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    VariousMusic For The Starlight Hours

    Label:Reader's Digest – GMSH-9B, Decca – GMSH-9B
    9 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation
    Country:UK & Europe
    Genre:Jazz, Pop, Classical, Stage & Screen
    Style:Easy Listening, Big Band


    String Serenade
    A1Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Willow Weep For Me
    A2Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Scarlet Ribbons
    Written-ByDanzig*, Segal*
    A3Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Young At Heart
    Written-ByLeigh*, Richards*
    A4Cyril Stapleton And His OrchestraWheels
    Written-ByFlamingo*, Petty*
    A5Ronnie Aldrich, His Two Pianos And Orchestra*If The Rain's Got To Fall
    A6Ivor Raymonde, His Orchestra* And Chorus*Blue Skies
    Written-ByIrving Berlin
    A7Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*As Tears Go By
    Written-ByOldham*, Jagger-Richards
    B1Stanley Black And The London Festival OrchestraA Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
    Written-ByAdamson*, McHugh*
    B2Camarata And His Orchestra*Goin' Out Of My Head
    Written-ByWeinstein*, Randazzo*
    B3Werner Müller And His Orchestra*Mack The Knife
    Written-ByBrecht*, Weill*, Blitzstein*
    B4Stanley Black, His Piano And Orchestra*The Harry Lime Theme
    B5Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*You And The Night And The Music
    B6Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Deep Purple
    Written-ByParish*, De Rose*
    B7Stanley Black And The London Festival OrchestraWhat Now, My Love?
    Written-ByBecaud*, Delanoe*
    Romantic Europe
    C1Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*A Foggy Day In London Town
    Written-ByG. & I. Gershwin*
    C2Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Under The Bridges Of Paris
    Written-ByCochran*, Roda*, Scotto*
    C3Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Tulips From Amsterdam
    Written-ByBader*, Martyn*, Neumann*, Arnie*
    C4Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*In Old Lisbon
    Written-ByVale*, Dupree*, Galhardo*, Portela*
    C5Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Vienna City Of My Dreams
    Written-ByLockton*, Sieczynski*
    C6Robert Farnon And His OrchestraLondonderry Air
    Arranged ByFarnon*
    C7The English Strings*Norwegian Wood
    D1Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Wonderful Copenhagen
    D2Ronnie Aldrich And His Two PianosApril In Portugal
    Written-ByLarue*, Kennedy*, Galhardo*, Ferrao*
    D3Stanley Black And His Orchestra*Valencia
    D4Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*La Belle Suisse
    D5Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Moon Over Venice
    Written ByRey
    D6Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Swedish Rhapsody
    Adapted ByFaith*
    D7Roger Loredo And His OrchestraCome Back To Sorrento
    Written-Byde Curtis*
    Starlight Lullaby
    E1Richard Muller Lampertz And His Orchestra*Minuet In G
    Arranged ByJunghans
    E2Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Angel's Serenade
    Arranged ByYoung*
    E3Richard Muller Lampertz And His Orchestra*Der Rosenkranz
    Arranged ByJunghans
    E4Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Serenade From "Don Pasquale"
    Arranged ByYoung*
    E5Richard Muller Lampertz And His Orchestra*Serenade
    Arranged ByJunghans
    E6Richard Muller Lampertz And His Orchestra*Melody In F
    Arranged ByJunghans
    F1Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Viennese Lullaby
    Adapted ByVanberg*
    F2Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Golden Slumbers
    Arranged ByRogers*
    F3Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Lullaby
    Adapted ByVanberg*
    F4Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Sweet And Low
    Arranged ByRogers*
    F5Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Eriskay Love Lilt
    Arranged ByMacLeod*, Roberton*
    F6Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Slumber Song
    Adapted ByVanberg*
    Songs Of Sea And Land
    G1Stanley Black And The London Festival OrchestraThe Big Country
    Arranged ByMayers*
    G2Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Born Free
    Written-ByBlack*, Barry*
    G3The English Strings*Swinging Shepherd Blues
    Written-ByJacobson*, Koffman*, Roberts*
    G4The English Strings*A Walk In The Black Forest
    Written-ByJankowski*, Cowen*
    G5Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Turkey In The Straw
    Arranged ByShaw (4)
    G6Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Desert Song
    Written-ByMandel*, Hammerstein*, Harbach*, Romberg*
    G7Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Canadian Sunset
    Written-ByHeywood*, Gimbel*
    H1Ronnie Aldrich, His Two Pianos And Orchestra*How Deep Is The Ocean?
    Written-ByIrving Berlin
    H2Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*La Mer
    Written-ByLasry*, Mair*, Trenet*, Lawrence*
    H3Stanley Black And The London Festival OrchestraOn The Waterfront
    Written-ByLatouche*, Bernstein*
    H4Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Sea Mist
    H5Ronnie Aldrich, His Two Pianos And Orchestra*Ebbtide
    Written-BySigman*, Maxwell*
    H6Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Blue Pacific Moonlight
    Written-ByPayne*, Herbert*
    H7Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Sleepy Lagoon
    Written-ByCoates*, Lawrence*
    Immortal Classics
    I1Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Clair De Lune
    I2Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Demande Et Réponse
    Arranged ByRogers*
    I3Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*The Swan
    I4Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Song Without Words
    Arranged ByRogers*
    I5Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Waltz Of The Flowers
    Arranged ByRogers*
    J1Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Liebestraum No.3
