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DJ Goon - Diamond Grills album cover

DJ Goon & DJ KoyoteDiamond Grills


1DJ NastyDJ Nasty's Intro
2.1DJ DeeonLet Me Bang
2.2Inner CityBig Fun
2.3DJ NastyKings Of Kings
2.4Laurent GarnierCrispy Bacon (Aux 88 Mix)
RemixAux 88
2.5Jam Pony ExpressTo The Window To The Wall
2.6Le CarAluminum Rectangles (Getto Tek Mix)
RemixDJ Godfather
3.112 Tech MobHood Rat
3.2Young & RestlessPoison Ivy
3.3DJ Goon & DJ KoyoteHouse Nation
3.4DJ Goon & DJ KoyoteSomething For The People
3.6Sole TechJit
3.7FreestyleIt's Automatic
3.8Three 6 MafiaWho Runnin
3.9Bitch Ass DariusGet It Right
3.10Johnny DangerousBeat That Bitch
3.11Mr. De'Throw
4.2Turbo TomDo It In Detroit
4.3Reese & SantonioForce Field
4.4LukeRaise The Roof
FeaturingNo Good But So Good
4.5Station BassBass
4.6Toxic Shock (15)Come Here You Freak Bitch
4.7DJ MarquisRock This
4.8DJ NastyHurricane
5.1GreyhouseFeel The Beat
5.2Channel OneTechnicolor
5.3DJ AssaultWha'U Got
5.4DJ DeeonFreaky
5.5E.V.I.A.N.Techno City
5.6R. KellyGhetto Queen
FeaturingCrucial Conflict
5.7Starski and ClutchWork It Out
6.1DJ AssaultThe Return Of Terrortec
6.2AJ McGheeOctapie
6.3EctomorphParallax View
6.4Poison ClanDance All Night
6.58-bit Construction SetDollars
6.6The Other Side Of SpaceTechno Drivers
6.7DJ DeeonBooty Hole
7.1DJ Goon & DJ KoyoteWas Not Was
7.2DJ FingersSuck My Dick
7.3Body MechanicThe Danze
7.4FixPlayers Anthem
7.5Armand Van HeldenThe Funk Phenomena
8.1KraftwerkTour De France
8.2DJ GodfatherFirst Contact
8.3TTCGirlfriend (Accapella)
8.4DrexciyaAquatic Beta Particles
8.5DMX KrewI Won't Forget
8.6DJ AssaultAss’n Titties
8.7Model 500I Wanna Be There
8.8Splack PackScrub Da' Ground
8.9Track GhostGator
9.1Fade To BlackIn Synch
9.2D.I.E.The One
9.3KanoI’m Ready
9.5Relentless (4)Let's Get Fucked Up
9.6Basic ChannelPhylyps Trak II
9.7DJ DeeonGimme Head
9.8Lil' Wayne*Go (DJ Goon Edit)
FeaturingMannie Fresh
RemixDJ Goon
10.1DBXElectric Shock
10.2Non Stop DJsThe Runner
10.3Aux 88Direct Drive
10.4DJ FatmanFeels Great
10.5Jackass & Mule1 2 3 Miami
10.6Mr. OizoStunt
10.7313 Bass MechanicsD.E.T.
10.8DJ OmegaTitty Bar Anthem
10.9George KranzDin Daa Daa
11.1Project X (2)Project X
11.2Disco DWhere They At ?
11.3DJ MiltonShake Them T's
11.5Play Skule*Slap Dat Ass
11.6DJ AssaultTear Da Club Up
11.7A Guy Called GeraldBlow Your House Down
11.88-bit Construction SetLoop
12.1The 2 Live CrewPop That Coochie
12.3Poison ClanShake Whatcha' Mama Gave Ya'
12.4DJ Godfather & DJ StarskiGet Down
12.5D-RockBounce Showty
12.68-bit Construction SetUntitled
12.7CybonixDance Floor
12.8FreestyleThe Party Has Begun
12.9DJ FingersRide This Pony
12.10Wax Master*Ride My Pony
13.1DJ NastyRythmalism
Featuring [Additional Featuring]Tekilatex
13.3House NationI Need A Rhythm
13.4DJ AssaultTec De France
14.1DJ NehpetsLay It Down
14.2Big WillieBald Head Best Friend
14.4Crime MobKnuck If You Buck (Goon Edit)
RemixDJ Goon
14.5LaRocko TeeBig Booty Bitches
15.1Wax Master MauriceStop Screamin
15.3Steve PoindexterWork That Mothafucker
15.5Madd BluntedShake It
15.6AdonisNo Way Back
16.1The Sounds Of SilenceHotel Motel
16.2DJ Maestro (3)Hey Hey Hey
16.3Disco DYou Need Another Drink
16.4Montell JordanThis Is How We Do It
16.5PosatronixShake It
16.6Juvenile (2)Nolia Clap
17.1DJ NastyDJ Nasty's Jit Zone Intro
17.212 Tech MobJungle Pimpin
17.3B. CallowayJit Beat 2
17.4DJ PunchoGet Down Low
17.5DJ ShortstopJust Jit
17.7ErotekJit Shit
17.8Wax Master*Move That Body
17.9DJ FunkWork That Body
17.10Jammin GeraldErk-n-jerk
17.11DJ BoogieBeetle
17.12DJ NastyDirections
17.13DJ SlugoSlugmere
17.14DJ GodfatherPiano Jit
17.15DJ NastyDJ Nasty's Jit Zone Outro
18.1DJ KoyotePlayin With Whitney
18.2DJ ChipCount On Me
18.3DigitekDigital Communications
19.1DJ SlugoWouldn't You Like To Be A Hoe
19.2Rhythim Is RhythimKaos
19.3FreestyleDon't Stop The Rock
19.4DJ AssaultSex On The Beach
19.5Non Stop DJsHoes And Discos
19.6DJ FunkWe Gotta Love
19.7DJ OmegaWassup Hoes
19.8Salt 'N' PepaPush It
20.1Freak NastyDown Low
20.2The Unknown DJ & DJ Slip (3)X-Men
20.3DJ Smurf (2)Ooh Lawd
20.4Aril BrikhaGroove La Chord
20.5MC Shy DShake It
20.6Goon SqwadEverywhere We Go
20.7DJ Godfather & DJ StarskiCity Of Boom
20.8DJ Goon & DJ KoyoteFeel The Groove Bonus Beats
20.9Unknown ArtistUntitled
20.10DJ NastyDJ Nasty's Outro



