In-D - Virgin In-D Sky's as reviewed by damon4130

October 30, 2005
edited over 15 years ago

The first in the In-D trilogy and the best, if you ask me. Not that Bastion IN-D Stress and Beat In-D Dream are bad. On the contrary, but I would give Virgin IN-D Sky's a 6 out of 5 if possible. Produced in '88, just before New Beat became mainstream in Belgium and in my opinion it's one of the greatest New Beat tracks. Dark, slow, heavily influenced by the EBM movement and hypnotizing as hell. And no crazy samples!!! A genuine classic, a piece of New Beat history and a must have for anyone who loves real old skool.

And don't forget to listen to the often underestimated B-side. Indeed, you have to play it at +8, and sometimes I think it's even better than the original.

In-D - Virgin In-D Sky's truffaut.

September 27, 2018
Play it at 33 RPM + 8%... the way New Beat was 'invented' ;)