Aborym - Kali-Yuga Bizarre FangsFirst

January 2, 2013
This is the most confusing damn thing I've seen. The picture above shows only five track splits, matching the tracklisting. My copy (and other photos I can see or barely make out) show six on that side--which is also side B (somewhat strangely). There are only four on the other side, so there are no extra tracks, but it makes the tracklisting for this really confusing.

Aborym - Kali-Yuga Bizarre Daedolon

October 9, 2016

That image is a scan of my copy. I had received a second copy of the LP later down the line, but never realised they were different. Took forever to notice your comment, sorry about that. Anyway, I seem to have two copies that different gaps, the scanned one shows 5 on A and 4 on B, while the second copy shows 6 on A and 4 on B. They are ever so slightly differently coloured too. I'll add the variation to the database.

Aborym - Kali-Yuga Bizarre ruptured_souls

October 6, 2013
There was only ever one or two on here at a time up for around $30, then suddenly this year (2013) there's around 10 for between $10-$20, so i think there has been a repress (official or not i don't know) - so it's possible that the repress distributes the tracks differently :s
So long as both versions have the Co30 version of Tantra Bizarre, i don't mind, and i'll be buying one soon :)