Special appearances of Teki Latex from TTC, Disco D, P-Dog from Detroit In Effect and unreleased material from the Non Stop DJs.
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Track 01 (0:56): 1
Track 02 (3:14): 2 to 7
Track 03 (5:22): 8 to 18
Track 04 (4:02): 19 to 26
Track 05 (3:50): 27 to 33
Track 06 (3:32): 34 to 40
Track 07 (1:55): 41 to 45
Track 08 (4:21): 46 to 54
Track 09 (3:34): 55 to 62
Track 10 (3:19): 63 to 71
Track 11 (3:06): 72 to 79
Track 12 (5:24): 80 to 89
Track 13 (3:30): 90 to 93
Track 14 (3:00): 94 to 98
Track 15 (3:22): 99 to 104
Track 16 (3:22): 105 to 110
Track 17 (5:04): 111 to 125
Track 18 (2:51): 126 to 128
Track 19 (3:59): 129 to 136
Track 20 (4:53): 137 to 146


Smirnoff's profile picture
Edited 6 years ago
When I first saw the tracklist of this CD I was excited like a child waking up the day of Xmas to open his presents.
But after a few listens I have to say it's a boring mix and there is a very small chance I will listen to it again on purpose. The start is really cool and there are some 'interesting' tracks like the 'TTC - Girlfriend' (especially if you understand French) but the rest if the CD is just the usual booty / ghetto tracks the Godfather / Nasty / Deeon etc. are playing since ages.
I think the fact of putting so much tracks into a 'short' mix makes it less interesting, the songs have not the time to come to their right.
If you are looking for a good booty / ghetto mix CD try that Bitch Ass Darius - Follow The Sound mix. At least this one has some 'rare / not booty' tracks that you would not imagine are mixable in a ghetto mix.

And to add something on the comment here below: Bitch Ass Darius is coming from St Louis (Missouri), what about his credibility then ? ;)
oofred's profile picture
This mix-CD is a must have for every fan of booty house music, like a bible of the genre with A Night At The Booty Bar by Disco D, but in fact it's more than that. Around 150 tracks, always at last 2 tracks mixed during the disc, and what's more interesting is that Goon & Koyote included some non-booty music, but pitched-up, which create kinds of live remixs or new versions like R. Kelly, Mr. Oizo, Three 6 Mafia, and more. The great particularity of this mix is its live-blends. Indeed, Goon and Koyote includes some accepellas of rap tracks like Crime Mob, Juvenile, Lil Wayne, and more.
The whole CD is hosted by DJ Nasty, the "ambassador" of the Abooty, and guest appearances like Disco D, Tekilatex, ... and the most surprising is that the 2 DJs are not coming from Detroit, Chicago, or Atlanta, but from Paris. 100% credibility.
After this compilation, the 2 french ambassodors of the booty decide to do some parties in Paris with the theme of their CD, Diamond Grills (note the reference to the Rolling Stones), they collaborate together on a track for the label Arcade Mode, and after the success of Diamond Grills they decided to prepare a volume 2.
A simple mix-CD of booty house music ? More than that...