J • Majik* - Arabian Nights / The Spell ----

December 26, 2015
Arabian Nights... Roller? More like a tumble-dryer.

J • Majik* - Arabian Nights / The Spell as reviewed by Phix75

October 13, 2013
edited over 4 years ago

Oppressive, Cold, Bleak... Are just some words I could use to describe this track (Arabian Nights) and I love it! J's breaks and beat laying in this are sweet. The main beat being the Amen and a very small looped section at that, for a large part... up to the 3min mark and it is then layered very complimentary with a back ground beat running alongside and/or filling in the gaps, VERY rhythmical indeed. This tune is drenched in feedback and delay, adding heaps of atmosphere to the Icy soundscape, and I would imagine the flute noise is exactly as the man intended it to be, even if that is stark and uncomfortable for some. I can't remember anything at the time that sounded like this, original and brave and endorsed by none other than Metalheads!
Not one scrap of compromise on this tune from J Majik, and it's miles away from his uninspiring last 10 years work :(
Listening to this is like looking into the future... at a distant sunless world with no hope.

J • Majik* - Arabian Nights / The Spell as reviewed by XavierNC

January 21, 2008

Great earlier, deep J. Majik drum'n'bass tracks on both sides, definitely on the Metalheadz tip .... I love the amens, bass, instrument and film samples on "Arabian Nights"... But then there is this awful mid-range feedbacky flute noise that busts out a few times through the tune, which ultimately ruins it for me.... it's like broken glass on a chalkboard with reverb, hurts my head. Wish it was toned down a bit .. :(

J • Majik* - Arabian Nights / The Spell as reviewed by Kay08

July 21, 2006
edited over 11 years ago

One of those classic MHZ 12" that set the early vibe for the label. Arabian nigths is Metalheadz at it's finest hour, dark dark drum & bass for those that like that vibe. If you are a collector of MHZ, this is an must have!