Label:Inpsyde Media – IME 010
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2Confusion Is Next7:50
3Made Out Of Vapour8:10
5All Channels Open10:51
6The Poisonous Square9:58
7Lost Theory6:37
9We're All Mad Here (Rmx)8:38

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All tracks written & produced between April 2004 and May 2005

℗+©Inpsyde Media 2005
The copyright in this sound is owned by Inpsyde Media 2005

Packaged in a Digipak with a clear tray.

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  • Barcode (String): 9120014350524
  • Barcode (Text): 9 120014 350524



  • dhollmusik's avatar
    Edited 3 years ago
    I've had it 15 years and it still absolutely much deranged power! All killer, no filler. Derango's only album is the most perfect banging 4-on-the-floor album ever made. Psykovsky, Juno Reactor & Prodigy's Jilted Generation offer more musically, but if all you want is to pound, then there's nowt better than Tumult, which adds psychedelic musique concrete licks (i.e. the disharmonic, seemingly-random-but-not-really, sounds of the forest)...this all helps you focus on your animal regression.

    Best track: Deranged. Astonishing piece: should be required knowledge for any serious followers of electronic dance musik.
    • expandabear's avatar
      Edited 9 years ago
      My favorite psytrance CD ever, maybe? at least on the darkpsy-forest spectrum, for sure... no questions there. nothing comes close.
      and it's definitely "forest" trance - this is the sound of goblins, gnomes, pixies, and other mythical imaginal creatures that live deep in the woods; not to mention a lot of sounds that remind me of actual wildlife filtered through a lot of psychedelia. (for further reference, take a listen for the wood-cracking and bird-squawking on track six.)

      This took me a long time to understand - several years, at least; but I'm happy it clicked. My life is greatly enriched by this album.

      "so, what planet are you from?"
      • Sephiroth_X's avatar
        Not so bad compared to the crap that was being released at the time but nothing special, some people call this forest psy, maybe they need to go to a forest and camp for some days cause this sounds to me more like warehouse music.
        • Skeleton-Man's avatar
          Edited 18 years ago
          In the words of Armand van Helden bluntly remarking about Basement Jaxx that "they took house music and fucked it in the ass" so one may say about Derango: They took X-Dream's Irritant at its darkest hour and fucked it in the ass! Sweet love of Jesus, this is some twisted psytrance from the Swedish forests and I will admit it took me a while to get under my, well, bones. But rehearing X-Dream's Irritant gave me an idea how to approach this album.

          This is dark, as in PITCH DARK, psy. No melodies, no calming breaks, no themes. Just a monotone bass most of the time staying on one note (!) with a shitload of FX and weird sounds. What saves it is the impeccable production, the energy, and the incredible amount of ideas Derango's managed to cramp into the tracks. The genre may be challenging, but if you give it a chance you won't be able to claim nothing's happening! This is one long string of musical ideas on top of an endless deep bass journey.

          So, if you want it DARK this is as dark as it got in 2005. If you are not familiar with this type of trance, you are headed for a big challenge. Hell, you may very well even consider trashing this album as the worst piece of crap you've ever purchased. Don't do that! It takes time to let in, but if you work hard enough the rewards will be there. After all, this album didn't receive tons of rave reviews elsewhere on the internet for nothing. And even if I myself may not have reached Nirvana quite yet with Derango, the general idea of forest trance sure is starting to get to my bones :o).
          • PKS's avatar
            Edited 18 years ago
            Derango (Jens Eriksson & Ola Eriksson) from Sweden has become wellknown in the so called darkpsy scene the last couple of years, with quite a lot of tracks on various compilations, on labels such as Stoneage, Trishula, Sanaton and Parvati. Now they are finally out with their debut album, which takes us into a journey of totally twisted night time madness. It is released on the Italian label Inpsyde Media.

            These guys sure knows how to tweak out those crazy psychedelic sounds. The bass lines in these darkpsy tracks isn’t very impressive, but the variety of crazy sounds is incredible. In my ears, these two guys have managed to make their darkpsy tracks slightly more twisted and interesting than most other within this style lately. Here we get dark, totally far out vibes from beginning to end. My favourite track here is track three, wich is a really pumping track with some scary vibes that brings my thoughts right into some kind of horror movie. Halloween trance for sure! Track 4 with it’s ”underwater vibes” is pretty cool too, but the rhythm here becomes almost too intense for my head. As usual with the darkpsy style, we don’t get much melody in these tracks, but mostly quite random psychedelic sounds. Still, the sounds are well placed and highly psychedelic (psychedelic is fun!), so it never becomes boring.

            The debut album by Derango is one of the better darkpsy albums I have heard so far. I love the way they have been playing with tons of twisted sounds in these tracks, and we get quite a lot of variation between the tracks. Still, I often miss some more massive basslines and a little bit more melody in darkpsy tracks, but I’m sure this is something that will sneak in more and more in the future. Recommended for you darkpsy fans out there!
            • surmanvirta's avatar
              Edited 18 years ago
              This must the best psytrance album I've ever heard! We start of kinda slow, but soon evolve into total madness. At the halfway through the journey we take a little break and soon again we are in a totally chaotic mood. The end of the album is just fucking insane. Everything is constantly evolving, hovering above the trees, kicking us in the head..hard!
              This album is brilliantly complex, every little sound is evolving, changing into something else, this is manipulated music at it's best. I just love it.
              • scobbah's avatar
                Edited 18 years ago
                There is no doubt - buy it today! Derango's debut album really corresponded to the expectations and if not even more! It was a long time now since an album dropped into my mailbox and felt so fresh throughout the whole piece! No track does sound like another but everything definitely sounds Derangoish. The CD itself is not superheavy like some russian trance or like it, but instead it is a lot more heavy when it comes to the amount of psychedelic elements who's constantly taking care of all parts of the body and mind. I take the risk here and I might sound excentric, but I have to say that Jens and Ola have really succceded with this one and the album is definitely a hot candidate when it is time to think of the best nightmusic album of 2005.
                • DeathPosture's avatar
                  Edited 18 years ago
                  Surgeon warning: This will fry your brain!

                  After several delays and some hardcore internet hype, the long-awaited debut album by Swedish forest-trolls Derango (Jens Eriksson & Ola Eriksson) is finally out! Released by the infamous, nocturnal Italian label Inpsyde Media, this album has already caused quite a stir within psytrance circles… And I can totally understand why… Throughout the last year of so, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing five compilations which featured Derango tracks – and every single track was a stand-out! These Swedish nut-jobs know their shit… I’ve been really looking forward to this album, so let’s get this introduction over with, and move onto the more fun stuff: The music!

                  Welcome to the wonderful world of advanced forest music! This kicks the shit out of most I’ve heard this year and is definitely a strong contender for forest trance album of the year… Derango has their very own style, and they stay true to that throughout this album – but still leave room for experimentation… Yeah, this album never gets dull and unlike other off-key albums, I can actually listen to this again and again in one sitting... Or standing… Or trip!

                  There isn’t a single bad track here – they all stand out in one way or the other… I like pretty much every single minute here, and I’m so relieved that this is something as rare as an album that actually lives up to the hype… The expectations were sky high, but they were met! This is such a mature album – maybe not easily accessible, but eventually rewarding… It’s nothing short of a blast! The cover art by Emil Wennborn is in perfect harmony with the actual music, and all in all this is worth every single penny…

                  I give this album my warmest recommendations… Fans of highly psychedelic, eclectic forest trance needs to own this album… That’s an order! Get it before it’s deemed illegal! …Enjoy!

                  Favourites: 1, 2(!), 3(!), 4(!), 6(!!), 7, 8, 9


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