The Blue Nile - Hats 505_345_675_Delta_9

December 21, 2020

те, кому удалось послушать этот альбом - вы благословленные.
Это душа 80х. Спасибо тебе, Пол, за великое дело твоего сердца.
От всей души.

The Blue Nile - Hats jsquigs

November 22, 2020
Without a doubt, the skinniest record I own -- almost paper thin -- but worth it.

The Blue Nile - Hats JamboLinnman

August 29, 2020

Brilliant album and superb pressing from Linn Records. The 2019 reissue sounds just as good to me but is already selling for silly money so my advice is to buy whichever is cheaper. You won’t be disappointed by either... superb sound quality.

The Blue Nile - Hats Zelda7

November 29, 2019
So mad the new vinyl remaster released november 29th has been sold out so quickly, I shouldn't have waited that long. Waiting for some comments/opinions about its quality, hoping to find it on sale someday too, but I fear we're gonna see some scandalous prices.

The Blue Nile - Hats gbat1

November 30, 2019
Several on sale right now from popular online sites including discogs at standard prices. The remastering is great too!

The Blue Nile - Hats tbelte

February 15, 2018
I'd like to see a reissue of this too. I am new to this band, spectacular album.

The Blue Nile - Hats sasiij

October 7, 2019
New resissue coming in November. Already up for pre-orders on amazon it seems.

The Blue Nile - Hats josepfernandezmarsal

April 15, 2019
Agree, the reissue from 2013 sounds good to me but i have never listened the original.

The Blue Nile - Hats dunny1973

June 20, 2018
Seems if we want it on vinyl we've got to pay a fortune for a 2nd hand copy. Surely the demand warrants another reissue. Driving me mad now

The Blue Nile - Hats james73

May 24, 2018
It was re-issued on vinyl in 2013 (link below) and it sounds great.


The Blue Nile - Hats dunny1973

January 7, 2018
Can we please please have another vinyl reissue so we don't have to pay stupid money for a copy.

The Blue Nile - Hats aggeliki78

October 12, 2017
Can someone please add the matrix/run out numbers for this release? Many thanks in advance.

The Blue Nile - Hats aggeliki78

January 8, 2018
Indeed it is very helpful. Much appreciated! Ta mate! xx

The Blue Nile - Hats drcscape

November 14, 2017
Yes I can. Now it is done. Hope this was helpful.

The Blue Nile - Hats as reviewed by Disco_Russ

February 26, 2017

Without a doubt one of the greatest albums ever made! Every note is filled with heartfelt love and heartbreak, sheer brilliance!!