    Arranged ByRogers*
    J2Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Salut D'Amour
    J3Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Morning Song
    Arranged ByRogers*
    J4Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Humoresque
    Arranged ByRogers*
    J5Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Air On The G String
    Arranged ByRogers*
    J6Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Pathétique Sonata
    Arranged ByRogers*
    Hits Of The Silver Screen
    K1Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Goldfinger
    Written-ByNewley*, Barry*, Bricusse*
    K2Stanley Black And The London Festival OrchestraZorba's Dance (From Zorba The Greek)
    K3Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Never On Sunday
    Written-ByTowne*, Hadjidakis*
    K4Ronnie Aldrich And His Two PianosMona Lisa (After Midnight)
    K5Ronnie Aldrich And His Two PianosThe Moulin Rouge Theme
    Written-ByAuric*, Engvick*
    K6Ronnie Aldrich And His Two PianosGeorgy Girl
    Written-ByDale*, Springfield*
    K7Stanley Black And The London Festival OrchestraAlfie
    L1Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Tonight (From West Side Story)
    Written-ByBernstein*, Sondheim*
    L2Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Limelight
    Written-ByChaplin*, Parsons*
    L3Stanley Black And His Orchestra*Friendly Persuasion
    Written-ByTiomkin*, Webster*
    L4Ronnie Aldrich And His Two PianosA Man And A Woman
    Written-ByLai*, Keller*, Barouh*
    L5Stanley Black And The London Festival OrchestraBreakfast At Tiffany's
    Written-ByMancini*, Mercer*
    L6Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Move Over, Darling
    Written-ByKanter*, Lubin*, Melcher*
    L7Ronnie Aldrich And His Two PianosTo Sir With Love
    Written-ByBlack*, London*
    Morning Noon And Night In Vienna
    M1Werner Müller And His Orchestra*Morning Noon And Night In Vienna
    Arranged ByMüller*
    M2Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Morning Papers
    Written-ByJ. Strauss Jnr.*
    M3Werner Müller And His Orchestra*Explosions Polka
    Arranged ByNoris*
    Written-ByJ. Strauss Jnr.*
    M4Werner Müller And His Orchestra*Vienna Blood
    Written-ByJ. Strauss Jnr.*
    M5Rawicz And Landauer*Please Polka
    Written-ByJ. Strauss*
    M6Werner Müller And His Orchestra*Lagoon Waltz
    Written-ByJ. Strauss Jnr.*, Förster*
    N1Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Count Of Luxembourg
    Written-ByF. Lehár*
    N2Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Annen Polka
    Arranged ByRogers*
    Written-ByJ. Strauss Jnr.*
    N3Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*I Love You So
    Written-ByF. Lehár*
    N4Rawicz And Landauer*Tik Tak Polka
    Arranged ByRawicz And Landauer*
    Written-ByJ. Strauss Jnr.*
    N5Werner Müller And His Orchestra*Kiss Waltz
    Arranged ByMüller*
    Written-ByJ. Strauss Jnr.*
    N6Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Waltzes From The Gipsy Baron
    Arranged ByRogers*, Chacksfield*
    Written-ByJ. Strauss Jnr.*
    Seasons In Song
    O1Ronnie Aldrich, His Two Pianos And Orchestra*Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
    O2Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Where Woods Are Green
    Written ByBrodsky
    O3Stanley Black And His Orchestra*It Might As Well Be Spring
    O4Camarata And His Orchestra*Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows
    Written-ByLiebling*, Hamlisch*
    O5Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Summer Samba
    Written-ByM. Valle*, Gimbel*, P. Valle*
    O6Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Summertime
    Written-ByHeyward*, G. & I. Gershwin*
    O7Stanley Black And His Orchestra*Heatwave
    Written-ByIrving Berlin
    P1Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Indian Summer
    Written-ByDubin*, Herbert*
    P2Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Singing In The Rain
    Written-ByFreed*, Nacio*
    P3Ronnie Aldrich And His Two PianosSeptember Song
    Written-ByWeill*, Anderson*
    P4Ronnie Aldrich, His Two Pianos And Orchestra*Autumn Leaves
    Written-ByParsons*, Prevert*, Mercer*, Kosma*
    P5Ronnie Aldrich, His Two Pianos* And The London Festival OrchestraWinter Wonderland
    Written-BySmith*, Bernard*
    P6Ronnie Aldrich, His Two Pianos* And The London Festival OrchestraLet It Snow, Let It Snow
    Written-ByStyne*, Cahn*
    P7Stanley Black And His Orchestra*White Christmas
    Written-ByIrving Berlin
    Favourite Moments From Opera
    Q1Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Intermezzo (From Cavalleria Rusticana)
    Q2Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*One Fine Day (From Madame Butterfly)
    Written-ByPuccini*, Giacosa*, Illica*
    Q3Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Nessun Dorma (From Turandot)
    Written-ByAlfano*, Puccini*, Adami*, Simoni*
    Q4Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Oh! My Beloved Father (From Gianni Schicchi)
    Written-ByPuccini*, Forzano*
    Q5Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Miserere (From Il Trovatore)
    Arranged ByRogers*
    Q6Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*La Donna É Mobile (From Rigoletto)
    Arranged ByRogers*
    R1Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Celeste Aïda (From Aïda)
    Arranged ByRogers*
    R2Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Your Tiny Hand Is Frozen (From La Bohème)
    Written-ByPuccini*, Giacosa*, Illica*
    R3Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Caro Nome (From Rigoletto)
    Arranged ByRogers*
    R4Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Musetta's Waltz (From La Bohème)
    Written-ByPuccini*, Giacosa*, Illica*
    R5Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*E Lucevan Le Stelle (From Tosca)
    Written-ByPuccini*, Giacosa*, Illica*
    R6Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra*Brindisi (From La Traviata)
    Arranged ByRogers*

