Robert Hood - Point Blank as reviewed by player

September 22, 2011
edited 5 months ago

A great listening experience for the mind, body, and soul. Robert Hood's fifth album is a very interesting, and for most part, quite a forward thinking release for minimalism in techno that's both rooted and experimental modern at the same time. A stripped to the bone techno but varied in sound that's attention holding as you discover the advanced futuristic and subtle touches, sounds, and depth within the minimalist framework that Robert's techno can bring. Revealing more with each listen! Using a good balance between pulsing hard 4/4 techno that is both moody & raw rather than dance orientated, plus tracks with a more spacey Si-Fi sound with added fusions of Detroit-tech funk, and a couple of beatless abstract-ambient tracks give this album a unique varied take on minimal techno that has a little taste of everything here! Repeated listens also bring out 'Point Blank's' abstract deepness that transcends his techno with raw, moody, and even thoughtful feelings with a focused and intelligent sense of sophistication that comes with an appreciation for minimal-techno and in what it can achieve and deliver.

A album that could very well become a classic. Maybe it already is! 9/10