The FallThe Complete Peel Sessions 1978 - 2004

Label:Castle Music – CMXBX982
Series:The Peel Sessions
6 x CD
Style:New Wave, Post-Punk


One - Broadcast 15/6/78
1-1Futures And Pasts2:35
1-3Rebellious Jukebox2:59
1-4Industrial Estate1:44
Two - Broadcast 6/12/78
1-5Put Away3:33
1-6Mess Of My3:13
1-7No Xmas For John Quays4:12
1-8Like To Blow1:46
Three - Broadcast 24/9/80
1-9Container Drivers3:38
1-10Jawbone And The Air Rifle3:22
1-11New Puritan7:13
1-12New Face In Hell5:02
Four - Broadcast 31/3/81
1-14Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul2:41
1-15Hip Priest9:23
1-16C'n'C - Hassle Schmuck4:13
Five - Broadcast 15/9/81
2-1Deer Park4:26
2-2Look, Know5:05
2-4Who Makes The Nazis?2:54
Six - Broadcast 23/3/83
2-7Hexen Definitive - Strife Knot9:07
2-8Eat Y'self Fitter7:01
Seven - Broadcast 3/1/84
2-9Pat Trip Dispenser4:08
2-102 x 44:15
2-11Words Of Expectation9:14
Eight - Broadcast 3/6/85
3-1Cruiser's Creek5:49
3-2Couldn't Get Ahead2:33
3-3Spoilt Victorian Child4:55
3-4Gut Of The Quantifier4:42
Nine - Broadcast 7/10/85
3-6The Man Whose Head Expanded5:13
3-7What You Need5:52
3-8Faust Banana5:06
Ten - Broadcast 9/7/86
3-9Hot Aftershave Bop3:10
3-11Gross Chapel - GB Grenadiers6:21
3-12US 80's-90's4:53
Eleven - Broadcast 19/5/87
3-13Athlete Cured4:45
3-14Australians In Europe5:42
3-16Guest Informant4:09
Twelve - Broadcast 31/10/88
4-1Deadbeat Descendant2:17
4-2Cab It Up4:40
4-3Squid Lord3:48
4-4Kurious Oranj5:57
Thirteen - Broadcast 1/1/90
4-5Chicago Now5:33
4-6Black Monk Theme
Written-ByThe Monks
4-8Whizz Bang2:59
Fourteen - Broadcast 23/3/91
4-9The War Against Intelligence3:02
4-10Idiot Joy Showland3:46
4-11A Lot Of Wind5:25
4-12The Mixer4:32
Fifteen - Broadcast 15/2/92
4-13Free Range4:05
Written-ByLee Perry
Sixteen - Broadcast 13/3/93
5-1Ladybird (Green Grass)4:04
5-4Paranoia Man In Cheap Sh*t Room4:17
Seventeen - Broadcast 5/2/94
5-6Behind The Counter4:03
5-8Hey! Student4:09
Eighteen - Broadcast 17/12/94
5-9Glam Racket - Star3:20
5-10Jingle Bell Rock
Written-ByBoothe*, Beal*
5-11Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Arranged BySmith*
Written-ByWesley*, Mendelssohn*
5-12Numb At The Lodge3:00
Nineteen - Broadcast 22/12/95
5-13He Pep!4:15
5-16The City Never Sleeps
Twenty - Broadcast 18/8/96
5-17D.I.Y. Meat2:32
5-20Beatle Bones 'N' Smokin' Stones
Written-ByVan Vliet*
Twenty One - Broadcast 3/3/98
Written-ByDamon Gough
6-2Touch Sensitive
Written-BySteve Hitchcock
6-4Jungle Rock6:21
Twenty Two - Broadcast 4/11/98
6-5Bound Soul One
Written-ByCason*, Wilson*, Wilson*, Wilson*
6-8This Perfect Day
Written-ByBailey*, Kuepper*
Twenty Three - Broadcast 13/3/03
6-9Theme From Sparta F.C.3:53
6-11Groovin' With Mr. Bloe - Green-Eyed Loco Man
Written-By [Green-eyed Loco Man]Watts*, Smith*
Written-By [Groovin' With Mr. Bloe]Cochrane*, Gentry*, Laguna*, Naumann*
6-12Mere Pseud Mag. Ed.3:17
Twenty Four - Broadcast 12/8/04
6-13Clasp Hands4:41
6-15What About Us?5:52
6-16Wrong Place, Right Time - I Can Hear The Grass Grow
Written-By [I Can Hear The Grass Grow]Wood*
Written-By [Wrong Place, Right Time]Smith*
Bonus Track
6-17Job Search4:20