    Companies, etc.


    Comes in a 9 LP box, each LP with a cover.

    Barcode and Other Identifiers

    • Rights Society (LP 1): GEMA, NCB, Britico
    • Rights Society (LP 2): GEMA, NCB
    • Rights Society (LP 3): none
    • Rights Society (LP 4): GEMA, NCB, Fr. Melodie
    • Rights Society (LP 5): Britico
    • Rights Society (LP 6): GEMA, NCB, Fr. Melodie, Britico
    • Rights Society (LP 7): none
    • Rights Society (LP 8): GEMA, NCB, Britico
    • Rights Society (LP 9): Britico, GEMA
    • Other (LP 1): GMSH/9A/S1
    • Other (LP 2): GMSH/9A/S2
    • Other (LP 3): GMSH/9A/S3
    • Other (LP 4): GMSH/9A/S4
    • Other (LP 5): GMSH/9A/S5
    • Other (LP 6): GMSH/9A/S6
    • Other (LP 7): GMSH/9A/S7
    • Other (LP 8): GMSH/9A/S8
    • Other (LP 9): GMSH/9A/S9
    • Matrix / Runout (runout A): 1 RDES-2462-2G U
    • Matrix / Runout (runout B): 1 RDES-2461-2G U
    • Matrix / Runout (runout C): 1 RDES-2463-2K H
    • Matrix / Runout (runout D): 1 RDES-2464-2C C U
    • Matrix / Runout (runout E): 1 RDES-2465-2G B C
    • Matrix / Runout (runout F): 1 RDES-2466-1K II
    • Matrix / Runout (runout G): 3 C RDES-2467-1K 1 C
    • Matrix / Runout (runout H): 2 B RDES-2468-1K G II
    • Matrix / Runout (runout I): 1 RDES-2469-1K II II
    • Matrix / Runout (runout J): 2 B RDES-2470-1K B I
    • Matrix / Runout (runout K): 1 RDES-2471-1K I I
    • Matrix / Runout (runout L): 1 RDES-2472-1K I C
    • Matrix / Runout (runout M): 4 D RDES-2473-5L U C
    • Matrix / Runout (runout N): 3 C RDES-2474-2L K I
    • Matrix / Runout (runout Q): 1 RDES-2477-3C B A
    • Matrix / Runout (runout R): 1 RDES-2478-8G U U