Robert Hood - Point Blank as reviewed by player

September 22, 2011
edited over 4 years ago

A great listening experience for the mind, body, and soul. Robert Hood's fifth album is a very interesting and for most time's a quite forward thinking release. This is music that's minimal but varied requiring attention when listening. It only is then you'll appreciate and discover the many advanced sounds and depth Robert's techno can achieve. Using a good balance between pulsing hard techno that's both moody & raw rather then dance orientated, with some tracks taking a more spacey sound using fusions of Detroit-tech and funk, plus a couple of abstract-ambient tracks giving the album a unique and varied take on minimal sound and music - you do get a little taste of everything here!. Repeat listens really bring out 'Point Blank's' deepness that transcends most techno albums, esp within minimal techno as Robert's ability and skill in creating sublime minimal music & sounds really excell with ideas, that only a few other minimal artist can equal or accomplish to this same level. This is techno that is deep, raw, moody, thoughtful and highly intelligent that's put together with great style showcasing the sophistication that futuristic minimal-techno can bring!...A album that could very well become a classic. Maybe it already is! 9/10