Label:Suntrip Records – SUNCD03
CD, Album
Style:Goa Trance


1KhetzalListening Winds8:58
2DJ ZenAnamatha (Remix)
Remix, Other [Original]DJ Zen
3KhetzalBells Of Sarnath8:09
5KhetzalGanesha Pramana7:57
6KhetzalIndian Attic8:57

Companies, etc.



P&C Suntrip Records 2005.

W & P at Khetzal Studios Villeurbanne, France
Mastering: at 4Carry Nuts Studios, Germany.
CD Cover Design: @, Canada.

Tempo (track/BPM) - as listed:
1/120 (incorrect) - 2/132 - 3/150 - 4/140 - 5/160 - 6/140 - 7/130 - 8/138 - 9/100
Actual tempo of track 1 is: 110 BPM.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 5017744100731
  • Matrix / Runout: B27141 SUNCD03

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Corolle (9×File, MP3, 320 kbps)Suntrip RecordsSUNCD03Belgium2009
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Corolle (CD, Album, Reissue, Limited Edition)Suntrip RecordsSUNCD03Belgium2010
Corolle (2×LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered)Suntrip RecordsSUNCDLP02Belgium2021



  • DonnyFe's avatar
    Dont believe the haters on shrooms, it's still great in 2023.
    • filipe_santos's avatar
      This album hasn't aged well at all.
      It falls pretty weak by today's standards.
      Plus that cover looks like the Alien 3 Artwork.
      Tut tut.
      • oldschoolgoatrance's avatar
        It's good. Four out of five hands down this was one of their best artists ... but sure.
        All the best SunTrip.
        • scrambled.utopia's avatar
          Advertising for suntrip records is obvious
          Album Good

          • Auralious1513's avatar
            I totally believed everyone when I heard over and over and over about how new school goa (anything after 2000) was not as good as the old school goa, that is, until I listened to this album.

            I clearly noticed how most other new school goa artists lost the deep connection with listeners that they previously held very deeply to heart. Artists have lost the story telling aspect most of all, and all the new mastering and new and improved sound qualities will never make up for such an important aspect of goa. But then again, here came Khetzal. Wow. Listen to this album and its almost as clear as reading a book. Wonderful floating and powerful melodies that flow like any old school goa artist we love, yet uniquely Khetzal all the way through. Again, I have to praise Khetzal for the amazing storytelling aspect he has obviously melded into this amazing album, on top of all the new mastering and sound effects that we now have.

            Not only that, but here we have an album that was also obviously very carefully crafted and put together so that one may listen to the whole thing as you would a book, each song being each separate chapter, or separate event. You start off with a slightly down-tempo song, then build up till Ganesha Pramana, at 160 BPM (craaaazy song), then go back down slightly till the end, which finishes with a beautifully crafted ambient finisher. As I said, very well structured.

            Give yourself a few hours to honestly listen to this album, I promise you wont be dissapointed. Take the time like you would a movie, for this album deserves NO less. Give yourself an hour and a half time, turn off the lights, relax, get comfortable, and listen to this album. Then you will discover as I have, a whole new world put under the light by Khetzal.

            Favourite songs: 1(!!!), 2, 3(!), 4(!!), 6(!!), 7, 9
            • X-scream's avatar
              Edited 17 years ago
              I can't help but notice how much this one reminds me of "Ra - To Sirius". The similarities are many but they're quite different at the same time... "To Sirius" had a more massive spacey vibe while Corolle has a more eastern/organic touch to it. Ra's album is one of my favourites and I must say Corolle is not far behind.
              From the lovely intro track "Listening Winds" to the full-blown goa stormer of "Ganesha Pramana" this was one of the most fresh surprises of 2005, without a doubt. Highlights:
              Listening Winds - What a great way to start of this album, this one truly sets the mood.
              Ganesha Pramana - 160BPM straight out of goa and with an epic EPIC melody! Reminds of the huge melodies of Rezwalker (the Live mix) and Lepton Head (the Deedrah remix). Mind blowing track, maybe a little too short...
              Indian Attic - Best track of the album. Wonderful hypnotic sounds floating back and forth all the time, it never gets boring. And when those melodies at 6:05 start all you can do is close your eyes, mmmm. Amazing!!
              • PKS's avatar
                Edited 17 years ago
                Suntrip Records based in France focus on the melodic side of psytrance. They started the label because they were tired of the stereotyped full on that has ruled the scene the last few years. Here they are out with their third release, this time the debut album by Khetzal (Matthieu Chamoux). He has previously released tracks on Kagdila and Agitato, but also a track on the chilled Ultimae label.

                This album starts quite downtempo (120bpm), but still melodic. Track 2 starts slow too, but becomes a bit faster. Here we get eastern vocals that some might recognise from tracks made by some other chill artists. The vibes you get from this reminds me a lot of oldschool goa trance. Melodic all the way. Track 3 throws us into much faster goa trance. Here we are back in the hypnotic goa style, which I haven’t heard much of since 1997. Track 4 has a pretty cool drift. Pure old school vibes from beginning to end. Nothing new here, but fun to listen to this style again. Track 6 is the fastest track on this album (160bpm). You rarely find this fast psytrance tracks anymore. Very hypnotic, intense track with eastern influences above. I’m sure this could be a hit if it was released ten years ago. Track 6 follows the melodic goa trance direction too. Quite happy trance with playful melodies. Track 7 slows us down a little. Uplifting, still with some mystic vibes. Track 8 takes into some drifting soundscapes. Melodic, but not cheesy. He finishes the abum with a totally relaxing track, with sound of water, psychedelic sounds and light melodies.

                This album is for those of you who didn’t get enough of this melodic style ten years ago. The sound you get on all these tracks are inspired by melodic goa trance. Personally I would have wished some more new influences and modern sound in these tracks, because it actually sounds like it was released ten years ago. But, quite refreshing to hear some melodic tracks like this again anyway.
                • DeathPosture's avatar
                  Edited 17 years ago
                  Soundtrack for weekend Hindus!

                  The Suntrippers are out with their third old-school release… This time it’s the debut album of French producer Matthieu Chamoux who has released a few compilation tracks on Kagdila and Agitato Records… I’ve not heard those, but I really liked the uplifting, melodic goa-trance track he had on the Apsara compilation under the Avigmati name… That was stellar so my hopes for this debut album are pretty high…

                  Well, well… Another Suntrip release that stands out from the crowd… Just how much old-school goa is released nowadays? Besides from the Suntrip Records output, pretty much nothing, that’s how much! And though this album didn’t do as much for me as neither the Filteria album, nor the Apsara compilation it’s still pretty damn interesting… Evidently I can’t help comparing this to the Filteria album, which fit my tastes better… I could have wished for even more complexity, and perhaps the Hindi-influences are a little over the top sometimes… Also the flow is a little off and I would have arranged the tracks differently… But besides from that, I don’t have anything to criticise here…

                  There are enough kick-ass tracks here to validate a purchase – and there are no bad tracks per se… Also the artwork is nothing short of beautiful and fits the music perfectly… Suntrip Records has once again proved that melodic goa is still very much alive – even in 2005! Way to go guys – you continue to distance yourself from the usual suspects! Old-school fans should most definitely check this out… As should fans of uplifting, joyous goa trance 2005-style… This is very it’s at! Enjoy!

                  Favourites: 2, 4(!), 5(!), 6(!), 8



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