Companies, etc.



Contains all the twenty four Peel Sessions The Fall have recorded, one bonus track and 44-page booklet.

Production details unknown for tracks 3-13 to 3-16, 5-9 to 5-20 and 6-9 to 6-17.

"The City Never Sleeps" is erroneously credited on the cover as written by Hazlewood, Corris, Miles, Woodgate, Carlier.
"Bound Soul One" is credited on the cover as written by Smith, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Cason.

Sessions dates:
1: Recorded: 30th May 1978; First broadcast: 15th June 1978.
2: Recorded: 27th November 1978; First broadcast: 6th December 1978.
3: Recorded: 16th September 1980; First broadcast: 24th September 1980.
4: Recorded: 24th March 1981; First broadcast: 31th March 1981.
5: Recorded: 26th August 1981; First broadcast: 15th September 1981.
6: Recorded: 21th March 1983; First broadcast: 23th March 1983.
7: Recorded: 12th December 1983; First broadcast: 3rd January 1984.
8: Recorded: 14th May 1985; First broadcast: 3rd June 1985.
9: Recorded: 29th September 1985; First broadcast: 7th October 1985.
10: Recorded: 29th June 1986; First broadcast: 9th July 1986.
11: Recorded: 28th April 1987; First broadcast: 19th May 1987.
12:Recorded: 25th October 1988; First broadcast: 31th October 1988.
13: Recorded: 17th December 1989; First broadcast: 1st January 1990.
14: Recorded: 5th March 1991; First broadcast: 23rd March 1991.
15: Recorded: 19th January 1992; First broadcast: 15th February 1992.
16: Recorded: 28th February 1993; First broadcast: 13th March 1993.
17: Recorded: 8th December 1993; First broadcast: 5th February 1994.
18: Recorded: date unknown; First broadcast: 17th December 1994.
19: Recorded: 17th December 1995; First broadcast: 22nd December 1995.
20: Recorded:30th June 1996; First broadcast: 18th August 1996.
21: Recorded: 3rd February 1998; First broadcast: 3rd March 1998.
22: Recorded: 18th October 1998; First broadcast: 4th November 1998.
23: Recorded: 19th February 2003; First broadcast: 13th March 2003.
24: Recorded: 4th August 2004; First broadcast: 12th August 2004.
Bonus track: Recorded: 4th August 2004; First broadcast: 31st August 2004.

Castle Music is a label of Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.
Released by arrangement with BBC Music.
The BBC word mark and logo are trade marks of the British Broadcasting Corporation and are used under license, BBC logo © BBC 1996.
℗ 2005 The copyright in this compilation is owned by Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.
© 2005 Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.

