Ray KeithDread: 99 Jungle Breaks (Volume 1)

Label:Dread Recordings – DREADUK006CD
Style:Jungle, Breaks, Hip Hop


Jungle Beaks:
1Daddy Raymen0:26
2Daddy Raymen Full Stop Steppaz0:26
3Daddy Raymen Hard Brov0:26
4Daddy Raymen Topps Teppa0:26
5Daddy Raymen Hardcore0:26
6Daddy Raymen Tinny Intro Steppaz0:26
7Dread Amenz0:26
8Dread Sweeping Amenz0:26
9Original Dread Amenz0:26
10Dread Roller Amenz0:26
11Dread Come To Conquor Amenz0:26
12Apached Up Steppaz0:26
13The Original Dark Soldier Steppaz0:26
14Beaffy Bobby Steppaz Break0:26
15Dread Kik An Step0:26
16Dread Kik An Snap Hats Included0:26
17Dreadz Mame Steppaz0:26
18Kik An Dread Hats0:26
19Dread Filter Steppaz0:26
20Dread Original Kik An Snare0:26
21Dread Kik An Snare Variation0:26
22Dread Techno 97 Steppaz0:26
23Dread Rollerz Outline0:26
24Dread Kik An Slap It0:26
25Dread Dark Steppaz And Hats0:26
26Dread Fill Breaks0:26
27Dread Fat Break Steppaz0:26
28Dread Steppaz Off Key Steppaz0:26
29Dreadz Yes Yes Reworked0:26
30Dread Mame Original0:26
31Dreadz Scotty Reworked0:26
32Dark Soldier Revisited0:26
33Dreadz Bouncy Steppaz0:26
34Dreadz Into Breakerz0:26
35Dreadz Breaker Breakerz0:26
36Dread Accross The Trax Intro0:26
37Dreadz Original Hard Steppaz0:26
38Dreadz Thin Hard Step0:26
39Dread Under The Radar Breakz0:26
40Dread Rollerz Steppaz0:26
41Dread Shuffle0:26
42Raymenz Step0:26
43Dreadz Kik An Roll0:26
44Dreadz In An Out Step0:26
45Dreadz Thin Step0:26
46Dread Roolaz Shimmy0:26
47Dread Tight Intro Steppaz Break0:26
48Dread Preccission Filaz0:26
49Dread Straight Step0:26
50Dread Style Step0:26
51Dread Tec Step0:26
52Dread Tecnical Thin Step0:26
53Dreadz Pokey Back Door Step0:26
54Dreadz Live Steppaz0:26
55Dreader Than Dreadz Step0:26
56Dread Simple Steppaz0:26
57Dread Jungle Step0:26
58Dread Side Step0:26
59Dread Jungle Shuffle0:26
60Dread Role0:26
Grimy Hip Hop Breaks:
61Daddy Raymen0:32
62Daddy Raymen Full Stop Steppaz0:32
63Daddy Raymen Hard Brov0:32
64Daddy Raymen Tops Teppa0:32
65Daddy Raymen Hardcore0:32
66Daddy Raymen Tinny Intro Steppaz0:32
67Dread Amenz0:32
68Dread Sweeping Amenz0:32
69Original Dread Amenz0:32
70Dread Roller Amenz0:32
71Dread Come To Conquor Amenz0:32
72Apached Up Steppaz0:32
73The Original Dark Solider Steppaz0:32
74Beaffy Bobby Steppaz Break0:32
75Dread Kik An Step0:32
76Dread Kik An Snap Hats Included0:32
77Dreadz Mame Steppaz0:32
78Kik An Dread Hats0:32
79Dread Filter Steppaz0:32
80Dread Original Kik An Snare0:32
81Dread Kik An Snare Varition0:32
82Dread Techno 97 Steppaz0:32
83Dread Rollez Outline0:32
84Dread Kik An Slap It0:32
85Dread Dark Steppaz & Hats0:32
86Dread Fill Breaks0:32
87Dread Fat Break Steppaz0:32
88Dread Steppaz Off Key Steppaz0:32
89Dreadz Yes Yes Reworked0:32
90Dread Mame Original0:32
91Dreadz Scotty Reworked0:32
92Dark Solider Revisited0:32
93Dreadz Bouncy Steppaz0:32
94Dreadz Into Breakerz0:32
95Dreadz Breaker Breakerz0:32
96Dread Accross The Trax Intro0:32
97Dreadz Original Gard Steppaz0:32
98Dreadz Thin Hard Step0:32
99Dread Under The Radar Breakz0:32


"I got 99 problems, but dread jungle battle breaks ain't 1"

99 Beats For Dubplate Clashes & Battle Junkies

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
New Submission
Dread Jungle Breaks (Volume 1) (2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM, EP, Limited Edition)Dread RecordingsDREADUK014EPUK2010
New Submission
Dread Jungle Breaks (Volume 1) (2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM, EP, Test Pressing, White Label)Dread RecordingsDREADUK014EPUK2010



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