KissFancy Mix

Label:Polystar (2) – CK 052
Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Unofficial Release
Style:Hard Rock


A1KissA World Without Heroes (Instrumental Demo Version)3:48
A2KissThe Difference Between Men And Boys Is The Size Of Their Toys (Instrumental))3:53
A3Circus Circus (4)1980's Ladies (Unreleased Track 1980)2:53
A4KissA Million To One
Lead VocalsVinnie Vincent
A5KissWhole Lotta Love (Played Live In London 1984)3:56
A6Tattoo (6)Give It To You Easy (From The Wicked Lester Demo 1971)2:00
A7KissBurn Bitch Burn (Played Live In Newcastle 1984)4:40
B1U.S. AirwaveThunder In My Heart (Unreleased track 1981)
Producer [Uncredited]Joe McSorley
Songwriter [Uncredited]Lee Napier, Pete Quarracino*
B2Zon (2)Take It From Me (Mark St John Demo)3:00
B3KissWon´t Get Fooled Again (Played Live In Cleveland 1985)6:35
B4KissSunshine Of Your Love (Played Live in Dusseldorf 1984) 2:04
B5KissHey Joe (Played Live in Dusseldorf 1984)1:21
B6KissLa Bamba (Played Live in Dusseldorf 1984)1:00



Back cover text:
"(Rare songs from) Kiss - Fancy Mix"
"Kiss - Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick
"Also Available - Kiss - Fancy Fair (No. RH 049), with Council of the Elder, Gimme Everything, Don't Run, Ring Ding Do, Love Me Too, Suicide, Kix Are For Kids and many more!!!"

Just as with the unofficial releases called Music From The Elder and Fancy Fair this record also contains non KISS related stuff and wildly incorrect information about the songs and bands on the back cover.

A1 and A2 are the only authentic Kiss demos on this album.

A1 is an early version of the 1981 song where Paul can be heard singing an early, pre-Lou Reed set of lyrics in the background, so not actually instrumental. Also known as "I Want You Only" due to a line that can be heard sung by Paul on this demo.

A2 is a demo from 1981, based on a 1977 Gene demo called Sentimental Fool. Elements from this song resurfaced in a late 1980s demo called Promise the Moon, available on Gene Simmons - The Vault. The title is made up and has never been verified by any member of Kiss, on the album Music From The Elder the same recording is titled "The Unknown Force"

Circus Circus (A3) is an early band with Lead singer/songwriter of W.A.S.P., Blackie Lawless with future WASP members Randy Piper and Tony Richards (4) and onetime Ozzy Osbourne bassist Don Costa (3).

Tattoo (A6), & Zon (B2) are completely different bands and have nothing to do with Kiss at all. The Zon track can be found with better quality on this album, Zon (2) - Back Down To Earth while the Tattoo track is from Tattoo (6) - Tattoo

Thunder in My Heart, (B1) has mistakenly been identified as Motown soul and funk band Kagny & The Dirty Rats but has nothing to do with that band either, the real performer is a band called U.S. Airwave, and the song is taken from this compilation album: Various - Philadelphia Rock Volume One

The year and location printed on the cover for the Live recordings are also assumed to be incorrect even if the exact location and year haven't been identified




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