Cosmosis - Cosmology SixZeroFour

May 9, 2016
This is how it is done. So crisp. To add something not already stated, the overall feeling from the quality of these tracks is so good, I think cosmosis could have turned water into wine during the period these tracks were created.


Cosmosis - Cosmology labcabin

December 15, 2016
Very true my friend, I regard this album as one of the best goa trance albums if not albums in general ever made ! I also met billy cosmosis this year and he was a top dude who was down for a good chat!

Cosmosis - Cosmology Andromeda-LSD

February 26, 2016

It is one of the Top 10 albums in the history of Goa trance music.

Cosmosis - Cosmology as reviewed by Alek_

June 14, 2015

It may not be fair to review this album 20 years later, but I'll do it anyway :)
In retrospective, this album had to happen to pave the way for what was later to come in the Psytrance scene. It made the bridge from Acid Trance to Goa Trance in a pioneering way.
Having said that, listening to it today I don't feel that it held very well with time. The rhythm is seriously underplayed, with the kick, bass and cymbals going unnoticed throughout most of the album. The melodies are great but their structure follows a similar pattern for each track. You'll hear ripping 303s every time, which is later joined by an alien/spacey melody towards the climax at the end. I can't say that a single track really captured and held me throughout the journey.
All I can say is - not my cup of tea :) However, his next album (Synergy) I think has MUCH more depth and gets a definite 5/5 from me.

Cosmosis - Cosmology alleyrat

November 10, 2015
edited over 2 years ago
plus 1 to the big rig. I got myself a 10kW cerwin vega bassbin rig with cerwin vega full range as well and I love bumping this album with the crew. it's one of the classics for me. tell me gift of the gods & afterglow ain't the shit tho... (to Alek_)

Cosmosis - Cosmology flowirin

November 8, 2015
did you listen to it on a massive rig? These old classics really don't translate well to headphones or to small rigs. They were made for 40kW systems, vibrating your very being, so the balance of sounds fits well into a club or a forest or a warehouse, but not so well into the home.
I'd been thinking similar things about other artists too, and changed my mind when i tried playing them on a proper system.

Cosmosis - Cosmology Thornastor

July 4, 2014
Gift of the gods is the best track on the album but I also like alien disco, morphic resonance !

Cosmosis - Cosmology as reviewed by Hessam

April 21, 2014

This album is legendary. At first listen, Cosmology jumps right into your mind and grows in there like a magic bean. This whole album is a unique song, like every track is telling a different part of the Cosmology story, but each one of them has it's own character.
Honestly, this album presents classic Goa Trance at its best from the beginning to the end. It is so well written and produced that all you have to do is enjoying this masterpiece. Melodies and heaven sounds are not the only parts to consider. Cosmology has something in each part that triggers emotion and mind.
Best tracks are Cannabanoid, San Yacid, Alien Disco and Afterglow. 5/5.

Cosmosis - Cosmology s3iyaintrance

November 14, 2013
i got the honor of have this masterpiece in vinyl and cd!!! the both has a wonderful sound for that time.
i need to say that this albums is one of my favorite álbums of the all times, all the tunes are made with soul and contain the truly spirit of goa music,,
for me this álbum has the third place in my top 3 of the best goa albums of all times, only surpassed by Lsd-hallucinogen & trust in trance-astral projection, this Trinity has changed my life and help me to by more pacific and get a better understanding of the universe,

Cosmosis - Cosmology drexcia2

February 28, 2010
edited over 7 years ago
cosmology has to be one of the best goa trance releases of that period,i just managed to purchase a mint copy for less than £15.00 obviously the person who sold it had no understanding of its rareity and price the fist track "Cannabanoid" probably refers to THC found in cannabis the track is pretty tripped out and full on fx laden like alot of the tracks being produced during this period but there is no doubt there releases on this album stood alot higher than most for instance "Gift Of The Gods" remains one of the best propulsive slices of acid trance ever produced enough to make josh wink weep.your goa collection is not complete without this release its very hypnotic to which is not allways noticible in goa cosmosis have created a master piece all the tracks our unique in there own way i cant think of a bad track on here there all exceptionally well crafted you cant compare them to no one esle in the goa scene which is good because they have followed no ones formula just there own if you can get a copy do so its worth it enjoy

Cosmosis - Cosmology Atlan

July 11, 2016
You live in forest? Use punctuation or indention at least.

best comment on discogs!


Cosmosis - Cosmology 70R

May 3, 2012

You live in forest? Use punctuation or indention at least.

Cosmosis - Cosmology NebKa

December 21, 2009
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Cosmosis - Cosmology as reviewed by .Gamma.

September 24, 2007

Cosmology is one of the greatest achievements of psychedelic music. This album is full of acid sounds which are so unbelievable. William Halsey vel Bilbo Bagginz created the real masterpiece. I like the next albums of him but the first one release of Cosmosis is really better. Essence of goa, full of positive energy and very high trippy. Beatiful vision is created in our heads by these amazing sounds. Today artists only dream of doing such magical album! This is one of my top favourite all the time cd.

I like all tracks from this album but the most representative and incredible is Gift of the gods. In my opinion this is a one of the gratest and best goa album for ever. :-)