Inverse CinematicsSlow Swing E.P.

Label:Pulver Records – PULVER 007
Vinyl, 12", EP
Genre:Electronic, Jazz, Latin
Style:Broken Beat, Breaks, Latin Jazz


A1Slow Swing8:47
A2On The Run5:22
B1Someone's Soul (Original Mix)5:51
B2Someone's Soul (Dublex Inc. Remix)
RemixDublex Inc.



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    It's a brilliant!
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      After all the great feedback to the remix on Erik Sumo´s Just a woman“ EP (Pulver 006) the Youngsters of the Pulver Rec. house released their expected debut on vinyl. Danilo Plessow and Joachim Tobias alias „INVERSE CINEMATICS“ come from Schwäbisch Gmünd. It definitely is not the center of the world but in this case it seems to be better. The monontony of the province and the few distractions you get there made it possible that the two of them meet and spend their time with music. With the two guys two different worlds of music collided and became one. Three years ago Danilo and Joachim decided to make „electronic music“ even though Danilo came from a hip hop direction and Jo was more into the music of the Skint label. During this time they developed their stlye - with specific hip hpo roots, strong influnce from detroit, jazz and classical breakbeats - and approved it.

      „Slow Swing“ original mix
      Minimalsim never had such a phat sound. „Slow Swing“ comes along with less then a dozend of soundtracks. It gives you in nearly nine minutes a perfect wave movement of a clever lined up freestlye set. After the percussive introduction with vocal bits in which the base theme comes already slightly up. The sound flow comes together in a progressive deep house beat flanked with drums and heavy pushing base. after a short break the set of winds (a sample of a soo coming si-fi series) leads into a new variation of the main leading theme.

      „On The Run“ original mix
      With a slight electronic understream and some double bass samples comes the up to 125 bpm pitched old school hip hop beat (known fron tribe called quest or queen latifah in her best times) along and swings through the sunny and accustic sound landscape. Downbeat with jazz asthetics.

      „Someone´s Soul“ original mix
      in the first half of the track the flat sounds are building up a dry and hard house beat. While the track is playing structures are sneeking in till everything leads into a electronic symphony with bits and pieces from the 80´s.

      „Someone´s Soul“ Dublex Inc. Remix
      Dublex takes the synthetic sounds out of the straight structure of the original mix, puts excessive dub weirdness und heavy rolling live beats in it, so that they can reappear in the middle part of the track and end in an basy pushing afro beat.

      „Slow Swing“ ist the first calling card of the U21 selection from Pulver Rec: Inverse Cinematics persuade with their elegant technic, their unexpectable attacks and chain of hard deep frequency.



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