pro-Gen" (the best remix ever of that track) this is so uninteresting.

Joey Beltram - Beltram Volume 2 mikael.bystrom

June 25, 2016
edited over 2 years ago
Fair enough. I didn't play it nor did anyone I did parties with, most likely heard it back then as I bought most Beltram releases/remixes at the time (if I liked it pre-listening). I already stated that it was mediocre compared to Energy Flash, which in my mind never will go away. Overall I find Beltram has made very few interesting tracks since.

Joey Beltram - Beltram Volume 2 markwzero

June 24, 2016
I would hardly call this mediocre. If you were around in 1991 you would know that this was a massive track, played everywhere and a fantasic follow up to Beltram Vol 1. 5 star all the way on this one.

Joey Beltram - Beltram Volume 2 TEKNONUTTER

May 4, 2014

All good tracks here. But my favourite track on this release is the mesmerising "The Melody" which is quite obviously inspired by Reese's "Just Want Another Chance" which also happens to be an absolutely fabulous track. Deep, dark and deliciously hypnotic is the order of the day here. Just like Mr. Beltram used to make them.

Joey Beltram - Beltram Volume 2

February 20, 2014

My Sound is a Rotterdam Parkzicht Classic.

Joey Beltram - Beltram Volume 2 as reviewed by V-Agent

January 21, 2003

Beltram's definitive release on R&S.
A much more intelligent outing to his other tracks on this label using his experience of production he gained while working with Nu-Groove.
Clever sequencing with a more resolved (and original) sound than Vol.1
"Sub Bass Experience" and "The Melody" are the standouts with their intensely personal feel and awesome bottom end response.