Made in the EU.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 5 050159 198290
  • Label Code: LC 6448
  • Rights Society: mcps
  • Mastering SID Code (All variants, all CDs): IFPI LD11
  • Matrix / Runout (CD1, Variant 1): CMXBX982/A SANCTUARY RECORDS **73563
  • Mould SID Code (CD1, Variant 1): IFPI 5Q16
  • Matrix / Runout (CD2, Variant 1): CMXBX982/B SANCTUARY RECORDS **73055
  • Mould SID Code (CD2, Variant 1): IFPI 5Q09
  • Matrix / Runout (CD3, Variant 1): CMXBX982/C SANCTUARY RECORDS **73083
  • Mould SID Code (CD3, Variant 1): IFPI 5Q07
  • Matrix / Runout (CD4, Variant 1): CMXBX982/D SANCTUARY RECORDS **73090
  • Mould SID Code (CD4, Variant 1): IFPI 5Q06
  • Matrix / Runout (CD5, Variant 1): CMXBX982/E SANCTUARY RECORDS **73088
  • Mould SID Code (CD5, Variant 1): IFPI 5003
  • Matrix / Runout (CD6, Variant 1): CMXBX982/F SANCTUARY RECORDS **73096
  • Mould SID Code (CD6, Variant 1): IFPI 5Q10
  • Matrix / Runout (CD1, Variant 2): CMXBX982/A SANCTUARY RECORDS **73050
  • Mould SID Code (CD1, Variant 2): IFPI 5003
  • Matrix / Runout (CD2, Variant 2): CMXBX982/B SANCTUARY RECORDS **73054
  • Mould SID Code (CD2, Variant 2): IFPI 5Q03
  • Matrix / Runout (CD3, Variant 2): CMXBX982/C SANCTUARY RECORDS **73083
  • Mould SID Code (CD3, Variant 2): none
  • Matrix / Runout (CD4, Variant 2): CMXBX982/D SANCTUARY RECORDS **73090
  • Mould SID Code (CD4, Variant 2): IFPI 5Q05
  • Matrix / Runout (CD5, Variant 2): CMXBX982/E SANCTUARY RECORDS **73089
  • Mould SID Code (CD5, Variant 2): IFPI 5Q09
  • Matrix / Runout (CD6, Variant 2): CMXBX982/F SANCTUARY RECORDS **73095
  • Mould SID Code (CD6, Variant 2): IFPI 5Q16


  • jonathanmalloy's avatar
    If anyone is interested in selling this at a reasonable price please contact me. Would mean a lot!! :)
    • robbroncs's avatar
      Edited 2 years ago
      what are the chances of 24 non-brickwalled 10"s? .......... asking for a friend.
      • thomaskenneally's avatar
        It'd be great to see a vinyl release of this... or even a cassette boxset would be cool and in the spirit of taping old Peel sessions...
        • couchlock's avatar
          brilliant! the versions of the peels session are mostly different to the ones of the albums.
          there is kind of live feeling, less studio trickery ( comparing to their music following "this nation...", the earlier stuff is also rough in the official albums) and have often more direct power.
          i can not say that i like them all more, honestly i prefer a lot tracks in the album versions, but some for shure.
          for a fall addict like me it is a must have item. for beginners of the best group ever i would recommend albums like the infortainment ..., bend sinister, this nation..... or the collection of the singles b side is a very good choice, the b sides were mostly better and this compilation is fall newbis friendly and higly addictive.
          if there is one album, that shows what is the fall about, then buy perverted by language, the most fallish album for me. or is it hex enduction hour.....? a monster of an album.
          • bbr620
            Shame it's crushed with dynamic compression. Overall analysis results in a DR=7..
            • Trevor29's avatar
              The essential Fall document, the only one you need. The Best

              • robbroncs's avatar
                If you wanted to check out the Fall. This document collects exactly what the Fall group is all about.
                • guybahir's avatar
                  Forget this thing if you're a casual fan, or just getting into The Fall. You'd be much better off picking any 5 albums, about 4 years apart in release, to see what they're about; this set is really not for you, and if you were lucky enough to stumble upon it just flog it off for a profit. There most definitely will be buyers.

                  But. If - you are a Fall fan; if - you already are addicted to their Codeine-and-Whippits infectious groove; if - you're one of the few people who undestand that going 'tse!' at the end of a phrase is an invaluable tool for the punctuation of deep thought; then, little poisoned sparrow, this is the holy grail of Fall non-canon releases.

                  You don't need me for all the technical stuff, just go to Amg; from me you get the following: dump your hesitations - dig into your sofa for whatever spare money you can scrounge up to get this beautiful testament to one of the most unique, challenging, and, oh yes, fun bands in rock history. Get This Nowaaa-tse!


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