GAME FREAK*Pokémon Ruby & Pokémon Sapphire: Super Music Collection

Game Freak - Pokémon Ruby & Pokémon Sapphire: Super Music Collection album cover
Label:The Pokémon Company – none
109 x File, AAC, Album, VBR
Genre:Electronic, Stage & Screen


1GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseOpening Movie: Setting Out On A Journey In The Hoenn Region0:35
2Jun'ichi Masuda*, Go Ichinose & GAME FREAK*Opening Movie: Double Battles0:16
3Jun'ichi Masuda*, Go Ichinose & GAME FREAK*Title Screen: Main Theme1:42
4GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiIntroductions1:13
5GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseLittleroot Town1:28
6GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiBirch Pokemon Lab0:52
7GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseMay1:01
8GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseH-Help Me!0:23
9GAME FREAK* & Jun'ichi Masuda*Battle! (Wild Pokemon)1:30
10Jun'ichi Masuda*, Morikazu Aoki & GAME FREAK*Victory! (Wild Pokemon)0:24
11GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiRoute 1011:00
12GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiOldale Town1:05
13Jun'ichi Masuda*, Go Ichinose & GAME FREAK*Pokemon Center1:03
14Jun'ichi Masuda*, Morikazu Aoki & GAME FREAK*Pokemon Healed0:05
15GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiTrainers' Eyes Meet (Youngster)0:29
16GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseTrainers' Eyes Meet (Lass)0:28
17GAME FREAK* & Jun'ichi Masuda*Battle! (Trainer Battle)2:19
18Jun'ichi Masuda*, Go Ichinose & GAME FREAK*Victory! (Trainer Battle)0:31
19Jun'ichi Masuda*, Morikazu Aoki & GAME FREAK*Level Up!0:04
20GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiPetalburg City1:05
21Jun'ichi Masuda*, Go Ichinose & GAME FREAK*Hurry Along0:48
22GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseRoute 1041:11
23GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiPetalburg Woods1:04
24GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseTeam Magma Appears!0:45
25GAME FREAK* & Jun'ichi Masuda*Battle! (Team Aqua / Team Magma)2:34
26GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseVictory! (Team Aqua / Team Magma)0:26
27GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseRustboro City1:42
28GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseTrainers' School1:03
29GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseCrossing The Sea0:56
30GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseDewford Town1:51
31GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiTrainers' Eyes Meet (Tuber♀)0:32
32GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseSlateport City1:56
33Jun'ichi Masuda*, Morikazu Aoki & GAME FREAK*Oceanic Museum1:48
34GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiRoute 1101:03
35GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseCycling1:25
36GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseGame Corner1:44
37GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiWin0:04
38GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiLose0:04
39GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiReel Time0:22
40GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiJackpot0:06
41GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseVerdanturf Town1:16
42GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseRoute 1131:38
43GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseTwins0:25
44Jun'ichi Masuda*, Go Ichinose & GAME FREAK*Fallarbor Town1:26
45GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseCable Car0:14
46GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseMt. Chimney1:51
47GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseTrainers' Eyes Meet (Hiker)0:36
48GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseRoute 1111:13
49Jun'ichi Masuda*, Morikazu Aoki & GAME FREAK*Pokemon Gym1:00
50GAME FREAK* & Jun'ichi Masuda*Battle! (Gym Leader)1:46
51Jun'ichi Masuda*, Morikazu Aoki & GAME FREAK*Victory! (Gym Leader)1:12
52Jun'ichi Masuda*, Morikazu Aoki & GAME FREAK*Obtained A Badge!0:07
53Jun'ichi Masuda*, Morikazu Aoki & GAME FREAK*Obtained A TM!0:05
54GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiSurf2:13
55GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseRoute 1191:49
56GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiFortree City0:56
57GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiRoute 1201:33
58GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseInterviewers0:28
59GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseSafari Zone0:52
60GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseTrainers' Eyes Meet (Gentleman)0:43
61GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseLilycove City1:27
62GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiMuseum2:10
63GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiMove Deleted0:05
64GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseBrendan0:53
65GAME FREAK* & Jun'ichi Masuda*Battle! (Brendan/May)1:44
66Jun'ichi Masuda*, Morikazu Aoki & GAME FREAK*Evolution0:34
67Jun'ichi Masuda*, Morikazu Aoki & GAME FREAK*Congratulations! Your Pokemon Evolved!0:05
68GAME FREAK* & Go IchinosePoke Mart1:16
69Jun'ichi Masuda*, Go Ichinose & GAME FREAK*Mt. Pyre1:38
70GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseTrainers' Eyes Meet (Psychic)0:31
71GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseTrainers' Eyes Meet (Hex Maniac)0:50
72GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseMt. Pyre Exterior1:49
73GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseHideout1:05
74Jun'ichi Masuda*, Morikazu Aoki & GAME FREAK*Obtained An Item!0:04
75GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseTeam Aqua Appears!0:51
76GAME FREAK* & Jun'ichi Masuda*Battle! (Team Aqua/Team Magma Leaders)2:12
77GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiThe Super-Ancient Pokemon Awaken!0:13
78GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseDrought1:06
79GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseHeavy Rain0:55
80GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseDive1:56
81GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseSootopolis City1:33
82GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiCave Of Origin1:18
83GAME FREAK* & Jun'ichi Masuda*Battle! (Super-Ancient Pokemon)1:30
84GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiTrainers' Eyes Meet (Swimmer♀)0:31
85GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseEver Grande City1:35
86GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiObtained A Berry!0:04
87GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseContest Lobby0:56
88GAME FREAK* & Go IchinosePokemon Contest!1:09
89GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseResults Announcement0:37
90GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseContest Winner0:33
91GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseSealed Chamber1:05
92GAME FREAK* & Jun'ichi Masuda*Battle! (Regirock/Regice/Registeel)1:29
93GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseThe Trick House1:11
94GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiAbandoned Ship1:11
95GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiBattle Tower1:10
96GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseVictory Road1:21
97GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseTrainers' Eyes Meet (Cooltrainer)0:50
98GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseThe Elite Four Appear!0:47
99GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseBattle! (Elite Four)1:47
100GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseChampion Steven0:51
101GAME FREAK* & Jun'ichi Masuda*Battle! (Steven)1:52
102GAME FREAK* & Morikazu AokiVictory! (Steven)0:54
103GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseRoom Of Glory0:59
104Jun'ichi Masuda*, Go Ichinose & GAME FREAK*The Hall Of Fame1:10
105GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseEnding Theme2:57
106GAME FREAK* & Go IchinoseThe End2:24
107Hitomi Sato, Go Ichinose & GAME FREAK*Trick Master (Feat. Karakuri King & Karakuri Chorus)2:23
108Kenji Matsushima (2), Go Ichinose & GAME FREAK*Slateport City (Feat. Hiroko Takano)3:31
109GAME FREAK* & Jun'ichi Masuda*Steven Stone3:16

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GBAポケモン ルビー&サファイア ミュージック・スーパーコンプリート (2×CD, Album)Pikachu RecordsZMCP-1538Japan2003




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