Machine Girl (2)WLFGRL

Machine Girl (2) - WLFGRL album cover
Label:Dred Collective – DREDLP01
13 x File, AAC, Album
Style:Hardcore, House, Juke, Footwork


2Ionic Funk (20XXX Battle Music)4:34
3Krystle (URL Cyber Palace Mix)3:36
4Ginger Claps3:04
6覆面調査員 (GabberTrap Mix) [Frenesi remix]
7Out By 16, Dead on the Scene2:30
8かわいい Post Rave Maximalist2:28
9Phase α1:31
10Freewill (Phase β)5:04
11Excruciating Deth (Phase γ)4:53
12Hidden Power (Phase δ)8:39

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WLFGRL (13×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps)Dred CollectiveDREDLP01UK2014
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WLFGRL (Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, Green)Kitty On Fire RecordsnoneUS2016
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WLFGRL (Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, Green)Not On Label (Machine Girl (2) Self-released)noneUS2016
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WLFGRL (Cassette, Album, Black)Not On LabelnoneUS2017
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WLFGRL+ (23×File, FLAC, Album)Not On Label (Machine Girl (2) Self-released)noneUK2017



  • Goby_goob_goob's avatar
    how is the lowest price still 74 when the 4th identical pressing is still available for 33
    • Steam_Division's avatar
      4th pressing is up for pre-order on Orange Milk bandcamp!!!1
      • CompAudio's avatar

        Just dropped on wax through Orange Milk Records. Shipping almost immediately.
        • Veryinterested's avatar
          Somebody in the distant future (not current mg record labels) will make a lot of fans & future fans happy with vinyl , cd & cassette releases!
          • IndianaParkWars's avatar

            I'm not typically a huge fan of EDM. I was recommended this album a while ago and listened to it. Now, I'm giving it another shot. It's certainly an interesting album and a little more up my alley. I like that it's weird, aggressive, dark, and completely chaotic. It's not progressive, but it feels a little more intricate than any typical dance music and the songs stylistically change throughout within the same genre.

            I love the opening track "Mg1" as it's a simple sample that sets the dark and experimental tone. Then, the next track "Iconic Funk" really hammers in the aggressiveness and could nearly give you an aneurism listening to it. But, the psychotic energy isn't a bad thing; that's the type of music it is. "Ginger Claps" starts to incorporate that syncopated, progressive style but "Ghost" really hammers that home. It is much more progressive, including really strange time signatures and unnatural sounding rhythms. "Frenesi" is a fun song, lightening up the mood on the album and creating interest with the female vocals. I love the title of the next song, "Out by 16, Dead on the Scene" but the song itself is good and not much more. The next track also has a great name, "Post Rave Maximalist" and I love the sense of urgency in the ascending synth line with the great spoken line "like those crazy ass Japanese movies". Everything else is good but not memorable enough, until "Hidden Power", which is a crazy and excellent culmination of the mood of the album. It's 8 minutes and includes an atmospheric and ambient tone as well as a building and intensifying mood that seems to speed up into insanity. There's a lot of different emotions in this track and it heavily reminds me of a track on "ATV Offroad Fury 2" as well as the Stranger Things theme song. "Mg2" wraps up the album, serving as an "mg" sandwich, but I feel like "Hidden Power" would've been a much better track to end on. But, I like that they use the "mg" titles to connect the beginning and end, just as there seems to be a stylistic consistency throughout the album that creates a bit of connection through each song, but feels distinct enough to keep the individual tracks interesting.

            Bangers: "Ghost", "Frenesi", "Hidden Power"

            ALBUM ARTWORK:
            The artwork is one of the hugest selling points. It looks like a late 80's Japanese horror movie and is so hyperrealistic, it makes it difficult to tell whether it's a drawing or a practical effect. A green tint can either suit a work very well or just look bad. Here, it's very fitting and really adds to the visceral gruesomeness of the music. I love it. The artwork is great and horrifying.

            Artwork review: 11.5/12
            • alexdixon's avatar
              PLÆSE Machine Girl make me a cd of this and il post you some fermented courgettes ???? they are full of love i grew them myself get at me babe x
              • DimitrueG's avatar
                Any CD format for this album? Would like to own on cd
                • sauro90's avatar
                  F***ing incredible, awesom, i wish a lp release for this album


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