Malia, Boris Blank - Convergence openreeltoreel

August 11, 2019

"After her Nina Simone tribute, for which she won the Echo Jazz, the singer with the wonderfully experienced voice on Convergence now shows a more personal, more vulnerable side. (Crescendo 07/2013)

»... the British-Malawian singer Malia, who sings this mundane electro-soul with expressive, self-confident, In the tradition of Billie Holiday or Nina Simone. "(Audio, February 2014)

" ... a stirring mixture that gently but surely draws the listener into the music "(stereoplay, February 2014)

Malia has recorded her new album with the Swiss producer Boris Blank. The title "Convergence" is translated as "confluence" or "approach". And this is precisely what is happening on this album in several respects: In order to bring together the different ideas of these two artists, the interaction of Blank's electronic sounds and Malia's organic voice, the approach of the soulful jazz singer to the electro scene, where Boris Blank Duo Yello has been a leader for many years and has made a name for himself as a bold pioneer of sampling.

The eleven songs of this intense album are about life and survival. They are hymns full of tragic moments and dramatic insights, they tell of ghosts, prostitution, slavery, illness, Spirituality and, of course, love. The cool groovy Rhythm'n'Blues number "I Feel It Like You" sounds as if it had been written for a James Bond film. Connoisseur is obviously reminded of Yello's collaboration with the great Shirley Bassey.

"Convergence" is the first album by Boris Blank outside the Yello Cosmos.

Malia, Boris Blank - Convergence openreeltoreel

August 11, 2019

Sensual, Cool Electropop Jazz On Vinyl LP!

Swiss electronic musician Boris Blank, one half of the legendary techno duo Yello, teams up with Malawi-born jazz singer Malia on this 2014 recording of electronic soul music.

"The production values are, predictably, top-notch; if Blank has learned anything in his decades of music-making, it's how to create atmosphere and there's plenty to spare on Convergence. There's an out-of-time quality to the eleven tracks here, the same mysterious sort of implacable elegance one might find in the heavenly bodies that emerges from the opening sway of 'Celestial Echo' and into 'Embraceable Moon''s fragile skitteriness. It's easy to see why the two artists felt like a collaboration would be a good fit. Malia's vocals have just enough roughness to wear Blank's compositions comfortably and confidently, whether she's wrenching the heart on 'Turner's Ship', themed around Joseph Mallord William Turner's famed 'The Slave Ship', or healing it with the supernatural sultriness of 'Touching Ghosts'. If you're looking for an album packed front-to-back with some of the most stirring electro-jazz compositions you'll find outside of a Twin Peaks soundtrack, or you just can't wait for that next new Yello album, Convergence will be soundtracking your nights and days for some time." - Electronic Beats

"Convergence is brimming with snapshots that are made for eternity. As modern as timeless, this electronic soul music has the potential to make you deeply happy." - Jazz Echo

"Malia and Boris Blank create a surprisingly harmonious work full of sensuality and the subdued elegance of a martini. Their songs tell stories of bondage, disappointment, spirituality, humiliation, lust and love. Their music combines jazz and electronics into a sophisticated conglomerate. A stroke of luck for us, that these two artists, so far apart, found each other for 'Convergence'." -

"Convergence is one of the most sensual and elegant albums we have heard in a long time. Its almost timeless aesthetics avoid clichés mostly associated with electronic soul music and seamlessly bring together two artists with a unique approach to their work – but most important of all: it's got soul and sensuality, both in a very elegant and airy way but still has enough artistic weight to carry the promise of becoming a long term companion." - BlankTON


Malia, Boris Blank - Convergence dodo.27

May 25, 2019

artistically fantastic and great sound quality.
(there is not mp3 code)

Malia, Boris Blank - Convergence s.pressman

July 14, 2018

This record is a great pressing of a fine production overall.

Mine also does not have an MP3 download... I don't care particularly mind you.

Malia, Boris Blank - Convergence as reviewed by silverhorn

October 1, 2017
Hi, repress dont included mp3 code!! This release is mix first press and repress!

Malia, Boris Blank - Convergence openreeltoreel

September 29, 2017

It’s a magical master piece. The music is enchanting with a rhythm that grabs hold of you from one track to the next. The blend of instruments is spell binding backed up by a firm solid bass line. Malia’s voice flows from the vinyl with a clearness & pervasive force no listener can fail to follow, which leave you eagerly awaiting her next delivery.

Malia, Boris Blank - Convergence pcdoconline

July 2, 2017

I didn't get a download voucher with my LP. Maybe there are some repress?

Malia, Boris Blank - Convergence ChristianBart

May 27, 2017
Just bought this in a 3 for 35 Euro Sale at Amazon Germany. That's less than 12 Euro, folks.

Malia, Boris Blank - Convergence Flix110

June 9, 2017
Yeah! Thats a new repress... I already order it for 16 Euro.