Tiga - You Gonna Want Me as reviewed by sam-smiles

June 16, 2006
edited over 12 years ago
Tiga doesn't claim he came up with the lyrics all by himself. On several other releases of 'You Gonna Want Me' he has notes such as:

"Dedicated to Altern8... pioneers, visionaries, teachers."

"This record started as a simple idea from an old rave track. The song that first changed my life."

"Dedicated to Altern 8"

I believe the lyrics came from Altern 8's "Infiltrate 202" who in turn sampled them from Candi Staton.

Incidentally, the Freestylers also used the same vocal sample in their "Don't Stop" track from their album 'We Rock Hard'

Tiga - You Gonna Want Me as reviewed by cabeefLA

January 26, 2006
edited over 13 years ago
This shows Tiga in fine form and a great teaser from his upcoming SEXOR debut, but lets be honest: Tiga STOLE the entire melody/lyric chorus "You're gonna want me/And when you want me/It might be different thing..." from NEW ATLANTIC's "I KNOW" which in turn sampled vocals from CANDI STATON's original "I KNOW" from the disco 70s, so Tiga needs to give props to Ms. Staton instead of acting as if he came up with the song all by himself?! Still, I love it - 80s cheesy electro meets tech-house, nice stuff, but derivative, even if derivative ain't too shabby.

Tiga - You Gonna Want Me as reviewed by diamond_dog

September 27, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
Definetely Tiga's best since his rework of the 80's classic "Sunglasses at Night". Vocals (both his and Shears') sound great over that sexy bassline, vaguely reminiscent of the work by the french duo Black Strobe. Isolée's wacky remix is nowhere near as engaging as the original.