Tool (2) - Ænima mhinojos9

April 17, 2019

Well, screw it!!! I'm going back on my word in getting this pressing, not only is it (for some reason) cheaper than the other two, but it is the most common one I have seen across the internet. So the only thing that kills me is the cool patterns on the vinyl and the catalg number are hard to see, but really I would care less as long as the sound is good. I rather have this than getting a bootleg or that dumb unofficial press, ughhhh, If your a person that is on there deathbed and selling it cheap, like let me know, K. /: (JOKING)

Tool (2) - Ænima marcoprolo

April 13, 2018
My problem is that this is the right record. Great sound and the pictures I see here with that very thin writing and almost not really see the stuff painted on the labels.. The innersleeves are also same. And I think the ending of sida was strange but can't say if it bgins again at side b. So verythig is good but the problem I have is it is a cut-out record. Ca.1,5 cm thin cut out at the cover.. (Of course the only one of 2 Cut-outs I have must be this album!!) . Anyway if I find it again in my chaos can anybody tell me if this cut-out on the cover is making this perfect album (vinyls are very good) much cheaper? Or let's say if the vinyls are perefct it's just that ugly little cut that kills the cover which is black anyway..How much do I have to pay for such an edition. The cover should be good but otherwise it fits to the ultra thin letters and faint other writing on that album. The other one which is very xpensive looks awesome. I hadn't seen before that the writing and drawing on the labels are clear to read. Looks clean and new but it's a Tool record and I don't know ifthat's a Tool-joke to press it so mysterious to read but otherwise their other album covers are very stylish, so .. Anyway I don't want to buy that for such a price and can't.. I'm glad with the cut out. Btter than nothing at all..

Tool (2) - Ænima rayjohnd

June 7, 2018
The cut is simply identifying it as a promotional copy. Doesn't change the value much and shouldn't bother you. I must have 2 dozen promos with hole punches or cuts. They can still be graded VG+.

Tool (2) - Ænima critboy

January 24, 2018
When I got this record home and inspected, everything matched except the cat # on the spine. I spent 3-5min looking for it, and was convinced my copy didn't have it. Thank you fils303 for posting pic. I pulled the record out and inspected with a jewelers magnifying glass and a bright flashlight, success! It is VERY difficult to see. Quality pressing, great sound! Plays into locked grove at end of side A, which has been posted, but also plays that sound on lead in to side B.

Tool (2) - Ænima fils303

January 23, 2018
have to go to edit photos and view photo to even see the #s from the pic i put up

Tool (2) - Ænima fils303

January 23, 2018
the spine catalog # is extremely faint. had to hit it with my phone "flash light" to get it to show up. ill fire a pic up. $4.00 find back in the day for me, my sleeve has seen better days but still my best crate treasure.

Tool (2) - Ænima flipsavior

October 15, 2017
So I just need to know from someone who has an original, does it even sound good? Better than the CD? I'll probably never own this, so I'm wondering if I'm actually missing anything.

Tool (2) - Ænima ksatterwhite

December 7, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
I have the second official pressing and it sounds great - concur with the comment of it being different than the CD - better is in the audiophile world is subjective and personal. If an official LP release can be had at a decent price, you will not regret. I have done a compare to one of the bootleg versions that exists, and if a boot is all you can find, it will work until Tool does their catalogue reissue in the next few years.

Tool (2) - Ænima w4toosh

October 25, 2017

It sounds way better on the LP. Excellent range - you can really hear the build up they have in most of their tracks. Very high quality pressing.

Tool (2) - Ænima Gut-Punch_Records

October 23, 2017

It sounds great. Better than the CD? Not really, just different. More low end, but less definition, so I guess it boils down to the individual's taste.

Tool (2) - Ænima Xeperu

July 13, 2017
edited over 2 years ago
i certainly have a copy of this bootleg - - and i have another unopen copy that looks the same. only thing is, from what i can tell the main differences between the bootleg and the original are the stickers on the discs. the open one has black stickers with numbers, but i can't speak for the sealed one. is there any other way to tell the difference? i see no pictures of the spine on this one, for instance (both of mine look the same, so if they're supposed to be different that could be a tell). i've heard there might be a faint number on the spine, but someone in comments mentioned buying an original at a retail store in '96 but there is no spine number on his. any tips identifying this sealed vinyl?

Tool (2) - Ænima .Richard.

October 18, 2016
Reissue this on vinyl for christ sake....jesus do they do this on purpose?

Tool (2) - Ænima Gut-Punch_Records

March 10, 2016
edited over 3 years ago

That extra inner sleeve I had is now gone to a new home. :)

Tool (2) - Ænima X1BALBA

April 6, 2014
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Added info/photos to release. Couldn't delete comment.

Tool (2) - Ænima as reviewed by LucaNOISE

April 25, 2012
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I'm pretty sure that exist an identical german bootleg pressing of this one (yeah... black wax... rumored 180g). You can see several copy of this bootleg at POPSIKE.COM, typing in the search: "Tool Aenima".
(Eg.: or )

So... what are the matrices etched on the original pressing? Can someone help me?


Tool (2) - Ænima sethelkins

June 12, 2015
And then? Was it a bootleg or not?

Tool (2) - Ænima charlestonchew

January 17, 2014

The original Tool: Aenima 1996 LP/Vinyl pressing has these matrix codes :
Matrix / Runout: 72445-11087-1-A1 RE1
Matrix / Runout: 72445-11087-1-B1 RE1
Matrix / Runout: 72445-11087-1-C1 RE1
Matrix / Runout: 72445-11087-1-D1 RE1 ( the RE1 matrix etching is also hard to see on the vinyl itself)

Its barcode is larger and has a VERY faint catalog number on the bottom of the spine (it may be hard to see.) Also with a un-centered Tool: Aenima on the spine

Back bottom of album cover reads:
"The BMG and Zoo Entertainment logos are trademarks of BMG Music • ℗ © 1996 BMG Music • All Rights Reserved • Manufactured and Distributed by BMG Entertainment, New York, NY • Printed in U.S.A. • 72445-11087-1" (this print along the bottom of the back is also kind of blurred) Then within the barcode box it reads:
6 1422-31087-1 1
The original Aenima pressing does not come with inserts for the album art. The actual sleeves (which are usually white) for this pressing are the album art which you put the records in. Original pressing did not come with white sleeves.

Tool (2) - Ænima Endemoniada

February 8, 2013
edited over 6 years ago

Hi...I'm pretty sure that exist an identical german bootleg pressing of this one (yeah... black wax... rumored 180g). You can see several copy of this bootleg at POPSIKE.COM, typing in the search: "Tool Aenima".(Eg.: or )So... what are the matrices etched on the original pressing? Can someone help me?Bye

It seems I might have gotten one of these bootlegs, sold here on Discogs as this original release. There's no locked runout on side A, and the labels are black with white text "72445-11087 A/B/C/D".

The etchings mirror the labels, except for reading "72445-11087-1-A/B/C/D"

I can't see any catalog markings on the spine, faint or otherwise, but it matches the logo size, and has the small BMG logo next to the barcode.

I've contacted the seller to try and sort this out.